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Jox and Gnurds

by Andrew Theisen

Ability Scores:

Jox Gnurds
S 9/18 3/12
I 3/14 8/18
W 3/12 6/18
D 8/18 3/18
Co 9/18 3/16
Ch 3/18 3/18

Jox receive a +1 Str and a -1 Int to start.
Gnurds receive a +1 int and a -1 Str to start.

The Jox

The Jox are often compared to the Snartans in terms of ferocity and ability. Generations of working in the harsh conditions of Dumhweil have resulted in a short (3-3 1/2 tall), powerfully built group of gnomes. Their minds have deteriorated, however, as a result of their lack of intellectual stimulation. The Jox spend their days working in the Wheel, or playing in the Cylinder. Occasionally, they are sent out on raiding parties, to resupply the wheel. They are generally too dim-witted to realise that they could easily overpower the Gnurds and take over the wheel, though occasionally an exceptionally bright Jox gets the idea in his head- and is quickly dispatched by the Gnurds before he can spread the word. Of course, without the Gnurds, the Jox would have no idea how to keep the wheel in operation...

(On a side note- visiting gnomes have often found that working in the steam filled wheel, and running on the treadmills is a good way to keep in shape)

The Gnurds have spent generations honing their intellectual capabilities, and improving the wheel, but have allowed their physical abilities to deteriorate (preferring to let the Jox do all the heavy work). They tend to be of average gnomish height, but slimmer and less concerned with hygiene and personal grooming. They are the ones that keep the wheel running, and who decide where to go in the Vulcanian plains, but their numbers are steadily declining with each successive generation.

(Also- forgot to put this in the last part: The Wheel should be treated similar to flying creatures for purposes of determining movement: i.e., 25% of hp lost = can only turn one way (one tread is out), 50% hp lost = cannot make a turn, 75% of hp lost = begins to lose speed at a rate of 10' per round (may fall over, 25% chance), 90% of hp lost = comes to an abrupt halt, will fall over (direction determined by DM) 50% of the time, 100% of hp lost = Falls over, completely destroyed.