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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Jialonna was born 20 years ago in Qeodhar. Her parents, not thinking themselves rich enough to care for her daughter, placed her into an orphanage. Here she grew up, thoroughly hating her time there. Five years ago, she left this underfunded place and started a career as a petty criminal. Arrested at age 17 for one of her thefts, she was imprisoned. Here Jialonna learned of Alphaks from another inmate, heard of the one who would destroy the overbearing Alphatian government that caused Qeodhar such problems. She has become a loyal servant of the Entropic immortal since that time and works to further his cause.
Personality: Jialonna is a cold, cruel, cunning, heartless individual. She cares nothing for anyone other than herself and will do anything that furthers her interest or the cause of Alphaks. She especially despises the mages of Alphatia who have caused her country such troubles over the years. She cares little for law and order but rather focuses on self-gratification.
Appearance: Jialonna looks very plain, the kind of person who easily gets lost in the crowd. She stands 5'5" and weighs approximately 115 pounds and is of "common" Alphatian ancestry. Her clothing varies, depending on what sort of mission she is on, but usually is of the latest style so that she can even better blend in. She is always armed, whether obvious or not, and has three daggers hidden on her body on all occasions.
Combat Notes: She is a 1st-level thief. AC 6 (leather armour, dexterity bonus); hp 4; at 1; d 1-8 (sword) or 1-4 (dagger); S 10, I 12, W 17, D 14, Co 12, Ch 10. Languages: Alphatian, Common. General Skills: Acting (Ch), Detect Deception (W), Gambling (W), Danger Sense (W)