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Where is General Kanakada

by Bruce Heard

Woops, I think I did forget something. Where *IS* General Kanakada? Since I'm doing this off hand (no ref. available from the office), please let me know if I screwed up something in the process. I'm assuming Katayama is the reigning shogun of the Myoshiman empire. Here's some extra tar and gravel to patch up the story's latest pot-hole, which should go before the scene of the mourning crew aboard the Sturmkondor, in the final episode.


"Where is General Kanakada?" fumes Lord Katayama.

The samurai under the General's order are kneeling before their lord shogun, bowing their heads. Embarrassed, the older one reveals, "Sadly, General Kanakada has refused to return. The Simbasta ambushed our forces in a forest, using the humans and the true artifact as bait. Most of our forces were captured before we could send out news of our fate. General Kanakada was gravely wounded and unconscious. The remainder of our forces retreated to the Heldannic citadel, but several warbirds intercepted them. The great shaman of the Simbasta healed General Kanakada. When we were allowed to leave, the General requested the right to cleanse his family honour, which the Simbasta agreed to. His ashes have been returned to his family with his armour and sword."

Suddenly, a messenger runs into the palace hall. Out of breath and bearing a wound across the face, he drops to his knees and hands before the shogun, his forehead nearly touching the floor. "My lord, the Houses of Miyashika, Tokanawa, and Taikoku have rebelled. Several others are vacillating. The fortress of Kojima has fallen. The Houses of Do and Tomitsu are requesting reinforcements at once!"

The shogun walks quietly to the balcony and looks down at the palatial courtyard, now empty. "How ironic," he observes. "We, who sought to bring war to Mystara now have to fight it on our own land. So be it. Again, war it is!"