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Kagyar the Artisan

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Dwarves, Patron of Craftsmen, Protector of Miners

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 28th (Eternal), N, Matter
Symbol: hammer and chisel crossed
Portfolio: dwarves, crafts, metallurgy, sculpture, knowledge, miners
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Savage Coast (Bellayne, Cimarron, Dunwick, Eusdria, Nimmur, Richland, Robrenn), Davania (Meghala Kimata), Skothar (Minaea, Thonia), Isle of Dawn (Ekto, Helskir, Trikelios), Hollow World (Brute-men, Milenians, Nithians, Traldar), Known World (Rockhome, Darokin, Karameikos, Minrothad, Thyatis, Ylaruam), Norwold
Appearance: a sinewy human of average stature, with a short, black, vainly well kept chin beard, greying black hair, small hollow eyes that burn with the flame of creativity, dressed in a simple tunic of white linen, with a turban on his head (or the drawn hood), a medallion at his neck that holds his symbol and with a hammer and a chisel at his belt.
History: born among the Brutemen at the dawn of human civilisation with the name of Ka-gar, he was an able rock artist and a sculptor. With time succeeded to acquire a sensibility and a superior knowledge of the world to that of his equals and he therefore found way to travel the Path of the Polymath under the guardianship of Ka, who allowed him entry into the Sphere of Matter at the dawn of human civilisation (around 11,000 BC).
Subsequently saved from the extinction his original race, placing the remaining Neanderthals in 10,500 BC in the Hollow World created by Ka, and wanted to create a race in his image, that reflects his passion for art and craftsmanship and his aspirations. Thus he brought about the ancient dwarves, who however after the Great Rain of Fire were decimated, and the few survivors in the course of centuries began to show signs of a genetic disease that inevitably led to their extinction. After having saved a small group of these first dwarves (the Kogolor) and having cured and then placing them in the Hollow World, Kagyar renewed his work of creation and again formed the dwarven race, this time giving them major resistance both to the climate and magic (and to the magical radiation post–Blackmoor), and an innate love for all subterranean places and for art expressed through durable materials (like stone, gems and metals), in the hope that they could still best resist the natural and unnatural disasters that could upset the surface if the mortals caused any new world-wide catastrophes. He brought to life therefore in 1800 BC the modern rock dwarves, that live still on the surface (Rockhome is their homeland) and in the Mystaran underground. Later his cult was extended not only among the dwarves but also among the more populous humans, like Nithians and Milenians, which acknowledge him as the patron of all craftsmen.
Personality: Kagyar is the patron of craftsmen and the dwarven race, and has little interest in all the rest. He is able to grant great inspiration to any individual that demonstrates an innate talent for art and craftsmanship, but tends to become distant and disinterested by anything else, even if he is enraged when assisting in the destruction of great natural or artificial works. His only true ally is Garal, who he even considers a brother for their similarities, and he even collaborates now and then with Ka, Wayland and Polonius on ambitious projects that affect the Sphere of Matter or art in general, but hasn’t formed with them a bond such as to define them friends or faithful allies. Kagyar has no particular enemies, save any Entropics sworn to destruction and to the humanoids (Orcus and Jammudaru) that have often interfered with his plans.
Patron: Ka
Allies: Garal
Enemies: Orcus, Jammudaru
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Favourite weapon: warhammer (also allowed throwing hammer mace, dagger, battle axe and poleaxe)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Constitution, +1 bonus to ST vs. Spells; at 9th level this power is replaced by the Mystic ability resistance; +2 bonus to one type of craft skill (not free). No cleric of Kagyar can turn undead. Any cleric of Kagyar (exclusively dwarves) belongs to the caste of the Keepers of the Forge of Power (see the Tome of the Magic of Mystara for further details).
Domains: Matter, Earth, Crafts, Metal
Preferred weapon: warhammer
Source: GAZ6, HW, HWR2, WotI, DotE, SCS