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by Geoff Gander

Alignment: Neutral
Sphere: Matter
Rank: Initiate
Worshippers' Alignment: Neutral (or Lawful, but these are a minority) - Jurandia has not actively solicited worship; she has been "discovered" through Niscosenian legends, and has a small following in that nation. Her clerics can wear any armour, but their weapons are restricted to those for "standard" clerics, though they can also use bastard swords. She has not granted them any other powers, though this may change in the future.

History: In her mortal life, Jurandia was the daughter of a petty lord in the region that would one day become known as the Confederated Kingdom of Niscosenia. Bored with the prospect of being married off to someone she did not even know, Jurandia left home one night to seek her own future.

During that period, circa BC 1100, the Lost Valley region of Davania was still in the midst of a Dark Age. The glory of the Lhomarrian Empire had long since been forgotten, or at best shrouded in myth. Roving hordes of humanoids and barbarians menaced the realms bordering the Diamond Ring mountains, and lizard man pirates ravaged the coastal kingdoms. The land itself was divided between several warring houses, all of whom sought to rule the entire valley in their own way.

One year, a great horde assembled, which unified all of the barbarian and humanoid tribes. United under a powerful lich, who was once a Lhomarrian mage, the horde swept into the valley, annihilating all that stood in its path. Seeing that her people were in danger, Jurandia used her own basic fighting skills and charisma to assemble a small army in order to hold off the horde.

Over the course of several years, Jurandia gained a great deal of proficiency in the arts of combat, and she became a formidable military leader. After a 15 year campaign, the horde was not only turned back; many of its chiefs were killed, and with them the enemy force's cohesion was shattered. Jurandia rode through the lands of the Lost Valley as a heroine, and it was she who unified some of the surviving realms into a confederated kingdom, with her as the first monarch.

Life on the throne did not suit Jurandia; she had tasted the life of adventure, and soon abdicated in favour of one of her most trusted lieutenants, who was in fact the true founder of the Niscosenian line of kings, though throughout history all of the nation's rulers have claimed descent from Jurandia. As the years passed, she gradually disappeared from public view, though tales were told of a female warrior fighting ancient evils and uncovering many secrets of Old Lhomarr. Eventually, even these tales grew scarce, and many thought that she finally met her end fighting menaces beyond mortal comprehension.

In fact, Jurandia had embarked upon the Path of the Polymath, and over the ensuing centuries she completed her Quest, under the sponsorship of Kagyar, and she attained Immortality in BC 784. Because she spent her life trying to preserve her people, Jurandia joined the Sphere of Matter, dedicated as it is to those things constant and permanent, and to preserving what is endangered.

Over the centuries, she has become disillusioned with the politicking in Pandius. Accustomed to a life of action, the subtleties of Immortality did not interest her. Along with several other "young" Immortals, she left Pandius to find a way to make Immortals more responsible to the mortals who worship them, as well as find a way to have a more direct influence in Mystaran affairs. Blessed with the knowledge of Immortality, Jurandia has become aware of what Immortal impartiality may have caused, in terms of fallen nations and lost hopes and ideals, and she is determined to make her companions more accountable to the beings they are supposed to guard.

Personality: Jurandia is a typical woman of action. While she was in Pandius, she practically fidgeted in her seat, eager to get moving an fight ancient evils. She also has little patience for those who talk instead of act, or who show little resolve to defend themselves, politically or otherwise, when the terms are even. To those who do not know her, she appears to have a very short attention span, constantly looking over other Immortal's shoulders, and changing the subject of conversations - often towards those with military themes. In truth, Jurandia is very observant, and she never fails to take in everything that is said in her presence. In her mortal life, she uncovered many treacherous officers in this manner. Her obsession with militaristic themes comes from her mortal life, and with her deeply-set conviction that evil can only be countered with brute force. To those who know her, Jurandia is an open individual, and a trusted ally who always keeps her word.

Allies: For the first several centuries of her Immortality, Jurandia was overwhelmed by her experiences in Pandius, and hence adopted a defensive posture, which rubbed several Immortals the wrong way. Currently, she is on friendly terms with Madarua, who was herself a Nithian warrior maiden in life, and two often meet to share news. Vanya considers Jurandia to be a possible ally in the future, seeing her similar to herself. She is also on friendly terms with Kagyar, who was her sponsor, and who still serves as an occasional mentor. Apart from these, Jurandia occasionally meets with other disaffected female Immortals who share some of her views.

Enemies: Jurandia has kept a rather low profile since she first came to Pandius, and as such she really has no enemies who are set on destroying her. There are Immortals, though, who could become rivals in the future. She may eventually become a rival of Vanya in the future, if she decides to adopt a similar portfolio to the Patroness of Conquest.

Appearance: Jurandia appears as she did in life - a slightly taller than average woman, with a pale complexion and light curly brown hair. She is always dressed in classical Niscosenian armour - a bronze hauberk overlaying soft leather pants and a leather jerkin. Bronze plates protect her arms and legs, and her head is often covered with a crested helm, its faceplate open to reveal her hazel eyes and contemplative expression. She often carries a small round shield and a flaming bastard sword. She appears in this way to Immortals, and to those in modern Niscosenia who pay her homage.

Symbol: Jurandia has not developed a symbol of her own, but the "unofficial" one used by those who have chosen to worship her is a golden sword arranged vertically, superimposed over a flaming shield.