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Jet Black, introduction

by Jenni A. M. Merrifield

This is a D&D Module for Characters Level 3-7 (Total Party Level between 18 and 28, with at least one Magic User or Elf capable of 3rd level spells or higher). It is based on the Adventure Synopsis "Works of Art" from TSR Gazetteer 11, The Republic Of Darokin, p56. Much of the text in the "Introduction" and in "What's Going On Here?" are quoted or paraphrased from the Adventure Synopsis, all remaining module details are by Jenni A. Merrifield.


The craftsmen of Darokin are among the finest in the Known World. As such, the goods which they produce are greatly valued and highly sought after. Just When world of a new artisan of exceptional talent reaches the market place, there is often a frenzy of speculation about his or her future and a great deal of haggling over the worth of their existing pieces. It is just such and event that brings the characters face to face with a true fiend in this adventure.

A female artisan by the name of Matrissa has suddenly taken the Darokin Art World by surprise. Rumours of her talent and skill for crafting magnificent stone busts has spread throughout the city. She works only in jet and produces pieces of such detail and quality that none like it has been seen in recent history. Exactly four of her works are on display at a local museum/art gallery in the city of Darokin, brought to the city by Simon Treemonsha, an Elf from Akorros, who is well known as an agent of Toney House. No other examples of her work are known to have been sold to private individuals and speculation on the eventual value of her art is high. The works on display are to be auctioned off in a few days time, and the success or failure of this auction will partially determine what will happen in the art world.

In this module, the PCs either decide or are hired to make a voyage to Matrissa's home (which is known to be south of Akorros) in response to the success of the auction. This journey has one primary purpose: to purchase as much of her work as the characters can for as little as they can. If they're lucky and play their cards right, they might make a pretty penny from this venture. On the other hand, perhaps there is more to this Artist than meets the eye, and things may not work out at all according to plans...