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Kallala of the Seven Veils

by Marco Dalmonte

Patroness of Nixies, Patroness of Seduction and Malice
Level, Alignment & Sphere: 14 (Celestial), CN, Time
Symbol: seven veils with the colours of the rainbow forming a circle
Portfolio: nixies, seduction, malice, cleverness, femininity
Worshipped in: everywhere nixies are present (especially Undersea)
Appearance: a beautiful young 3 feet tall nixie with the shapely body of a teenager, with silken azure skin, long blond hair that touch her ankles, charming blue eyes and a seducing smile that can make the heart of every male thump like crazy. She always appears naked with a small shell covering her pubic area.
History: LIKEY THEORY: Kallala was the first one of her kin, she who abandoned the immortal life she enjoyed thanks to her fey heritage for the love of a mortal. Kallala was in fact a pixie who lived on the Isle of Dawn long before the Alphatians' arrival. She was still very much young when she fell desperately in love with a merrow, who every day came ashore from the depths of the Sea of Dawn to talk to her. One day, tired of sharing with him only brief moments on the land, she prayed Manwara to help her follow her beloved in the sea. Manwara answered her plea and he transformed her into the first nixie, but in exchange she gave him her immortal essence. Great was Kallala's dismay when she met her beloved on the bottom of the ocean and she discovered that he was already engaged with another merrow. When he spurned her and refused to leave his betrothed, she fled heartbroken. Soon the feeling of desperation was replaced by rage and the will for vengeance, so Kallala again embarked on a quest to reach Manwara again. Once she found herself in his presence, she demanded for her immortality back, because she had been cheated. But the Old Man of the Sea could not grant this wish. Instead, he gave her the power to win his beloved back to her against his will to exact her revenge. This way Kallala, the first Nixie, was given the power to charm every living creature who met her gaze (a special power that she transmitted to all of her daughters together with all the knowledge pertaining beauty and health caring).
Kallala soon discovered to be sterile and this was another stroke for her. She desired above everything else to beget children that would never abandon and betray her like males did. She wanted children who could love her truly and made her feel wanted. So she began her longest quest that eventually brought her to create the nixie kin out of her tears, earning immortality in the Sphere of Time in the XIX century BC after assuring her daughters' wellness in the following centuries.
Even today the nixies cannot sire children through sex. The only way the can beget their daughters is by weeping, for this is the curse of the nixie race: they are doomed to meet and to eventually lose their truelove, and only from this grief will their future (their daughters) be formed.
Personality: Kallala is a free-spirited, flashy and mercurial character who loves to be under the spotlights. She always keeps many admirers and would-be lovers at her side to feel important and to gain favours, but she doesn't truly feel attached to anyone. She is the patroness of malice and seduction, and she teaches her daughters to use these arts to live off the males' libido, a clear sign of the female's cleverness and supremacy. For this reason she despises Rathanos heartily, while she often finds a dear ally in Valerias and even Talitha.
Patron: Manwara (Protius)
Allies: none; she sometimes allies with Valerias or Talitha
Enemies: Rathanos
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any; clerics must be Neutral or Chaotic
Favoured weapons: none (allowed all kinds of knife/dagger and spear)
Clerics' skills & powers: +2 bonus to Charisma, +2 bonus to any one skill among the following: Seduction, Persuasion, Deceit
D&D3E stats:
Domains: Time, Chaos, Water, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: dagger
Sources: PC3, WotI