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Jibar names

by Átila Pires dos Santos

Words marked with * aren't canon; Translations between # are the canon ones. Possible corrections are indicated with { }.

(This is a rather speculative list, considering Jibar is the mystaran version of Tupi-Guarani linguistic group.)

JIBARÚ = Great Chief's Tomahawk, "Great Chief's Warriors" ("Ji" means Tomahawk and "Mbaru" means Great Chief)

Itucuá = Lake of the Waterfall ("Itu" means Waterfall and "Cuá" means Lake, Bay or Hole)
Ajumá = Yellow (from "Ajubá")
Araí = Tempestuous (from "Arani")
Cafuá = Palm tree (from "Camuá")
Cana-Uí = Old-#Soul#, "Venerable Forest Soul", "Venerable Ordana" ("Iu'Kan" means Old)
Cuiribá = Many Tails ("Cui" means Tail and "Tiba" means Many)
Curú = Child (from "Curumim")
Irixumá = Walk with legs (instead of gliding), "Hunters-on-foot" ("Iri" means To Return and "Etuma" means Leg)
Ji-Tapará = Swallow-Tomahawk, "Winged Warriors", "Gliding Warriors" ("Ji" means Tomahawk and "Taperá" means Swallow)
Ixui-Biá = #Land#-Person, "Phanaton Land" ("Mbiá" means Person)
Maraá = Rattle (from "Maracá")
Marau-Purú = #Mother#-Navel, "Terra's Navel" (from "Puruã")

Poracá = Good House ("Pora" means Good and "Oca" means House)


Jururú (River) = Melancholic, Sad
Xingá (River) = Clean Water, Good Water (from "Y'Ikatu Xingú")
Acua-Uí (Forest of) = Great-#Soul#, "Ordana, the Great Forest Soul" ("Açu" means Big, Great)
Parau-Ixá (Hills of) = Angry-Fellow ("Parahy" means Angry and "Apixá" means Fellow)

Urú (Battle of) = Mouth (from "Yurú/Urú")
Uatuma-Ijú (Battle of) = #Huntsman#-Spear, "Zirchev's Spear" ("Ijú" means Thorn)

*Caatinga = White Woods ("Caa" means Woods and "Tinga" means White)


Uí = #Soul#, "The Soul of the Forest" (from "Uyanga"; a.k.a. Ordana)
Marau-Ixuí = #Mother#-#Earth# ("Arya", "Mama" means Mother and "Iwi" means Land; a.k.a. Terra)
Uatumá = #Huntsman# ("Uya" means Arrow and "Púra/Awa" means Person; a.k.a. Zirchev)
*Iara = Mother of the Waters (a.k.a. Calitha)
*Tupã = Thunder (a.k.a. Thor)
*Guaraci = Sun (a.k.a. Ixion)
*Jaci = Moon, wife of the Sun (a.k.a. Valerias)
*Anhangá = Revengeful Spirit (a.k.a. Mealiden Starwatcher)
*Rudá = The one that brings joy to the forest (a.k.a. Faunus)

*Boitatá = Fire Snake ("Mboi" means Snake and "Tata" means Fire)
*Curupira = Body of Child ("Curumim" means Child and "Pira" means Body)
*Caipora = Jungue Dweller ("Caá" means Jungue and "Pora" means Dweller)
*Saci-Pererê = Jumping Sick Eye ("Esá" meaning Eye and "Cy/Asy" meaning Sick; "Pererek" meaning To Jump)
*Ipupiara = Long creature of Iara OR Inside of the Realm of Iara ("Ipu'ku" meaning Long/"Ipupe" meaning Inside and "Iara")

Barana-Uí = #Orchid#-#Soul# ("Deboterame" means Flower)
Uriji-Xuú = #Forest#-#Whisper# ("Yw" means Tree and "Yurú/Urú" means