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The Clan Domain of Kalsloviki

by Jacob Skytte

Kalsloviki is the largest domain in the Kingdom of Ostland. It takes up the southeastern part of Kalslo Island, and contains nine clear hexes, four hexes of light forest, and two hexes of forested hills. Fishing villages dot the long coastline, while small farmsteads take up much of the interior. Lumber is sufficient; some wood is exported to Ostmanland. All visitors who behave themselves properly are welcome here, even foreigners. Clan Kalsloviki rarely raids, the jarl does not endorse it.

Head of Domain: Jarl Rognvald the Raven rules Kalsloviki. His great hall lies in the village of Galten. The jarl is also the High Priest of the temple to Frey and Freyja located in the town of Ostmanhaven, and spends much of his time there.

Population: 8000 people live in Kalsloviki. 1500 are thralls, 5200 are non-warrior freemen, and 1300 are warriors. 4500 people carry some sort of weapon and will fight if need be.


A village of 470 inhabitants, Galten lies at the small bay called Dødemandsdyb (Dead Man's Deep), at the northeastern edge of the forest. It is merely another fishing village, and doesn't appear to be a seat of power for one of Ostland's jarls. The jarl does maintain a great hall, which is home to most of his personal warriors (some 50 veterans) and their immediate family. The inhabitants of Galten, and most of Kalsloviki, strive for a simple life in harmony with the land. The ambitious ones tend to leave for Ostmanhaven.

Rognvald the Raven

Lawful 12th level Cleric of Frey (Str 13, Int 11, Wis 16, Dex 10, Con 9, Cha 14, AC 3, hp 36)

Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 16/4, Peaceful/Violent 13/7, Generous/Greedy 16/4, Reverent/Godless 17/3, Honest/Deceitful 13/7, Loyal/Unreliable 15/5

39 years old, Shining black hair and beard, Brown eyes

As a baby, Rognvald was entrusted to the godar of Oland, and was raised in the monastery of Sorteklippe (Black Rock) to become a godi of Frey. He had no dealings with his family, and actually was convinced that he was the son of Eystein the White, the highest-ranking godi of Frey in Ostland. He grew up a brilliant student, totally dedicated to the worship of Frey.

18 years ago Rognvald's real family were killed as part of a plot to put jarl Thorir the Wealthy of Ostmanland in more direct control of Kalsloviki. Eystein decided to counter Thorir's growing power by revealing Rognvald's ancestry to the world, and putting him in position as jarl of Kalsloviki. Thorir was forced to acknowledge Rognvald as head of Clan Kalsloviki. Rognvald took the mantle of jarl as another test of his devotion to Frey and settled in quickly. It did not take long for most who came into contact with the genuinely pleasant Rognvald to grow fond of him. When Thorir's assassins came, the warriors of Kalsloviki foiled them. Rognvald has survived several assassination attempts over the years, and is often accompanied by ten fine warriors, who all consider him their best friend.

Rognvald grew with the task, and has ruled Kalsloviki wisely and with benevolence. He has been approached by agents of king Hord, queen Yrsa, Asgrim the Bowed, as well as a number of secret conspirators, wishing to be rid of jarl Thorir the Wealthy. Rognvald has steadfastly refused all alliances and reported all such incidents to Eystein the White.

Four years ago, Rognvald was appointed High Priest of the temple to Frey and Freyja in Ostmanhaven. This lets him maintain a power base close to Thorir the Wealthy, a safe place in the town of his rival. Though he is clearly suited to the task, there were other, more able candidates, but the position was a counter to Thorir's offer of a great hall in Ostmanhaven, which would certainly have secret entrances that could be used against Rognvald. In his time as High Priest, he has attracted the attention of jarl Thorir the Wealthy's son, Flosi, and is trying to win him over to become a godi of Frey. Flosi considers him a favourite uncle, and is likely to enter the priesthood of Frey in a few years.

His men call Rognvald "the Raven," since his black hair resembles the feathery coat of a raven. His true name is Rognvald Borkson. He is usually clad in chain mail+2, and carries a sword+3 called "Freys Gunst" (Frey's Grace) at his side (clerics of Frey and Freyja are allowed to use swords and daggers as weapons). He also uses spells intelligently in combat. He knows the Wunju rune, and has inscribed it on an amulet he carries around his neck. He can activate this rune to cause all intelligent creatures within 20' to temporarily stop fighting unless a save vs. spells is made.

Because of his total dedication to Frey and his upbringing in an isolated monastery, Rognvald has never married, and has no experience with love beyond the love of friendship. He gets confused, when women flirt with him (which happens quite often, since he is very attractive), and tends to withdraw to his chambers or the temple to meditate. Eystein has advised him that abstinence will strengthen him.