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Karawenn Files III: Characters of Karawenn

by Håvard


Holton "Holt" Jaken - A young man from Oxvale. Wields the Lodestone Blade. (Ftr6, N)

Princess Danis of Vanderthan - Daughter of King Dathwell of Vanderthan (Ftr 6, N)

Tellist Tizzit - Eccentric Mage whose spell repertoire includes fireball, lightning bolt, teleportation and flight. His spells are known to misfire though. (M9, N). Probably of Alphatian origin.

Fenrald Falwak - Dwarven Warrior from Graywall (F7, L)

Gazzrick Whiptoe -Halfling Sage (H5, N), probably from Leeha.

Sir Ira - Hsiao Cleric/Healer (Hsiao 6, L) - suggestion: Cleric of Ilsundal.


Dalliphree (Dalli)- A fey-like Immortal (female). Suggestion: Alternate identity for Kythria.

Pusanth - An immortal appearing in the shape of a white bearded old human sage (male). Suggestion: Alternate identity for Marwdyn.

Lords of Entropy - several unnamed ones appear; one appearing as a human mage, one as a human whose top of his scull appears not to be completely attached, one as a Great Red Dragon (Idris?) and one as a Vampire (Nyx?). Suggestion: Although some immortals have been suggested above as identities for these Entropics, it is perhaps more likely that these are initiates given their plots' lack of success.

The Immortal Game: A game allowing Immortals to interfere somewhat with the lives of mortals on the Prime Plane. Even non-entropic immortals are known to play this game.


Derek Jaken - Father of Holton Jaken

Winterbeard - One of two Yeti Chieftains of the Trollheights

Frostcrown - One of two Yeti Chieftains of the Trollheights

Prince Gallarath - Prince and heir to the realm of Rochester. One of those seeking the hand of princess Danis. Slayer of the Blue Gorgon.

Prince Wallas - The younger brother of Prince Gallarath.

Baron Durquesson of Ironwood. One of those seeking the hand of princess Danis. Slayer of the White Gargoyle.

Lord Bluth Terragal - Ambassador and High Minister of Bedford. One of those seeking the hand of princess Danis. Slayer of the One-hundred Goblins.

Earl Terrence Degraine of Amana - A nobleman from the valleys beneath the Icepeak Mountains. One of those seeking the hand of princess Danis. Slayer of the Black Stag.

Grand Knight Erik Merriwell of Rockeford - A servant of Entropy, posing as a knight from Rockeford. One of those seeking the hand of princess Danis. Slayer of the Bull Troll.

King Dathwell - The King of Vanderthan and father of Princess Danis

Syssal Kipican - Elven Lord of Greenbriar Forest. Possesses a bracelet of alter self.

Pallithan - One of Syssal Kipican's lieutenants.

Elkhorn - An Actaeon woodsmaster

Old Thunder - Holt's horse.

Lancer - Danis' horse

Nightwing - A monster serving Entropy (A nightshade)

Warwolves - wolves enhanced by the powers of Entropy.

The Black Goat - A magical creature whose "milk" is actually wine. It is revered by the Yetis.

Korth - one of Danis' bodyguards.

Karl Fisher - A cheese maker from Oxvale.

Wilbert Brothers - three brothers working on a farmstead west of the river close to Oxvale.

Nowell the Aching - Farmer from Oxvale, once a hero of the Trollwars.

Besserel (Bess), Teressa and Cici - Some of the cows belonging to the Jaken family.

Codwell the Elder - Farmer from Oxvale.

Hag Biddlesome - Old lady from Oxvale.

The Witch - a servant of entropy posing as a jeweller in Vanderton. She is in league with Sir Erik.

The High King - a ruler to whom all the rulers of Karawenn owe their allegiance. He does not seem to interfere much with the affairs of those lands though. Possibly a reference to King Erical.