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Continuing my series of explorations of the "Norse" Outer Planes from Gaz 7, the time has come to take a look at the homeplane of Mystara's Giants.

[Gaz7] The Plane of Jotunheim

by Håvard

Jotunheim is not where Mystara's giants originated, in fact these giants might even have first appeared on Mystara itself. However, according to Gaz7, the plane was granted to the Giants by the Immortals as a peace settlement, concluding a long dispute between the giants and the Immortals.

Planar Statistics
Size: Planet
Sphere: Matter

Geographical Features
This plane is covered by towering mountains and deep forested hills and valleys. The landscape is wild and rugged and the mountains cast deep shadows. The weather is harsh and the winters are terrible. Mighty storms often run rampant across the landscape. Above the mountains are magnificent cloud castles. Volcanic gateways to Muspelheim are protected by Fire Giant Fortresses. In colder regions, Frost Giant Castles protect gateways to Niflheim.

The original giants who were able to bargain with the Immortals are sometimes called Great Giants. Some speculate that these are related to the Titans who now serve the Giants. Free Great Giants can still be found in Jotunheim. All of the Giants this list of the Giants of Mystara can be found on this plane as can the following types of Trolls along with many other creatures.

All kinds of Giant varieties of animals can be found in the wilderness and many are also trained and used as animal companions.

The following Giant Immortals also have a presence in Jotunheim:

(From the Codex Immortalis)

Temples are built to these Immortals and gates can be found leading to their homeplanes. Some speculate that it was indeed these Giant Immortals who secured the plane, negotiating with other Immortals during the mentioned ancient conflict.

Known Locations
Fortress of a being known as Mengl÷­. Only an Antalian human named Svipdagr has ever been known to gain access to the Fortress.

Thrymheim is the homestead of the Storm Giant Thiazi who has had some dealings with the Immortal Loki in the past.

This is the largest city on the plane. It is home to Utgarda-Loki, a master of magic.

This mighty river never freezes over. It is home to a large number of Sea Giants and various sea serpents and other aquatic monsters. Its source is believed to be a gate to to the elemental plane of water.

In addition to most of the Norse Planes and the homeplanes of the Giant Immortals, Jotunheim is connected to the Bifrost and Yggdrasil as well as the Plane of Water through which Sea Giants are often seen travelling back and forth.

Gates also lead to various locations on Mystara, including Frosthaven (Norwold), Rockhome, the Gnollheim Hills, Hardanger Mountains and many mountain chains in the Known World.