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by Bruce Heard

Type: Light warbird, Waffenadler class
Date of Commission: AC 1012
Port of Call: Oceansend

Service Records: Commissioned as the garrison warbird of the newly conquered city of Oceansend, this vessel has seen little more than observation and patrol duties. The ageing Luftkapitän Heinz von Himmelswille became its commander months after losing his previous warbird during a disastrous battle against a dragon near Oceansend (AC 1011). As a result of the clash with this dragon, one called Lahar, the warbird was badly gutted and lost its skygem. The doomed warbird spiralled to the sea while Lahar circled around it, mocking the helpless knights and gloating. Of the survivors from the battle and the crash, even fewer escaped drowning in the cold, rough seas. Fewer yet managed to dodge Lahar's final pass. The black dragon's acid disfigured Himmelswille as he attempted to save those of his crew who could not swim. Since then, he vowed revenge against the Black Lahar.

Unfortunately, Himmelswille is not at liberty to risk his new warbird, the Kampfgeier, and enter the Wyrmsteeth Range. His duties are merely those of mundane patrolling of a backwater borderland, which to him is another blow to his pride. Over the long months of such tedious routine, Himmelswille has grown restless, forever cursing the Black Lahar. Images of his drowning comrades haunt the captain's sleep. He is known for pacing the decks in the middle of the night, staring quietly into the dark and incessantly checking weaponry and rigging. His disfigured face and his sombre, unforgiving behaviour serve to maintain a sense of awe and mystery about him among his crew. He is rumoured to be a fearless and driven man.

Himmelswille often orders his warbird to patrol the very edges of the Wyrmsteeth Range, hoping for his quarry to come out. He has fitted his warbird and drilled his crew to fight dragons. In particular, he has adapted onboard ballistae to fire wicked, powerful harpoons attached to barbed lines. The coils of line are loose and designed to entangle the wings of dragons. He has already managed to immobilise several dragons caught plundering Heldannic abbeys or commanderies. Once defeated, a dragon will likely be cut to pieces, burned, and its bones taken away in the Kampfgeier's hold. Himmelswille is determined to attack dragons caught in Norwold, relentlessly pursuing his quarry in the hopes of finding the Black Lahar. Should he ever find his ancient foe, chances are the captain will disregard his standing orders not to enter the Wyrmsteeth Range under any circumstances, and seek revenge no matter what the cost. His crew is not likely to question his orders because of their Code of Conduct demanding absolute loyalty and obedience to their commander.