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Karameikan Decorations

by Gilles Leblanc

These decorations are awarded to heroes, lords, soldiers and knights of Karameikos.

Karameikan Cross : Awarded by the church of Karameikos to devout heroes who have performed some great service for the church. This medal is a 1" silver cross held by a short blue ribbon and a golden pin.

Mention of Courageous Faith : This honorary title is awarded to followers of the church of Karameikos who have attained some amount of fame due to their good deeds ( heroic or not ). It is a scroll signed by patriarch Oliver Jowett. These are usually given at formal church ceremonies to attract attention both on the individuals and the church.

The Blazing Fist : This golden medal represent a clenched fist and is awarded to heroes and soldiers who have distinguished themselves by their bravery and resourcefulness in times of war or military conflict. It is awarded by the Karameikos military.

The Silver Shield : This silver shield shaped medal is awarded under the recommendation of either the Mirros townmaster, a minister, a Baron ( or superior noble rank ), General ( or admiral ). It is awarded to individuals who have by their actions protected Karameikan citizens and help to uphold Karameikos laws on numerous occasions and who are considered doers of good deeds.

Platinum Crown : This small platinum pin is sculpted to resemble the royal crown and is studded with small pieces of quartz. It can only be awarded by the King himself and it is rarely awarded. Individuals who have the king's ear can sometimes petition for a certain individual to merit this award. The Platinum Crown is considered one of the most prestigious award one can merit. It is normally attributed to people who have save the King ( or a minister or patriarch ) life at the risk of their own.