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by Fabrizio Paoli

Kaflanarel (10th level shadowelf mage)

INT 14
WIS 10
DEX 13
CHA 13

AC 5 (0)
hp: 37
THAC0: 3
Alignment: Chaotic

Skills: Ship Building (Dx), Acting (In), Boating (In), Martial Art Defensive (Dx), Rapid Fire (Dx), Disguise (In), Knowledge: Darokin (In), Hide in Shadows (44%), Move Silently (58%), Gain Trust (Ch).

Languages: Shadowelf, Gnoll, Orc, Hobgoblin, Darokinian

Spells Usually Carried:
1st level: 2 x Charm Person, Fellowship, Longstride, Magic Missile (Protect. Evil)
2nd level: ESP, Invisibility, Web, Mirror Image (Detect Inv.)
3rd level: Hold Person, Fly, Haste (Dispel Magic)
4th level: Polymorph Self, Dimension Door (Charm Monster)
5th level: Passwall (Feeblemind)

Equipment: light protection amulet (GAZ 13, page 52), ring of spell turning (3/day), ring of protection +2, rod of parrying, truth potion, healing potion, scroll with fly spell, 20 poisoned crossbow darts, crossbow, various drugs, disguise kit.

Kaflanarel is a member of the secret Second Shadow. He was born about 500 years ago in a village on the shores of Dragon Lake, his parents were shipwrights.
He joined the military when he was about 120 years old and soon after he entered the Second Shadow. Nowadays he's an important shadowelf spy in Darokin City, where he runs "Kaflanarel Transports", a shop that sells and charters horses, carts and all related items.
Besides his spy duties Kaflanarel is also involved in smuggling leather, Shireton tobacco and other surface goods to the Shadowelf Territories, especially to Maflarel.