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Timeline events

by Håvard

AC 400
Built on the ruins of King Milen's city, the village of Marilenev begins trading and enjoys a slow gradual growth. Thyatian clerics learn the "Song of Halav" and commit it to writing for the first time. Traders bearing the curses of vampirism and lycanthropy settle in Traladara's deep woods and flourish there.


BC 670
The Traladaran Witch-lord Aristicles, constructs his Red Granite Tower, south of modern day Penhaligon. Nearby he discovers the ancient Hutaakan Gate leading to the faraway valley of Thunder Rift. (Escape from Thunder Rift)

AC 700
A Mysterious Healer known as Chardastes appears, curing people and speaking out against the worship of the Traladaran Three. His sanctuary later becomes incorporated with the Church of Karameikos, though his cult remains more popular with Traladarans than with Thyatians.

Thyatian merchants increase their trade with Marilenev. A ruthless Traladaran Warlord named Leptar begins to kidnap fellow Traladarans, selling them as slaves to contacts in Hattias. This marks the foundation of the Iron Ring. Leptar's plots are eventually thwarted by Chardastes the healer. Leptar achieves Immortality some time after this.

AC 900
Emperor Gabronius IV of Thyatis begins a new expansionist policy. Thyatians conquer Traladara's chief city, Marilenev, renaming it Specularum, the Mirror City. The Thyatian Empire claims all Traladara as a Thyatian protectorate.

AC 940
Merrik Halaran born. His father, Antillius "Antilles" Halaran begins the construction of Antilles Castle, five miles west of Threshold. This is the castle that later will be bought by Clifton Caldwell and known as Caldwell Castle.

AC 952?
Ludvig von Hendriks is born.

AC 954
Fain Flinn is born in Machetos. This makes him 49 years old at the beginning of the Penhaligon Trilogy. (Penhaligon Trilogy)

AC 956
Thrainkell Thorson, a Norseman fighting in the Gladiatorial Arenas of Thyatis. He later attracts the attention of young Stefan Karameikos III. The two become friends, which will become useful to Stefan Karameikos when Thrainkell one day becomes Emperor Thincol Torion I of Thyatis. (DotE + my suggestion that this is the basis of Stefan and Thincol's 'friendship'.)

AC 960
For their treason against Thyatis in the war against Alphatia, all Knights of the Order of the White Drake are captured and executed. Some survivors are secretly incorporated within the Retebius Air Fleet and the Knights of the Air. (DotE)

In Haven, the conjunction with the Spirit Plane is overshadowed by the Dimension of Nightmares. This is set in motion by Catharandamus, high priest of Arik, who with the use of an artefact known as the Eye of Arik attempted to bring Arik's avatar onto the prime plane. Catharandamus is driven out of the land. Princess Argenta marries Prince Ellis the Pure, a former Knight of the White Drake. (Mishler's Haven write-up, B3)

AC 970
Duke Stefan Karameikos III of Machetos assumes control of Traladara, making it a Grand Duchy independent of Thyatis, and renaming it Karameikos. To pay for this, he gives his friend Emperor Thincol "The Brave" Torion his ancestral lands of Machetos. Thincol strips the duchy of Machetos of all wealth before handing it over to General Callastian Jowdynites, as a reward for good and faithful service to the Empire. (K:KoA + DotE)

Grand Duke Stefan Karameikos III now gives land to Thyatian allies making them the new nobility of the new country. (K:KoA)

Aleena and Anielle Halaran born. They are the daughters of Merrik Halaran. When Merrik dies, the twins are adopted by their uncle, Bishop Sherlane Halaran. (K:KoA)

Captain Arturus, one of Duke Stefan's most loyal warriors becomes a Landed Lord and is awarded the lands of Penhaligon, where the Lord already has served as an officer in the Thyatian Legion.

AC 970-980
Construction of the Castle of the Three Suns in Penhaligon, after the orders of Lord Arturos. The Knights of Penhaligon become famous for the heroism all over Karameikos, especially their first champion Fain Flinn. (Penhaligon Trilogy)

AC 972
Order of the Three Suns created by Lord Arturus Penhaligon. Sir Fain Flinn becomes the first Knight to join the order. (Penhaligon Trilogy)

AC 974
Marilenev Rebellion crushed.
Merrik Halaran is killed. Sherlane Halaran, already a Bishop of the Church of Karameikos inherits Merrik's dominion of Threshold. (Extrapolation from K:KoA)

Lord Arturos makes Fain Flinn his first Knight. (Penhaligon Trilogy)

AC 979-986
Grand Duke Stefan Karameikos III marries Lady Olivia Promethean. Adriana, Justin and Valen Karameikos are born.

AC 989
Baron Ludvig von Hendriks invades the Five Shires, but is repulsed.

AC 990
The Wizard Chambrin of Karameikos studies the ancient scrolls of the Witch-lord Aristicles, retrieved at Aristicles Red Granite Tower. He learns about the gate leading to Thunder Rift and discovers the gate itself, but finds that he lacks the means to activate it. Chambrin has for a long time been considered an enemy of the Callarii elves, and while examining the gate, he is attacked by a group of elves lead by Ezrathanawel "Ezra" the Elf-lord. The magic of Chambrin and Ezra interfere with the magic of the Gate, accidentally teleporting Chambrin to an unknown location in Thunder Rift. Chambrin begins looking for the Thunder Rift side of the gate and his activities soon earn him the enmity of the Dwarves of Thunder Rift. (Escape from Thunder Rift).

AC 996
Lord Arturos is dies. Even his enemies come to his funeral to pay tribute to this mighty leader. Sir Flinn, the first Knight ever to be knighted by Lord Arturos spent four days of mourning for his commander and friend. Lady Arteris, daughter of Lord Arturos becomes the new leader of the dominion which enjoys a period of prosperity and growth. (Canon + Penhaligon Trilogy)

AC 999
Aleena Halaran confronts Bargle the infamous in a series of caverns north of Threshold. He kills her, but her body is carried away by a young warrior who brings her to a temple of the Church of Karameikos where she is resurrected. (Basic set)

AC 1000 Gazetteer Era

In Penhaligon, The Wizard Cavorcius (Kaworqian) Penhaligon dies. He is inherited by his adoptive son Lord Kaerin.

Clifton Caldwell, a Threshold Merchant buys Antilles Castle, which lays about 5 miles west of Threshold.

Roghan the Fearless is enlisted by the Black Eagle.

AC 1001
Penhaligon is made a Barony.

AC 1002
In Thunder Rift, dwarves capture the wizard Chambrin. He manages to escape, fleeing deeper into their mountains until he discovers what he was looking for all along: The Hutaakan Gate. He uses it to escape to Karameikos. (Escape from Thunder Rift.)

The events of Escape from Thunder Rift are recommended to be set only days after this event.

AC 1002
Abelaats appear in Penhaligon. The dragon Verdilith wrecks havoc on Bywater, also destroying Artisticles' Red Granite Tower on the way. With the help of Johauna Menhir, Sir Fain Flinn regains his honour at the Penhaligon court and sets out to kill his nemesis, the green dragon Verdilith. (Detailed in novel The Tainted Sword, effects can also be seen in Escape from Thunder Rift.)

Some Abelaats find their way into Thunder Rift. (non-canon).

AC 1003
Johauna Menhir learns more about the Abelaats who plague Karameikos. Johauna slays Verdilith. Fain Flinn is resurrected and embarks on the path to Immortality with the aid of Braddock, the dwarf. A gate is opened to the Abelaat homeworld into Karameikan Armstead. Karameikan Armstead destroyed. (Detailed in the novel the Dragons Tomb)

AC 1004
Massive Abelaat invasions of Karameikos. Penhaligon destroyed. Baroness Arteris barely escapes. With the help of the Immortal Flinn, Johauna Menhir stops the invasions. (Detailed in the novel The Fall of Magic.)

AC 1005
Johauna Menhir discovers the gate to Thunder Rift and enters the Valley, believing all her friends back in Karameikos to be dead. She takes up hunting down the Abelaat who made their way into the valley, and spreads the faith of the Immortal Flinn and the code of Chivalry to Thunder Rift's inhabitants. (non-canon!)

Reconstruction of Penhaligon begins. (Extrapolation from The Fall of Magic and K:KoA.)

AC 1005-1010
Wrath of the Immortals: Conflicts between the Immortals sets the Known World in turmoil, changing its face forever. Thunder Rift seems unaffected by these events.

AC 1006
Kingdom of Karameikos: Master Teldon makes a diplomatic mission to Alphatia. On his return Stefan Karameikos declares himself King of Karameikos. Princess Adriana marries Lord Devon Hyraksos. Elsewhere, Alfheim is corrupted and conquered by Shadow elves.

AC 1007
Refugees from Alfheim settle in Karameikos. Princess Adriana's firstborn son, Lucien Hyraksos is born.

AC 1008
Plague year in the lands north of Karameikos. Karameikos relatively unharmed.

AC 1009
Reconstruction of Penhaligon is completed, but it loses its baronial status, and is now once again only considered an estate. (Extrapolation from Penhaligon Trilogy and K:KoA).

AC 1010
Karameikan School of Magecraft founded in Krakatos. Wandering mage Terari is made headmaster and Minister of Magic.

AC 1011
Halflings invade Black Eagle Barony, capture Ludvig von Hendriks with Stefan's approval. Von Hendriks later escapes.

AC 1012
King Stefan changes the name of Specularum to Mirros which means "City of Hope" in Traladaran.

AC 1030
Thyatis and Darokin attack the Broken lands to secure their interests. All out war pits man against Orc.

AC 1200
Desert Nomads from Hule attack Darokin resulting in war throughout the Known World. At this time, Karameikos has once again been reduced to a Grand Duchy, now ruled by Grand Duke Stefan VI. Halag is ruled by Wilhelm von Hendriks.