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Jennites (Tribelands of the)

Location: South central plains of the continent of Iciria, north of the Sea of Yr, south of the Tanagoro Plains, between Nithia and Milenia. HW

Area: 180,000 sq. mi. (466,200 sq. km.).

Population: 410,000 living in tribal groups averaging 1,000 members.

Languages: Jennite, Neathar.

Coinage: None (barter only).

Taxes: Tribes levy goods and corvée labour based on need.

Government Type: Semi-independent clans ruled by chiefs occasionally unified by a chagan (khan).

Industries: Cattle raising, horse breeding, goldsmithing, raiding.

Important Figures: Trudar (King), Rathyka (Queen).

Flora and Fauna: Steppes grasses, aurochs herds, giant beetles, bugbears, lions, chimeras, cockatrices, dinosaurs, dragons, hill giants, gnolls, griffons, hippogriffs, horses, giant lizards, giant locusts, manticores, ogres, pegasi, giant scorpions, sphinxes, trolls, aardvarks, wolves, cats, bulettes, giant ants, and especially rabbits.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.