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Appearance of Ka

by Justin Pfeil from Threshold Magazine issue 25

Ka is incredibly, indescribably and fantastically old. If evolution is a thing at all in Mystara it makes him older than continents. But he hasn't ascended to the higher planes and joined the Old Ones. Why? Because as powerful and intelligent as he is, he is also primordial and primitive. His existence developed to a point and stopped, like approaching a logarithmic limit or ceiling he cannot grow past. That is why he takes things and keeps them in a giant menagerie. (Hollow World) He is stuck in time and wants everything around him to be still, stable, and constant. Standing in the presence of Ka would slow your mind. Ka makes you accept the things you would otherwise want to change. Your soul would start to rest and no longer desire. Everything would start to be just as it should be. Ka has no functional arms and wears no clothes. The raiments of his Throne as the Eldest of the Gods (the word God and Immortal are interchangeable) are bound to his form, and how you perceive that is between you and Ka. Ka is not a masochist, he is Ka. Where you see piercings, I see him wearing his true names, his Rank in the Hierarchy, and his powerful magics. You are the one that sees the piercings. All I drew was Ka.