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The Grand Duchy of Karameikos AC970-AC1000

by Sean Meaney


Population Centres - AC 970

• Specularum (5000)
• Fishing Village of Petra (200)
• Fishing Village of Threshold (450)
• Castle Marilenev (500)
• Fishing Village of Halag (250)
• Sulescu (350)
• Krakatos (300)

AC 970

Thaumont 15: Tyrant on a Pale Horse
Description: A Thyatian ship enters the Harbour at Specularum and is soon docked. Stephan Karameikos III unloads with an army of followers. Down the Ramp comes his white horse which (with other followers) he promptly rides up to the Garrison to present documents granting him title to the City of Specularum and the lands of Traladara. One of the Horse handlers (an Ethengarian by the look of him seems disturbed by the presence of the White horse even though the Duke himself commends the fellow for his Animal Handling Skills.
He then proceeds to gather the assorted officials who run the city and a selection of the Wealthiest families and informs them that he has been granted these lands by the Emperor and that he is their new Duke. He also declares Traladara open to settlement by any Thyatian looking for future.

What’s going on? Duke Stephan the Third has traded his ancestral lands for Traladara. He is simply presenting the relevant documents to the relevant authorities and informing every one who matters that he is now in charge of Traladara.

List of Followers
• Patriarch Jowett
• Patriarch Sherlane
• Desmond Kelvin I
• Alexius Korrigan
• Ludwig Von Hendriks
• Lucius Hyraksos
• Philip Vorloi
• Lord Antonic
• Lord Oderbry
• Bertran Cordelius

The Ethengarian Dock worker is Hoteh, a lapsed Ethengarian Shaman. The appearance of this white horse on the Ceremonial day of the White Horse is of considerable significance to him.

What the Players can do: If the PCs are amongst his supporters they can assist in the unloading of horses and personnel and Ride with the Duke and his core of followers to the Garrison. If the PCs are Traladarans, they can all stand around wondering who the new Thyatian is. Likely the PCs will notice the Ethengarians reaction to the Horse and make inquiries. They will simply find he has vanished from his sparsely furnished hovel.

Thaumont 23: Forbidden Love…?
Location: Specularum
Description: Lord Antonic weds a Traladaran Woman against the wishes of her parents. He is a little disappointed that his Friend Lord Oderbry is unable to stay for the whole party after his son Alfric falls asleep.

What is going on? Lord Antonic has met the woman of his dreams. Despite the whirlwind love affair of less than two weeks and the foul disapproval of her parents, they are married. They leave the crowded noisy Capital to settle in the distant village of Verge.

What can the Players do? If they are at the Wedding they can role play having a good time. Make social connections, etc.

Yarthmont 9: A Leader in the Making
Location: Radlebb Keep
Description: Von Hendriks (a cousin of the Duke) arrives at Fort Radlebb and attempts to take command in order to lead an assault on a Bugbear Lair ten miles south of Radlebb Keep – Smashing the Humanoid Presence in the region.
Feigning a show of impatience with the Commander, he marches into the local Tavern and offers every man who will go with him to this bugbear lair and help put down the Humanoid thread a hundred gold pieces each. In the end he recruits about fifty people.

What’s going on? Von Hendriks is desperate to be seen as a Leader of Men. He needs to be ‘seen’ by his cousin (the Duke) in order to get his hands on a Title. If they fail, it will have been the fault of the Commander of the fort in not providing him with the necessary troops.

What the PCs can do? If the PCs are in Radlebb at the time, they can be recruited by the lure of money and or heroic deeds.

Yarthmont 10: Swords of the Black Eagle
Location: Caves of the Bugbears, 10 miles south of Radlebb.
Description: Von Hendriks leads a band of Mercenaries against a Bugbear Lair - 'dealing with the Humanoid problem' plaguing the Region.

What is going on? Mercenaries recruited from a Tavern in Radlebb Keep assault a Bugbear lair. The Lair itself is sufficiently populous with Bugbears to out number any force employed by Von Hendriks. The few Humans who survive will be paid a hundred gold pieces each.

What the PCs can do? They can fight their way through a cave network beneath a Hill full of Bugbears and try not to die.

Felmont 3: A Traitor to his People
Location: Specularum
Description: Yarol approaches the Minister for trade (Bertran Cordelius) and asks to join the Ministry. He is soon appointed Secretary to the Minister for Trade and Taxation (Cordelius).

What is going on? Yarol sees an opportunity to work within the new government to ensure that Traladarans are not pushed aside by the Thyatians and dispossessed of their lands.

Felmont 10: The Baron Black Eagle
Location: Specularum
Description: In a fine ceremony, Von Hendriks is granted the Title of Baron by Duke Stephan Karameikos which includes the Fishing Village of Halav as the Heart of his Black Eagle Barony.

What is going on? Duke Stephan has heard of Von Hendriks exploits in the leading of fifty mercenaries in the clearing out of the Bugbear Caves ten miles south of Fort Radlebb.

What the PCs can do: If the PCs were with him in the caves of the Bugbears, they will not be present now. He loathes having to share the bounty of his leadership with others. If they survived the Caves and Von Hendrik’s leadership, they will have gotten away with their lives. He will however keep them around as the core of his ‘Knights of the Black Eagle’.
If they do particularly well – they will likely be granted a sixty acre estate within the Barony as long as they continue to serve him.

Kaldmont 9: An Adventurer is born
Location: Verge
Description: Retameron Antonic is born in the village of Verge. An elderly Washerwoman comments that he looks like trouble. During the Festivities of the day that follows, a thief tries to lift a few gifts.

What is going on? Retameron is perhaps one of the first of many ‘Karameikans’ born in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos (in this case to a Thyatian Father and a Traladaran Mother). On this day a party is held for the birth of a boy named Retameron.

What the Players can do: If they are Friends of the Parents, they can attend the party. It is traditional for Guests to offer Gifts to the Child. If the PCs are particularly alert, they can nab the half starved Traladaran thief.

AC 971

Vatermont 1: So you invented a Currency Exchange Receptacle?
Location: Highforge, Karameikos
Description: Springgal Machina is dragged before the Gnomish king Dorfin after a day and a half of brutal interrogation. He is, along with other members of the First Tier Engineering caste, accused of Heresy and Immoral acts (Banking and Associating with Non gnomes). During the Trial he is informed that he has compromised the integrity of Gnomish civilisation. His penalty for this uninventive laziness is to be reduced in rank to a menial labourer that he may contemplate his error in the mushroom tunnels.

What is going on? The charges are all true. The first Tier Engineering Caste have invented a hole in the wall teller machine (detailed in the book of wondrous inventions) in which an individual might take bulky foreign currencies and for a not so modest exchange fee, have them swapped for a semiprecious stone. They have then been trading these currencies for a profit with non Gnomes. The ringleader is Springgal Machina, the inventor of the Springgal™ – a Bowless Crossbow.

Getting the PCs involved: The PCs can be involved in trading with the Gnomes. They might even be approached by a foreign Merchant in getting Springgal out of the Mushroom tunnels and to a safe house in Darokin – they can sneak in from the other end of the mushroom tunnels and fight their way past giant Bugs and other lowlife.

Thaumont 1: With the Blessing of the Saints
Location: Specularum
Description: Using the cover of the ceremonial blessing of the fishing fleet, the Marilenev flood the City of Specularum with Soldiers and Weapons for their supporters. They spend the day pouring liquor down the throat of any Thyatian they can find.
That night, the Marilenev begin an uprising in the City and begin an assault on the Castle of Duke Stephan with the support of over a thousand Traladarans. Siege engines assembled in the attics of a few Traladaran houses begin lobbing fire at the Ducal Residence and at other targets around the city of six thousand people. It is Anarchy.

What is going on? This is the Marilenev Uprising. The city is soon ablaze with Peasants (both armed and Armoured) being led to their deaths by Marilenev soldiers in battle with Thyatian Professional Soldiers.

What the players can do: There will be no neutral ground on this one. Even those just trying to save lives will be attacked in this frenzied and brutal fight. Traladarans with Swords are likely to be attacked by Thyatians as attack Thyatians on sight. PCs will be taking sides in this fight and their attempts to save lives will be assailed by both sides.

Thaumont 2: Streets awash with bad Blood
Location: Specularum
Description: The Marilenev Rebellion underway, The Duke is quickly pulling together a fighting force to throw down the Marilenev Army. Despite the fact that Marilenev Cavalry are able to prevent the Duke from gaining support from the surrounding countryside, the Marilenev Rebellion is greatly stalled in the city as hundreds of ordinary Traladarans are slaughtered by the Dukes men (Aleksyv Nikelnevich's parents - clerics of the Traladaran church amongst them). The rest quickly surrender as the Duke and his soldiers display their capacity for urban warfare.

What is going on? The Tide has turned for the Marilenev uprising in the City of Specularum. Stephan Karameikos and his Thyatians are skilled at urban warfare tactics and even with Cavalry they are able to take control of the streets. By evening the Duke has a Hundred scouts in the countryside searching for the Marilenev Cavalry.

What the PCs can do: The Urban war continues. Lives need saving and People need killing. Depending on which faction they are with, the PCs get to spend the day making life or death choices. Chose badly and they will likely hang from the point of a guardsman’s pole-arm or die under a hail of Marilenev crossbow bolts. If they are amongst the Scouts, they can be directed to some location to look for the Marilenev.

Thaumont 4: The Siege of Krakatos
Location: Krakatos
Description: Scouts report back to Duke Stephan that the Marilenev leadership have retreated to the fortified store-house of Krakatos. The Duke directs several Thyatian Units toward that location while leaving others to remain in the city to keep things locked down. The Duke finds a fortified Town with sufficient quantities of Stores to hold off the Dukes Assault for a year. While the Marilenev are prepared to settle in for a long Siege, Karameikos has no intention of letting this drag on. He asks his engineers to find a way to get a single soldier into the Fortified Town.

What is going on? The uprising in the city of Specularum quickly crushed, the Marilenev have retreated to the Fortified Town of Krakatos which is one of many fortified store houses for Produce from the Marilenev Estate. This one is protected by powerful Anti-magic. The Duke begins looking for a way to breach the perimeter. Over the next two weeks the Duke will be open to options – though each failure will make him more irritable.

What the Players can do: They can offer solutions to the Duke and perhaps even earn those titles for their successes.

Thaumont 7: Royal Hostages?
Description: With the leaders of this failed Rebellion holed up in the fortified town of Krakatos, Magda Marilenev sends her baby sons to Sulescu in the care of a servant. They are caught on the road by Thyatian Soldiers. That evening the Unit are massacred by Orcs.

What is going on? This is a civil war and even the innocent perish in the anarchy of such conflict. In this case a Unit of Orcs under the leadership of a time travelling OARD. Their instructions are to dispose of the Marilenev children and Magda Marilenev to prevent an outcome in which Stephan Karameikos would take Magda Marilenev as his Bride. They were encountered on the Road by the Thyatian Soldiers escorting the children of Magda Marilenev and slaughtered them as planned.

What the Players can do: If they are Thyatians or Traladarans on the road linking from Marilenev and Sulescu, they might encounter the Orcs who have just got done slaughtering the Marilenev Children and Thyatian Soldiers escorting them.

Thaumont 20: A little help from Gnomes and Elves
Location: Krakatos
Description: Over the last two weeks an assortment of ‘inventors’ and military engineers have reviewed and abandoned an assortment of crackpot ideas for getting a soldier inside the walls of Krakatos. Amongst the assortment of failed ideas, Bertran's Manapult is demonstrated by its Gnomish inventor. While the technology of a large crossbow firing a man over the city walls is sound (while perhaps not sane), Bertran is beheaded by his own machine during the demonstration. A delegation from the Callarii request to speak with the Duke and his military command. After some negotiation to end the plunder of their forests and recognition of their territories an agreement is reached with the Duke. That evening a unit of Callarii Elves employ Dimension Door to get within the walls of the town of Krakatos. Rather than enter the town itself – protected as it is by powerful anti-magic – they focus on the Ruins. These are the first of the Elvenguard.

What is going on? In a deal between the Callarii and the Duke, the Elven Guard are established. A unit of Elven Guard are going to penetrate Krakatos.

What the PCs can do: If they are elves of sufficient level and have Dimension Door amongst their spell abilities, they may be amongst the elves penetrating Krakatos – their task to open the Gates, and Take out the Marilenev Leadership.

Thaumont 21: Last of the Marilenev
Location: Krakatos
Description: With the town of Krakatos overrun by Thyatians, the stinking elves who gave them aid, and her family slaughtered, Melanie Marilenev escapes into the deepest part of the Ruins of Krakatos and stumbles into a Dimensional Gate. She is lost to the world of Mystara.

What is going on: The remaining Marilenev are slaughtered with the fall of the town of Krakatos. Melanie Marilenev is not found amongst the corpses in the now occupied town, and a search of the Ruin indicates that some of the Marilenev and their supporters made it into the deepest of the Dungeons.

What the PCs can do? If the PCs are supporters of the Marilenev they can escort the nineteen year old Melanie Marilenev deep into the ruin in search of an escape tunnel. If they are supporters of the Duke – they can penetrate the Ruin in search if the escapees. Either way they are likely to stumble into the Dimensional Gate and be lost to the World of Mystara.

Flaurmont 2: A deal is brokered
Location: Duke’s Residence, Specularum
Description: Magda Marilenev is escorted to Specularum to meet the Duke by the Thyatian Troops who come to the Castle to retrieve her. The twenty year old is utterly crushed by the news that her children are dead because the Thyatian guard sent to retrieve them were in turn massacred by orcs. Leader of the Torenescu Clan Christoph Torenescu negotiates with the Duke on her behalf. He stresses the fact that she isn’t Marilenev - rather she is Torenescu.
Christoph also points out that Magda is trained in estate management and has contributed to the growth of the Marilenev Estate before the Duke’s arrival and that will be of great benefit to the Duchy.

What is going on? In high level negotiations Christoph Torenescu has managed to sway the Duke towards the long term economic value of not getting rid of his cousin Magda Marilenev and breaking up the Marilenev Estate amongst his Thyatian Followers. During the Proceedings, the Young Woman whose future is being decided by a room full of ruthless men learns of the death of her children at the hands of Orcs and the certain knowledge that her husband and his family have been slain. The pain of this tragedy becomes overwhelming and she begins to blame the Duke for the Death of her children.

What the PCs can do: If they are followers of the Duke, they may be called on to retrieve Magda Marilenev from Castle Marilenev and Escort her to the Duke’s Stronghold in the City of Specularum.

Yarthmont 23: A Ducal Request
Location: Specularum
Description: Kelvin the First is asked by the Duke to oversee the construction of a City up river from the Capital (at the convergence of four major rivers). Currently there is a bit of Settlement but it is mostly Traladaran Fishermen and Thyatians looking to claim some free land.
Kelvin is granted the necessary ducal funds and authorities to get things in line.

What is going on? The Duke has developed a real interest in getting the right people in the right place to develop the Grand Duchy and is looking to secure key Agricultural regions with large Population centres. He sees Control of the Convergence of the Four Rivers to the North of Specularum and the Agricultural lands surrounding that location as vital. Kelvin is the Man to get the job done.

What the PCs can do: As Followers of The Duke they might be employed to Guard Kelvin, Assist in the Survey of the Town, Clear out unruly Thyatians who are in the way of Progress, and beat up on any humanoids interested in the Labour Camp that will grow on site as Walls of Stone are laid down.

Kaldmont 28: The Knives are out
Location: Ducal Residence, Specularum
Description: A sleeping Stephan Karameikos wakes to the noise of people moving about in his bed chambers. He finds himself set upon by masked men intent on his murder. After a brutal fight against multiple opponents in which he kills several, he is saved by some of his own guardsmen who enter the bedchambers and kill the few remaining Assassins.

What is going on? Anything the DM desires. These can be assassins of the Veiled Society in the Employ of the Radu, Killers sent to murder the Duke by Magda Marilenev (or on her behalf by some supporter outraged by the murder of her children), or even Von Hendriks who would see the Duke’s removal as a way of Partitioning the Duchy and expanding his own power. It could even be Cultists concerned over the construction of Kelvin on the site of Lavv.

What the PCs can do: If they are supporters of any faction who would see the Duke Dead, they can attempt to penetrate his quarters and Kill him. If they are Supporters of the Duke, they might be amongst his personal guards and hear a noise (they should be given several opportunities to do so) of clashing steel, screams, or what ever – his chambers are reasonably soundproof so it will require a listen check.

AC 972

Thaumont 8: That’s a nice map…
Location: Ducal Residence, Specularum
Description: Korrigan shows Stephan his collection of Maps of Traladara and its ole communities. Amongst the collection is a fine map of a future city of Kelvin as well as one being drafted by Korrigan himself of the Current city of Specularum. It is surprisingly accurate. Realising that his cousin has a gift for Engineering, Cartography as well as management, Stephan appoints Korrigan as head of the Cartographers & Civil Works Ministry. Korrigan’s Task: Construction of the Westron Road out to Luln and Fort Doom.

What is going on? Duke Stephan has found the ideal man to head up his Cartographers & Civil Works Ministry. Korrigan will need Guards for his surveyors and army of Labourers over the Next few years. As he will be locating on site it is a chance for him to see the countryside.

What the PCs can do: They can sign on with Korrigan as his guards while he surveys the Westron Road corridor and oversees operations. If they are not supporters of the Duke, they might attempt to kidnap or kill Korrigan or even divert the Pegs marking the road boundary to their own advantage.

Yarthmont 2: A pretty baby but does she have a future?
Location: Black Eagle Barony
Description: The Ilvanivs of Black Eagle Barony celebrate the birth of their Daughter Sascia. A party of guests pull together to produce a surplus of baked goods, ales, and candied fruits. Despite their poverty, they celebrate long into the evening before the party breaks up. There are even a few gifts for the Mother and Child.

What is going on? A baby named Sascia is born in the Black Eagle Barony and the horrible place it has become.

What the PCs can do: If they are living in the Black Eagle Barony, they can get together with other Traladarans to celebrate the birth of a child. This will be a distinct difference from the wealthy feasting that marked the birth of Retameron Antonic.

AC 973

Nuwmont 1: A New Baron
Location: Specularum
Description: In a public ceremony Duke Stephan Karameikos III grants Patriarch Sherlane title of Baron. His lands include the Fishing village of Threshold.

What is going on? The Patriarch Jowett has decided to get rid of his rival for Patriarch of the Church of Karameikos in Specularum. He has recommended the workhorse Sherlane to Duke Stephan Karameikos for an Estate. The newly titled Baron Sherlane will in the next few weeks travel up river to take charge of his lands.

What the PCs can do: They can escort the Baron to his new estate. Fend off Some Traladarans who are deliberately targeting Thyatian nobles, and assist the Baron in clearing out Tarnskeep as a Baronial Stronghold. The Previous Lord of the Town (a Traladaran lord) recently died in his sleep.

AC 974

Yarthmont 18: Heir to the family fortune.
Location: Torenescu Residence, Specularum
Description: Aleksander Torenescu is born. Unfortunately his mother dies due to complications of the birth soon after and Christoph must mourn the loss of his wife when he should be celebrating the arrival of his son. By the end of the day he is barely enjoying the company of his brother Boris who is doing his best to console the shattered Christoph with a drink.

What is going on? Aleksander Torenescu’s Mother has died due to complications with his birth. At this time in history Boris and Christoph are close.

What the PCs can do: There isn’t much they can do at this time. If they are friends or relatives of the Torenescu, they might send gifts to the birth of the child.

Sviftmont 13: If you build it they will come
Location: Luln
Description: Even as the last Timber pylon is driven into the sod to hold the hardened and beaten dirt that is the Westron Road at it meets the road running from Fort Doom to the Guild village of Luln, Wagons are pouring off the Road into these western communities with a selection of trade-goods. By the end of the Day Korrigan is conducting an inspection of the road and ordering the work crew to enjoy a few days in Luln. As he prepares to head back to the work camp at Radlebb Village with his escort, they come under attack by a unit of Orcs.

What is going on? The Westron road linking Specularum and Fort Doom (via Luln) is completed. The fact is that it was meant to swing north between Luln and Fort Doom and head north toward the River forks at Achelos Woods. Unprepared to have his Barony Marginalised, Von Hendriks has swayed the Duke to end the road at Fort Doom rather than divert around Achelos Woods to the Shires or gods forbid – push a coastal road and causeway along the edge of the Sea at blight swamp (right past his ergot poisoned rye fields) and the Humanoid training camp in the fens.

What the PCs can do: If they are servants of Korrigan, they can fight off the attacking Orcs who seem well disciplined, armed and armoured.

AC 975

Nuwmont 1: Ministry declared Official
Location: Specularum
Description: In a public Ceremony Duke Stephan proceeds to declare the Official recognition of an assortment of Ministries. He then declares Hyraksos to be the Minister of War.

What is going on? The Bureaucracy is simply being officially recognised by the Duke. The Ministries of State, Finance, War, and Taxes & Trade now have Seals and some Authority to pursue their own tasks.
Cartographers & Maps headed up by Korrigan now falls under the Ministry for War.

What the PCs can do: If they are Ministry officials they may be called into the Ministry offices or sent dispatches informing them of the changes.

Thaumont 23: The Duke’s road gets underway
Location: Just north of Specularum
Description: Construction on the Dukes Road Begins as Surveyors and Labourers start work. Korrigan is present for this event but he is relying on his now experienced Staff to do the grunt work.

What is going on? Korrigan visits the Work site and oversees a few changes to the Plans to avoid destroying too many of those well producing farms.

What the PCs can do: They can escort Korrigan out to the Work Camp just beginning work on the Dukes Road that will one day serve as a trade road with Selenica over the mountains in the Republic of Darokin – before escorting him back to the safety of Specularum.

Felmont 3: Eighth in line for what?
Location: Specularum
Description: Halia Vorloi is born surrounded by her older siblings.

What is going on? A daughter of the Vorloi has been born in the City of Specularum. She is the eighth child of a minor branch of the Vorloi family.

What the PCs can do: The gift giving is traditional if they are friends or family of the Vorloi clan.

Kaldmont 3: Ambassador for Rockhome
Location: Specularum
Description: Bolto Nordenshield, Ambassador for Rockhome presents his credentials to the Duke.

What is going on? Rockhome has dispatched an Ambassador to Karameikos. Bolto Nordenshield is a one armed Dwarf with no future as a Craftsman was granted the Ambassadorship.

What the PCs can do: They might be introduced to the Ambassador during a Bar fight or if he is accosted by Veiled Society Thugs in the Street.

Kaldmont 17: Wedding Bells toll for Yarol?
Location: Specularum
Description: In a quiet ceremony Yarol marries. There are a few people in attendance - some of them from the Government, some of them Torenescu.

What is going on? Bartran Cordelius’s Secretary is married in a quiet ceremony. He is still considered something of a traitor to his people but there are others who think his position will rise within the government.

What the PCs can do: They can attend the wedding, foil any troublemakers.

AC 976

Nuwmont 1: Barony of Kelvin
Description: These Ceremonies have become the highlight of the Year. Duke Stephan Karameikos III grants Desmond Kelvin I the title of Baron and the Barony of Kelvin.

What is going on? Finally the jokes about Kelvin’s City will end. Desmond Kelvin the First is granted title to the City and adjacent lands.
A few other minor lords are granted estates along the base of the Black Peak Mountains and just north of Radlebb Wood.

What the PCs can do? They can be granted Estates (other than the Barony of Kelvin). Otherwise they can attend the celebrations.

Thaumont 1: A Parting of Father and Son
Location: Church of Karameikos, Specularum
Description: Overcome with anger at the marginalisation of his father to a minor ministry position, Alfric Oderbry leaves home and enters the Thyatian Church. As he explains to the old priest handling his training the reasons for his anger, he is not admonished and told to go home; rather he is agreed with and promptly told that Karameikos should have crushed the Traladarans…and if he wont it will fall to the Church and its young clerics to convert the heathens by hook or crook.

What is going on? Oderbry has found his own childish ideas catered to by a minor Cleric in the Church of Karameikos who sees an opportunity to remove Patriarch Jowett and exterminate the Church of Traladara.

What the PCs can do: Nothing much. But in the years to come they as clerics of the Church of Karameikos or simply Thyatians may be called on to take one side or another in a Church Schism.

AC 977

Nuwmont 1: Estates Granted
Location: Specularum
Description: In a grand ceremony before many guests, Duke Stephan Karameikos III grants the Estate of Dmitrov and The Barony of Vorloi. Both Dmitri Dmitrov and Philip Vorloi are commended for their loyalty to the Duke, The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and its Peoples.

What is going on? Dmitri Dmitrov (A Traladaran Knight who has proven his loyalty to the Duke repeatedly) is granted an Estate on a peninsula of land south east of Specularum.
The Barony of Vorloi is also recognised. The Barony of Vorloi seems to overshadow the smaller land grant - something that is seen by most as favouritism by the Thyatian Government toward its Thyatian friends.

What the PCs can do: They can attend the celebrations for an assortment of reasons.

Kaldmont 4: Trade with Darokin opens
Location: Black Peak Mountains
Description: High up in the Black Peak Mountains the work crews finally link the Dukes Road to its companion coming over the mountains from Darokin allowing the first of many Caravans to move trade along a convenient roadway between Selenica and Specularum.

What is going on? Trade is now open with Darokin with the official opening of the Dukes Road which will take travellers over the Black Peaks. Its not as if they were not already using this pass to cross the mountains, the Road simply makes it easier.

What the PCs can do:

Kaldmont 20: A road to Threshold
Location: near Kelvin
Description: A work camp is established on the west bank opposite Kelvin. They begin building a road to Threshold from Kelvin.

What is going on? A road is being built linking Kelvin to Threshold via Rifllian and Verge. This region is rife with monsters and bandits and they will not hesitate to assail the road builders and those who guard them.

What the PCs can do: They get to guard the labourers from bandits and Monsters.

AC 978

Nuwmont 1: Duke Stephan declares Estate of Highdell
Location: Specularum
Description: In a nice peaceful ceremony, the Duke grants an estate at the source of the River Cruth? Highdell is little more than a small mountain outpost protecting the Dukes Road as it climbs the Black Peak Mountains.

What is going on? This is an effort by the Duke to secure the most northern point on the Dukes Road before it climbs the Black Peaks and crosses down into the Republic of Darokin.

What the PCs can do: They might be granted Highdell as an estate if they prove to be loyal Karameikans.

Vatermont 26: Aleena is born
Location: Thyatis City
Description: A healthy little baby girl named Aleena is born in Thyatis to Merrik Halaran.
What is going on? Aleena is born. This is the niece to the Baron Sherlane of Threshold.

What the PCs can do: Unless they are related to the Halaran family, or are friends of Merrik Halaran, they will have little involvement with Aleena.

Thaumont 12: The Eastron Road
Location: Krakatos
Description: Korrigan oversees the construction of a great bridge that will cross the River at this point near Krakatos.

What is going on? This is the beginning of the Eastron Road. The heavy wooden bridge will extend across the river to the far bank where it will meet the Beginnings of the Eastron Road.

What the PCs can do: They can begin help guard Korrigan from Bandits or Workers from Humanoids on the Eastern Side of the River.

Yarthmont 9: Yolanda is born
Location: Black Eagle Barony
Description: In a small shack in the Black Eagle Barony, a young girl named Yolanda is born. Her parents were planning to flee the Barony but were forced to wait until after the child was born. They pack up their Daughters and what property they can and make for the border in the dark of the night.

What is going on? Something that happens with increased frequency across the Barony – Poor Traladarans are fleeing across the border in search of a better life. Yolanda is the younger sister of Sascia.

What the PCs can do: If they are Traladarans living in the Barony or Luln, they might help get these people out of the Barony.

AC 979

Yarthmont 23: Road to Threshold
Location: Threshold
Description: For the last few days labourers have been slowly approaching the Town of Threshold. By Noon, the Labourers reach the Gates. The Baron Sherlane Halaran and Korrigan are overseeing the completion.

What is going on? The Road from Kelvin to Threshold is completed.

What the PCs can do: Korrigan is here to oversee the completion of the Road. They could be his personal guard.

Klarmont 22: Last chance to run
Location: Specularum
Description: In a grand ceremony Duke Stephan Karameikos III weds Olivia Prothemian.

What is going on? This is the wedding of Duke Stephan Karameikos III and Duchess Olivia Prothemian.

What the PCs can do: They can attend the wedding ceremony; they might also be employed to watch for trouble.

AC 980

Thaumont 20: Vile Attracts
Location: Fort Doom
Description: Bargle the infamous gains a meeting with Von Hendriks. The Baron hires him as his personal Magus.

What is going on? Bargle become a minion of Baron Von Hendriks. The vile Wizard is granted an income and his own tower in the castle as well as some land by the Sea.

What PCs can do: They might be employed by Bargle to bring good to his residence all the way from Darokin.

Thaumont 21: A Princess is born
Location: Ducal Stronghold, Specularum
Description: After a day of labour Adriana Karameikos is born in the birth-room of the Duchess.

What is going on? The first child of Duke Stephan and The Duchess Olivia is born.

What the PCs can do: This isn’t something they are likely to get involved in unless someone makes an attempt on the Heir.

Ambyrmont 13: Trade with the Empire
Location: Rugalov Village, Karameikan/Thyatian border
Description: Work crews arrive in the Village of Rugalov as Eastron road is completed. There is a quick ribbon cutting and traffic (which has been stopped for the ceremony) is allowed to continue to and from Specularum.

What is going on? The construction of Eastron Road is completed. Korrigan is once again in attendance to oversee the final roadworks.

What the PCs can do: Once again they can escort Korrigan and protect him from Goblins from the Dymrak Forest.

Ambyrmont 23: Seneschal Appointed
Location: Specularum
Description: Korrigan appointed Seneschal of the Ducal Estate. Hyraksos gets drunk with him and meets a Traladaran Dancer named Katarina.

What is going on? Hyraksos has just met his future wife and the mother of his unconceived children – though she doesn’t know it yet. The drunken party ends that evening in a brawl and both are promptly arrested by the Guard – having refused to identify themselves.

What the PCs can do: As Guardsmen they might be called out to break up a drunken brawl.

Sviftmont 9: That was quick
Location: Specularum
Description: Hyraksos marries Katarina is a small ceremony in the Ducal Palace attended by the Duke, Duchess, and a selection of other friends and family. At the end of the ceremony, he takes her to his rather nice ship…

What is going on? Hyraksos and Katarina are taking a little holiday. They sail the sea of Dread for a year before returning to Karameikos.

What the PCs can do: If they are friends, they might attend. As crew they might be on the ship for a year as they circle the Sea of Dread.

AC 981

Nuwmont 1: Sergei Pyotrev, Ambassador to Alfheim
Location: Specularum
Description: Sergei Pyotrev is declared Ambassador to Alfheim by the Duke.

What is going on? Another influential Traladaran family has gotten Duke Stephan Karameikos to grant one of their family members an Ambassadorship. Sergei Pyotrev is a reasonably descent fellow – a distinction from his distant relative Lord Sergei Torenescu.

What the PCs can do: They might escort the Ambassador to Alfheim.

AC 982

Thaumont 2: The Turtle and the Knife
Location: Specularum
Description: Right in the middle of Dinner, the Duchess Olivia Karameikos goes into labour. Justin is slightly larger than his sister. A problem soon arises as on of the Maids is killed by an intruder that no-one can seem to find.

What is going on? The first Male heir to the Duchy of Karameikos is born unfortunately Assassins are at large in the Residence and have killed a maid. They seem to have cloaks of invisibility.

What the PCs can do: The heir and the Duchess are in serious danger here. The PCs can prevent the assassins from taking out the Male Heir to the Duchy or anyone else.

AC 983

Vatermont 19: A little bit of nepotism goes a long way
Location: Specularum
Description: The Duke Stephan appoints Guldahan Cordelius (cousin to Bartran Cordelius) as Ambassador to the Five Shires.

What is going on? The Duke has granted Bartan Cordelius’s Cousin an Ambassadorship to the Five Shires.

What the PCs can do: They might be tasked with escorting the new Ambassador to the Shires. Shireton is a rough and dangerous town.

AC 984

Nuwmont 1: Titles Granted
Location: Specularum
Description: In a ceremony, several Estates are granted by Duke Stephan Karameikos III.

What is going on? This is an opportunity to hand out Estates to any name level PCs who have demonstrated some loyalty to the Duke or performed particularly heroic deeds. Such estates might be on the Border of the Black Eagle Barony, or in other ‘unstable’ or Lawless locations.

What the PCs can do: They might be summoned to the Duke’s Stronghold for the Ceremony.

Sviftmont 3: Coin of the Realm?
Location: Specularum
Description: In a raid on a Veiled Society nest, the Elvenguard stumble across a coin making Operation. This nest of vermin has apparently been minting a much debased Gold Royal.

What is going on? The Duke’s Coin smith has been compromised in his loyalty – he has apparently provided these villains with the necessary tools to Stamp currency. The Debased Coin itself is 97% copper 3% gold and while much lighter in weight looks like the real thing.

What the PCs can do: They may notice that some gold in circulation is far lighter in weight than the coin coming out of the Duke’s Coin mint.

AC 985

Vatermont: 13: Coin mints are relocated.
Location: Specularum
Description: After that fiasco with the Debased Royal, Duke Stephan has been considering the vulnerability of his Currency. He finally arranges to have them placed in outlying communities with Lords he can trust along with coin smiths he doubly trusts. Silver mint is directed to Threshold under the care of the Baron Sherlane, Copper to Riverfork Keep, Retaining only Gold which is minted in The Ducal Residence employing only Gnomish Coin smiths.

What is going on? Duke Stephan has decided on how to safeguard his currency from debasement.

What the PCs can do: They might be called on to move a Coin smith and tools to a new place of residence.

Sviftmont 23: Clan Chossum come to trade
Location: Fort Doom
Description: A trade Caravan from Alfheim arrives in Fort Doom. While they spend some time here, they are showered with all manors of Delights by the Baron.

What is going on? Clan Chossum (‘the Dwarves of Alfheim’) have come to trade with the Baron. They are very open to trade though the conditions in the Black Eagle Barony cause them some concern.

What the PCs can do: If they are elves from Alfheim they might be part of the trade expedition.

AC 986

Vatermont 1: The Great Census.
Location: All across Karameikos
Description: Malveko of Threshold and his family are forced from their home by Guardsmen and herded outside into the street in a group with other villagers. Their assumption that they are to be put to death by the Thyatians is soon set aside by the Official who is taking a head count of the numbers of people living in each and every home.

What is going on? In communities all across the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Tax officials conduct a head count. Unfortunately it really ignores the extensive Traladaran population who live outside population centres (in Homesteads, Work Camps, etc.). There are important consequences because so many Traladarans have not been accounted for. Thanks to new laws by the Duke to protect ‘registered’ land owners from others who simply laid claim to whole square miles of land with no registered population, Land ownership is up for grabs – if you were not counted you do not exist. If you do not exist you don’t own land.

Population Census
• Specularum (50000)
• Luln (5000)
• Threshold (5000)
• Kelvin (20000)
• Fort Doom (10000)
• Rugalov (650)
• Marilenev (900)
• Dmitrov (6,500)
• Penhaligon (3,750)
• Vorloi (7,500)
• Highforge (7,500)
• Sulescu (950)
• Rifllian (1,700)

What the PCs can do: As Thyatians they might be tasked with guarding the Officials conducting the Head count. If they are on the receiving end, they might decide to act violently in to what they perceive as an attempt to herd the Traladarans into the street and kill them. Others might be confronted in the months after this by land grabbing Thyatians using a loophole in the law to seize Traladaran property.

Thaumont 13: A Spy is born, not Recruited
Location: Specularum
Description: A terribly put out Duchess Olivia suddenly decides to give birth in the middle of the Royal Court. Prince Valen is born with an assortment of Court Lords, Ambassadors, and Barons looking on.

What is going on? Prince Valen is born two weeks early.

What the PCs can do: If they are present, they can be witness to the Birth of a future Prince and Spy.

Yarthmont 14: Chief Spy submits a report
Location: Ducal Residence, Specularum
Description: Father Turan Bey (a cleric in the Traladaran Church) notifies Duchess Olivia Prothemian that he is providing the names, biographies, images, and speeches, as well as other information, of two thousand leading Traladarans.

What is going on? Turan Bey is in fact a Thyatian who infiltrated the church of Traladara some years ago. He has been recording the confessions and secrets of an assortment of Traladarans who visit the Church of Traladara – not just in Specularum but in an assortment of communities.

What the PCs can do: If they are members of the Church of Traladara, they might find out that Turan Bey is not a Traladaran and that he is keeping record of people’s secrets.

Yarthmont 23: Sealed Orders
Location: All across Karameikos
Description: After reviewing the Documents provided by Turan Bey, Duchess Olivia sends sealed envelopes containing orders to district and village leaders of Thyatian lineage, with the strict instructions that they are not to be opened until further notice.

What is going on? Duchess Olivia Prothemian sets about establishing a spy network built on the existing structures set up by Father Bey. She begins looking about for the sort of Person to be recruited into her Bureau.

What the PCs can do: If they are loyal Thyatians with flexible ethics, they might find themselves recruited to Duchess Olivia’s Spy Network.

AC 987

Nuwmont 3: Retameron takes up adventuring.
Location: Specularum
Description: Retameron Antonic takes an early shearing and slips off with a Sword of his Father’s and some old Armour he has been polishing up. His plan is to visit Threshold and then head north-east along the Black Peaks to Highdell where the Dukes Road passes the source of the Highreach.

What is going on? Not satisfied with living at home in the shadow of his Father (a great adventurer and Court Lord) Retameron has decided to make a life for himself on the Open road as a Freebooter.

What the PCs can do: They might join him in travelling north or encounter him on the Road fighting Orcs.

Felmont 18: Militia Service Act
Location: Kelvin
Description: In Kelvin the officials there distribute arms to the Thyatians residents of the town of Kelvin on the excuse that the Traladarans there are unreliable.

What is going on? Because of the rising tensions between Thyatians and Traladarans, the Town of Kelvin provides every Thyatian resident with a sword and some training. Traladarans caught training and drilling are of course arrested.

What the PCs can do: If they are Thyatians, they will receive a Weapon and Militia Training. If they are Traladarans, they will not (and may be arrested as criminals if they attempt to train).

Yarthmont 2: An enemy of the Duke
Location: Luln
Description: After a public meeting of Traladarans in a Barn on the edge of Luln in which the topics of establishing a permanent militia and permanent fortifications to defend Luln from raids by Von Hendriks, and the burning of Von Hendrik’s rye before he can harvest his ergot seem prominent, Gregor Nasivich is set upon in the darkness by an Assassin. Within a few seconds he is dead.

What is going on? Gregor Nasivich, the most notable Traladaran community leader in Luln, is murdered on the order of Duchess Olivia for ‘crimes against the Duke’.

What the PCs can do: If they are agents of the Duchess, they might be employed to kill Gregor, while if they are Traladarans, they might stumble across his murder and come to his defence.

AC 988

Nuwmont 1: A New Lord of Dmitrov
Location: Specularum
Description: In a ceremony the Duke grants the title of Dmitrov this day to lord Lev Dromilov.

What is going on? Since the recent arrest of Lord Dmitri Dmitrov for smuggling and the loss of his estate, it is granted this year to Lev Dromilov, another Traladaran supporter of the Duke.

What the PCs can do: In the coming Days Lord Lev Dromilov will need loyal men to escort him to his Estate and heroic types to drive off the Bandits that are currently plundering the Estate in the absence of any leadership.

Vatermont 14: Arrests in Luln
Location: Luln
Description: In Luln, all the Traladaran notables are called to a meeting by a visiting ‘Official of the Black Eagle Barony’ to address humanoid raids, and getting complaints aired. About three score attend and are immediately arrested for fleeing the Barony.

What is going on? The official is a Slaver. Most of the Traladarans are refugees from the Barony and he intends to take them back in shackles for the bounty.

What the PCs can do: they can attack the ‘Baron’s troops’ who escort this group of ‘runaway serfs’ and conduct a rescue.

Thaumont 21: Orc Raiders?
Location: Near Luln
Description: This evening Humanoids lead an assault on an isolated farmstead killing every farmer to the last child. The brutality of the Attack is high.

What is going on? Bands of Humanoids begin looting, violating women and children, and large-scale murdering in the region of Luln.

What the PCs can do: They might be at some isolated in which comes under attack by Orcs in the middle of the night.

Yarthmont 27: Luln is open to plunder
Description: The village of Luln is attacked at night by Humanoid forces. The local Traladaran priest and many other Traladarans are killed. Every house is looted.

What is going on? The Humanoids that have been raiding outlying communities assault the Village of Verge in the middle of the night.

What the PCs can do: They might be called on to defend the village of Luln, or arrive soon after the raid.

AC 989

Thaumont 23: Orders are opened
Location: In various communities across Karameikos.
Description: Orders issued from Specularum by Duchess Olivia instructing the provincial administrators to oust all Traladaran functionaries in the service of the Karameikan government are opened on her orders.

What is going on? Duchess Olivia is doing what she can to put down what she perceives as a coming Traladaran Civil war. Her orders are to remove Traladarans from positions of Authority.

What the PCs can do: They might be Traladarans who are suddenly removed from positions of Government without explanation.

Sviftmont 2: Escape across the border
Location: On the Border of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and the Five Shires.
Description: Many Traladarans from Halag flee to the Five Shires. Baron Ludwig von Hendriks sends his troops into the Shires in pursuit, but the Black Eagle is rebuffed by Hin militia.

What is going on? Conditions in the Black Eagle Barony are horrible. Food and Fuel is rationed, and wealthy Traladarans living there have been forced to surrender their assets and toil in the fields like serfs. Unprepared to live under such increasingly brutal communal serfdom, many Traladarans organise to flee over the Border to the Shires during the Rye Harvest.

What the PCs can do: They can aid the refugees to escape along the coast, cross the Achelos River and make for the Shires while keeping them safe from monsters.

Klarmont 24: Killings in Specularum
Location: Specularum
Description: Traladarans - Devor Mandrazy, and his wife are found brutally murdered in the Nest. Their corpses are suspended by ropes, and their skins have been peeled off and put on display –nailed to the walls above their bed.

What is going on? This day marks the beginning of a series of killings designed to terrorise the Traladaran population in Specularum.

What the PCs can do: They can become involved in the investigation.

AC 990

Nuwmont 13: Traldarans seek refuge
Location: Kelvin
Description: Traladaran refugees from villages in the Altan Tepes arrive in Kelvin and notify the inhabitants that eighty villages in the north–eastern region of the Altan Tepes were obliterated and that twenty four thousand Traladarans had been killed in three days of Humanoid Attacks.

What is going on? Humanoids are becoming organised under leaders. Some of these will be Thyatians looking to seize property and wealth, others simply forcing the Human population out of the region.

What the PCs can do: They might be employed to go into the North East to put down the Humanoid Warbands.

Nuwmont 23: Krakatos Burns
Location: Krakatos
Description: The town of Krakatos is burned by unidentified mob of Thyatians and its fortifications pulled down. Traladarans living there are forced to flee. Numerous Rapes and deaths occur during the evictions.

What is going on? The community of Krakatos is abandoned and becomes a ruin.

What the PCs can do: They can try and save lives.

Vatermont 19: Disarming the Rabble
Location: In communities all across Karameikos
Description: In the village of Verge and in other places, the government demands all weapons from the Traladaran populations.

What is going on? Traladarans are stripped of weapons on the grounds that they pose a threat to Thyatian Authority.

What the PCs can do: If they are Traladarans, they will be told to surrender their weapons.

Kaldmont 3: The Black Eagle goes to War
Location: The Black Eagle Barony
Description: Two hundred horsemen ride out from the Black Eagle Barony under the Banner of Von Hendriks and heads north west toward the Five Shires.

What is going on? The Baron of Black Eagle is beginning an assault on Wereskalot in the five shires. The community is a nest of Traladaran Refugees who are shipping weapons to Traladarans and aiding the escape of Traladarans from his Barony.

What the PCs can do: They can if they are friends of the five shires warn them that the Baron is coming.

AC 991

Vatermont 8: He fell on his own dagger…
Location: Specularum
Description: The Wizard Krollan, a counsellor of Duke Stefan, is murdered while wandering through the great Marketplace. Witnesses report that he seemed to collapse surrounded by a crowd of people. Some thought it was a stroke until they saw the Dagger.

What is going on? The Veiled Society is proving to Duke Stephan that they can get anyone, anywhere and the Duke’s Minions are all too vulnerable.

What the PCs can do: The PCs might be employed to infiltrate the Veiled Society.

Vatermont 8: Swords of the Black Eagle
Location: Black Eagle Barony
Description: Bargle’s Humanoids begin making their way across the Blight Swamp to strike at the Halfling lands to conduct raids. The Baron himself dispatches half of his knights to take a short cut through Achelos Woods…while he strikes the Shires at the Border.

What is going on? Baron Black Eagle conducts a second Raid into the Shires. Unfortunately this time large numbers of his troops are lost in the Achelos Woods to what ever it is that dwells there. The Humanoids crossing Blight Swamp are met by Halfling Troops.

What the PCs can do: They can help the Shires stop the Black Eagle Baron and his minions.

Sviftmont 12: The Radlebb Massacres
Location: Isolated Farms and Villages south of Fort Radlebb.
Description: An army of Thyatians ride into a village, set it on fire, and Slaughter its citizens in the Streets to the last child before looting it of its valuables.

What is going on? Beginning this day are the Radlebb Massacres. Twenty five thousand Traladarans are murdered massacred by Thyatians Soldiers from Radlebb Keep and Troops from the Black Eagle Barony as Baron Von Hendrik’s own Knights participate in the slaughter.

What the PCs can do: If they are Heroes who happen to in the area they can get people to safety and try to save lives.

AC 992

Nuwmont 1: That is an Order
Location: Specularum
Description: After a heated ‘discussion’ with the Halfling Ambassador with regards to his lack of control over his Cousin in the West, Duke Stephan orders Baron von Hendriks to cease and desist in his private border war with the Five Shires.

What is going on? Stephan has been publicly reminded that ignoring what his Cousin is up to is not going to work. He is forced to order his Cousin to end his conflict with the Five Shires.

What the PCs can do: They can be called on to deliver the bad news to Baron Von Hendriks. Likewise they can be instructed to investigate the fact that the ‘Traladaran rebels’ being given shelter in the Shires are infact refugees fleeing acts of Genocide in Western Karameikos.

Thaumont 1: A Sorceress rising
Location: Specularum
Description: Halia Vorloi decides to take up adventuring today. She signs on with a merchant-wizard travelling by Wagon to Darokin.

What is going on? Halia Vorloi has run away from home to become a Wizard and Adventurer. Her instructor is a travelling Merchant.

What the PCs can do: They might sign on with the Merchant to escort the Caravan to the far away city of Darokin.

AC 993

Yarthmont 24: A Shopping trip to Thyatis
Location: Fort Doom
Description: Von Hendriks takes with him to Thyatis sixty five thousand gold pieces looted from Traladarans across the Radlebb Region during the Radlebb Massacre. The Gold is a small portion of the ‘abandoned goods’ of the Traladarans.

What is going on? Von Hendriks is taking his share of gold looted from the Traladarans in the Radlebb region who were massacred on holiday. Because they were ‘not alive to claim their goods’ their goods were collected by the Baron’s men. He is popping off to Thyatis to go shopping.

What can the PCs do? If they are the Baron’s Men they might escort him and his gold. If they are Pirates (or Traladarans) they might find out that he is going to be moving his gold by boat and attack his ship.

AC 994

Vatermont 23: Guild Ambassador arrives
Location: Specularum
Description: Aladan Voll, Ambassador for the Minrothad Guilds arrives in Specularum. In an altercation on the Docks, he is set upon by a band of toughs. After the fight he seeks a bathhouse where he can get cleaned up and by the end of the day he delivers his credentials to the Duke.

What is going on? An Ambassador representing the Minrothad Guilds has been sent to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The Toughs attacking him on the Docks were involved in an attempt to loot his personal good.

What the PCs can do: They might come to the rescue of the future Ambassador.

Yarthmont 20: Fire!
Location: Specularum
Description: late in the evening a fire begins in a bakery in the old Quarter and quickly spreads to several other buildings. By the time anyone notices, it is jumping from building to building as though they were doused in fuel.

What is going on? The fire is part illusion - part real. The whole thing is designed to serve as a distraction while Robbers break into a Jeweller’s residence and loot his valuables.

What the PCs can do: They might be putting out an illusionary fire when they notice the robbers exiting the Jewellers.

AC 995

Nuwmont 1: At last the Power is mine…
Location: Specularum
Description: In a surprise announcement to most, Yarol, a Traladaran, is appointed the Minister of State.
What is going on? Yarol, long suffering Secretary of Minister Bertran Cordelius is declared Minister of State by Duke Stephan.

What the PCs can do: If they are agents of Olivia’s spy ring, they might be called on to spy on Yarol and the people he associates with.

Nuwmont 10: A Viking lands at Specularum
Location: Specularum
Description: Gunter Schonberg arrives in Specularum.

What is going on? Gunter Schonberg is Ambassador for the Northern Reaches.

What the PCs can do: They might encounter the Ambassador in a Tavern brawl a few hours before he must present his credentials to the Duke.

Nuwmont 12: Von Hendriks makes trouble
Location: Rifllian
Description: The Traladaran leaders Adran Tiblis and Ishar khan are slain during the night in the village of Rifllian by Humanoids.

What is going on: These humanoids are not the usual barbaric peoples. They are carrying a map of the village with the houses of Adran and Khan marked. This is an assassination by the Baron Von Hendriks.

What the PCs can do: If they are in Rifllian, they might be called on to investigate the killings, or even prevent the murders.

Vatermont 23: Your inaction has ramifications
Location: Specularum
Description: A note is anonymously sent to the Duchess holding her responsible for the massacres of Traladarans near Luln. If these activities continue the activities of the Duchess and her secret police will be exposed to the Duke and the various Traladaran court lords.

What is going on? Lord Sulescu has noticed Duchess Olivia’s little Spy network and its foolish participation in the Genocide of the Traladaran people. He is simply reining her in before she throws the nation into utter chaos.

What the PCs can do: They could be employed by Duchess Olivia to investigate just who has compromised the security of her Spy network.

Thaumont 13: Troublemakers are rounded up
Location: Specularum
Description: In raida all across the city of Specularum Two hundred Traladarans in Specularum are arrested for Questioning. After a day of questioning they are released on orders from Duchess Olivia.

What is going on? Traladarans are still being targeted by the Thyatian Government. Duchess Olivia however has taken the threat of a letter from Lord Sulescu and a new understanding of her Husband the Duke as a reason to make things better, not worse.

What the PCs can do: They can be called upon by Duchess Olivia to carry instructions to the officers involved in the detention of Traladarans to release them. As Traladarans they might be rounded up.

Flaurmont 1: Hyraksos to Rockhome
Location: Specularum
Description: The Duke Declares Constans Hyraksos as Ambassador to Rockhome.

What is going on: Constans Hyraksos has been harassing his father for an Ambassadorship to Rockhome for several years. The Duke finally grants the young man his dream posting.

What the PCs can do: As friends of Hyraksos they might escort his Son to Rockhome and stay on as part of his staff.

Flaurmont 2: A Baron Grieves.
Location: Vorloi
Description: After several days of illness, Baron Vorloi’s wife finally dies. He is comforted by his Son and Daughter.

What is going on? An assassination attempt on Baron Philip Vorloi has missed its mark.

What the PCs can do: The Duchess Olivia might have the PCs look into the circumstances of her death. An inordinate number of Duke Stephan’s Supporters seem to succumb to illness these days.

AC 996

Thaumont 11: You dare insult my honour?
Location: Specularum
Description: After an argument in the royal court gets out of hand, Baron Kelvin the first insults the honour of the Ylari Ambassador. Consequently the Ambassador ‘accepts his challenge’. The Duke leaps to his feet to forbid this foolishness but they are not to be dissuaded. With agreement, both men withdraw to prepare for a Duel at Dawns early light.

What is going on? An argument in the Royal court gets out of hand and a duel to the death is declared between Baron Kelvin I and the Ylari Ambassador.

What the PCs can do: As Court Lords they can be called upon to act as Seconds and Witnesses.

Thaumont 12: The Baron is dead, long live the Baron
Location: Outside the City of Specularum
Descriptio0n: In a brutal mounted battle between two skilled horsemen at Sunrise, Baron Desmond Kelvin I is killed in a duel with the Ylari Ambassador, Mustapha ibn Ibrahim.

What is going on? Baron Desmond Kelvin the first has died in a duel with the Ylari Ambassador. His son, Desmond Kelvin II, and designated heir to the Barony is to be confirmed Baron of Kelvin by the end of the Day.

What the PCs can do: If they attempt to interfere, they will certainly be killed. All they can do is watch in horror with the other witnesses as Baron Kelvin dies in a Duel.

Thaumont 23: Orcs attack Duchess Olivia
Location: Near the Ruins of Krakatos
Description: Returning from Kelvin by Caravan after the funeral of the Baron, Duchess Olivia’s Caravan is set upon by Orcs. A heroic Traladaran local named Lucas Tormandros (a Farmer) comes to her aide. He rejects any offer of Rewards.

What is going on: Orcs have settled into the ruins of Krakatos from which they are attacking Travellers on the Dukes Road.

What the PCs can do: Hearing of the Attack, they might be sent to investigate the Ruins of Krakatos and clear out the Orcs.

Flaurmont 4: Death stalks the Halaran Family
Location: Thyatis City
Description: Aleena Halaran’s Mother and Father Die of a ‘Disease’ on the same day.

What is going on? Aleena makes preparations to migrate to Karameikos to live with her uncle the Baron Sherlane Halaran. Thyatis City is a large, crowded community rife with Disease and Poisoners. The Source of this ‘Disease’ could be contaminated Water, Food, or something as simple as social interaction. It could also be intentional.

What the PCs can do: They might be called on by Baron Sherlane to investigate the circumstances of this ‘disease’.

Kaldmont 8: A Hero accepts his rewards
Location: Specularum
Description: Lucas Tormandros finally give in to the Duke who has for months attempted to reward him for his heroics of Thaumont 23 and is made Townmaster of Specularum.

What is going on? A few months back Lucas Tormandros saved the life of the Duchess Olivia. He finally accepts an Appointment as Town master.

What the PCs can do: They might be sent to escort Tormandros to the city of Specularum.

AC 997

Felmont 1: The wasted life of Lord Oderbry
Location: Specularum
Description: Minister of Finance dies suddenly while emerging from his office this evening. Ever the meticulous work horse, the Minister for finance has the books for his assistant to file away for the evening clutched to his chest.

What is going on? The Duke’s Banker (The Minister for Finance) has just keeled over and died. What no one knows is that for the last twenty seven years he has been siphoning off funds into an account in the Republic of Darokin. He has a million gold pieces stashed away under the name of his illegitimate Heir.

What the PCs can do: If one of the PCs is the Illegitimate heir of Lord Oderbry, that heir will receive a letter informing him or her that there are funds in an account in the Bank of Darokin for them – all they need do is take the included documentation with them as proof. It is also likely that the PCs will be chased down for the stolen funds in the near future.
Of course there are things worse than being chased down by the Karameikans – being related to Oderbry amongst them.

Felmont 8: Might I recommend Valdo Tiza?
Location: Specularum
Description: While contemplating who would be an ideal replacement for Oderbry, The Duke Stephan Karameikos is delivered a letter form his Minister from State Yarol. Yarol’s letter recommends a minor official from inside the Ministry by the name of Valdo Tiza.

What is going on? On the recommendation of the Minister of State Yarol, Tiza is appointed Minister of Finance.

What the PCs can do: If they are involved with one of the nastier criminal organisations, they might be hired to assassinate Tiza, or see if he is open to bribery.

AC 998

Sviftmont 14: An exchange of Diplomats
Location: Specularum
Description: The Principalities having recently dispatched a Diplomat (Marinaita) to Karameikos. Duke Stephan Karameikos must consider a Diplomat to Glantri in return. As he contemplates that such a Diplomat must be someone these Wizards will respect as an equal…Boris Torenescu approaches him to recommend a cousin who has experience in negotiations.

What is going on? Boris Torenescu is recommending the very cousin who has supplied him with a Poison that can be used undetected to bump off Christoph Torenescu for a Diplomatic position in Glantri in payment for services. Amongst the Escort Guard taking him to Glantri will be the Princess Adriana in Disguise.

What the PCs can do: They might be called upon to serve as Diplomatic escorts to the new Ambassador to Glantri (and Adriana when they find out who she is).

Sviftmont 15: The Princess is missing
Location: Specularum
Description: Olivia Alerts her Spy network to keep an eye open for her wayward daughter and return her to the Castle safely.

What is going on? Adriana has slipped her minders and disguised as a Guardsman involved in the escort of the new Ambassador to Glantri, departed town. Now Spies for Olivia will be dogging their steps.

What the PCs can do: if they are Olivia’s Spies (and with the Caravan to Glantri) they might Discover Adriana is with the Diplomatic Mission to Glantri and Inform Duchess Olivia.

AC 999

Vatermont 3: Church of Oderbry invades Five Shires
Location: Five Shires
Description: Alfric Oderbry dispatches Juthindar Sperren to the Shires to begin a survey of the Halfling lands. His instructions are pretty much to assess whether it can be converted to the Church of Karameikos.

What is going on? Oderbry sees the Shires as potential territory for an Expansionist Karameikos: either a Karameikos under the rule of a Duke who is under the control of Oderbry or as a Theocracy under Alfric’s rule.

What the PCs can do: If they are rivals of Oderbry, they might be spying on his activities. Thus they might follow this minion of Oderbry to the Shires to see what he is up to.

Thaumont 14: Magda Marilenev loses a Friend
Location: Specularum
Description: After a long illness, Christoph Torenescu succumbs to an illness. The funeral is a sombre event with Yarol present to represent the Duke.

What is going on? Christoph has finally been poisoned to death by his brother Boris. It took a year that he might avoid detection, but it is finally done.

What the PCs can do: It is unlikely that the PCs will get involved in this matter other than to turn out for the funeral of one of the few descent people in the Torenescu family.