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Kadesh (Rajahstan of)

Location: South of the Adri Varma Plateau, southwest of Peshmir, north of Baratkand. OW

Area: 20,500 sq. mi. (53,095 sq. km.).

Population: 30,600.

Languages: Sindhi, some Thyatian (Darokinian dialect).

Coinage: Sindhi Standard: guru (25 gp), rupee (5 gp), bhani (gp), khundar (sp), piaster (cp).

Taxes: The three privileged castes-himaya, rishiya, and jadugerya (fighters, clerics, and mages)-of Kadesh owe annual taxes of 25% on all profits, taxes, services and goods received from others, but this tax may be waived if they offer their services to the government or others of the privileged castes. Members of the prajaya caste (farmers and craftsmen) owe 25% of all produce to their mumlyket, with another 25% going to the rishiyas for spiritual services. The kuliya caste (slaves and unskilled labourers) are not taxed. Additionally, a white-skinned sub-caste (called urdu-varna) must pay a poll tax of one khundar per person.

Government Type: Independent feudal monarchy. The ruler of Kadesh is allied to the Master of Hule.

Industries: Agriculture, logging, trapping, trade (fur).

Important Figures: Kabir Rudraksha (Maharajah), Salmalin Mahavir (Cult Leader).

Flora and Fauna: Monsters that are found in this regions of Sind include animal herds, giant ants, bandits (in the desert), basilisks, camels, cockatrices, djinn, red dragons, efreet, elephants, ghouls, gnolls, giant lizards, lupins, manscorpions, mummies, giant scorpions, shadows, sphinxes, and trolls.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.