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Ships of the Karameikan Navy

by Damon Brown

According to GAZ1, the 3rd div. (aka Royal Navy) of the Karameikan Military consists of 8 ships under the command of Admiral Hyraksos.

Recently, I've been going through and hyper detailing as much of Karameikos as I can. So I figure I should probably have names for each of these ships. The problem is, I'm no good at it. I think way too linear to come up with any good names for them.

Soooooo, anyone out there have any suggestions? I've included the names of the NPC's that I came up with for the different ships; maybe it will help spark some ideas...

Well, Andrew & Pat's comments started me in the right direction (thanks again folks!). Then I found a website with a bunch of historical ship names - great for inspiration (ain't the internet grand?). So without further rambling, I present to you the eight ships of the Royal Navy of Karameikos (circa AC 1000):

* The "Duke Stephan"
  Captain - Leonardo Dexius
  Lieutenant - Sebastian Numerius
* The "Fury of Protius"
  Captain - Sofia Karameikos
  Lieutenant - Maximillian Wagner
* The "Dymrak Dread" ;p
  Captain - Benedicta Oxinos
  Lieutenant - Hana Molodin
* The "Sea Nymph"
  Captain - Patrizio Rufius
  Lieutenant - Salvatore Octavius
* The "Resolution"
  Captain - Gregorio Paladino
  Lieutenant - Makarios Lambrinos
* The "Three Stars"
  Captain - Andreas Bruttius
  Lieutenant - Maximus Clerides
* The "Grey Lady"
  Captain - Klaus von Schroeder
  Lieutenant - Aleksei Rufius
* The "Silver Falcon"
  Captain - Corrado Galerius
  Lieutenant - Gerhard Cassius