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This is a bio of Jherek as I use him in my campaign; an expansion of the bio included in the GKoM set. *N-C WARNING*: I have also included the stats as I use them (*please* don't write to point out that he doesn't have an 18 INT in the books, I know this). Again, feel free to link to this on my site, or copy it to your page, just give credit. ;-)

Jherek Virayana IV

by Jennifer Guerra

(Prince of Krondahar, Khan of Singhabad, Supreme Judge of the Council, High Master of Dream Magic)

Prince Jherek, born in AC 958 to Prince Jherek Virayana III and San-Jai Mahka Virayana (his favourite wife--the prince later built a lavish tomb to honour her memory which is considered a marvel of modern architecture), took the throne of his thriving principality AC 989 when his father fell to his death while climbing the treacherous "Naked Mountain" (a 1400-foot sheer cliff wall that not even snow clings to) in search of the elusive "snowtree" (a fabled crystalline plant which only grows high in the Colossus Mounts, and which has the consternating habit of melting before it can be brought down to the lowlands for study). Jherek inherited his passion for learning and education from his father, and studied magic at the Great School, where he specialised in illusions. While at the School, he stumbled across the Secret Craft of Dream Magic, and realised that he had found his true calling. Having founded numerous schools, art galleries, and libraries, Jherek believes himself a very civilised man, never once seeing the hypocrisy in his culture's treatment of women. The prince, in fact, has three wives and an estimated twenty concubines. His wives are Lady Lan-Syn (his secret favourite and true love/best friend), Lady Aleah, and Lady Waira. Jherek has two legitimate sons, Sir Ralindi (by Aleah) and Sir Rejladan (by Waira), as well as numerous illegitimate sons and daughters by his concubines.

Prince Jherek has gained fame for the sumptuous banquets he holds for visiting nobles. He also enjoys organising "monster hunts" into the Colossus Mounts. Mountain tigers are the usual prey, although sometimes parties hunt convicts and enemies of Krondahar instead. "Prey" that manages to survive an entire day receives clemency.

PERSONALITY. Jherek is a calm and confident man, who carries himself with an air of dignity uncommon among the Glantrian nobility (ie, not done simply to impress). Jherek is not a difficult man to understand: He wants the best for his people and his realm, the best for Glantri, and the best for his sons, whom he loves above all else (including himself). He takes whatever action proves necessary to help that which he loves and seems not overly concerned with personal honour or prestige. He is open-minded and fair (less so toward women), but is quick to crush those who cross him.

APPEARANCE. Jherek is a man of average height (5'10"), who keeps his build lean and muscular. He has dark brown hair, lighter brown eyes, and a long, thin, drooping moustache. He prefers to keep his sallow skin tanned with frequent trips into the mountains. Jherek dresses like an Ethengarian lord (perhaps falsely fostering the connection between himself and the Khanates which plagues the paranoid spirits of some princes of Glantri), in long, ornate robes and headgear (the malgai hat--made of plush with a velvet upturned brim and pointed crown). In the winter, he wears costumes decorated with much fur (he prefers silver fox). Prince Jherek also adheres to an ancient Ethengarian custom which declares that a man grows his hair and does not cut his braid (which may be decorated with tiny bells or beads for dress occasions) until he is beaten in combat (Jherek changes this to "until he is beaten in a magical duel"). Needless to say, Prince Jherek still has his braid.

WHAT HE SAYS. Patience and careful interaction with others are the secrets to remember, my son. Vengeance and betrayal bring you little but heartaches and enemies (to eldest son Ralindi).

WHAT OTHERS SAY. He must be up to something (Count Alasdair McAllister of Klantyre).

JHEREK VIRAYANA (20th-level Illusionist/High Master of Dream Magic): AC 2 (Ring of Protection, Dexterity bonus); Thac0 9 (Weapon Expertise, staff +3); Saves (include ring of protection bonus) ppd 8 / rsw 3 / pp 5 / bw 7 / sp 2 ; hp 48; Damage 1d6+6 (Weapon Expertise, staff +3); SA Weapon Expertise (staff), Spells, Dream Master powers; STR 14 / DEX 17 / CON 14 / INT 18 / WIS 16 / CHR 16 ; AL N; ML 15.

Languages: Ethengarian, Thyatian, Belcadiz, Caurenzian, Kaelic, Averoignian.

Proficiencies: Spellcraft, Astrology, Meditation, Read/Write, Riding (Land), Hunting, Etiquette, Artistic Ability (Architectural Design), Engineering.

Level One--Audible Glamour, Burning Hands, Colour Spray, Phantasmal Force, Soothe the Beast, Unseen Servant.
Level Two--Mirror Image, Deafness, Finery and Freshness, Hypnotic Pattern, Improved Phantasmal Force, Knock, Scare.
Level Three--Alternate Reality, Blink, Fly, Phantom Steed, Spectral Force, Suggestion.
Level Four--Confusion, Improved Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer, Dimension Door, Fear, Fumble, Hallucinatory Terrain, Shadow Monsters.
Level Five--Advanced Illusion, Faithful Hound, Shadow Magic, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Hold Monster, Shadow Door, Dream, Seeming, Feeblemind.
Level Six--Eyebite, Shades, Demi-Shadow Magic, Programmed Illusion, Project Image.
Level Seven--Magnificent Mansion, Simulacrum, Phase Door, Prismatic Spray, Shadow Walk.
Level Eight--Polymorph Any Object, Permanency, Screen.
Level Nine--Weird.

Dream Master Abilities: Hypnosis (3x/day); Dream Alteration (2x/day); Delirium Tremens (1x/day); Dream Travel (1x/week); Dreamlands (1x/month).

Known Magical Items: Staff of Striking (fully charged), Carpet of Flying, Ring of Blissful Slumber, Ring of protection +5 / +2 to saves.