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Karawenn Files I : Map Locations

by Håvard

Karawenn is the region featured in the First Quest novels: Pawns Prevail, Suitors Duel and Immortal Game. Here is a map of the area and a suggested location for it on Mystara.

Vanderthan - The southernmost of the Kingdoms of Karawenn. Vanderton is its capital.

Vanderton - The capital of Vanderthan

Rochester - The Kingdom west of the Greenbriar Forest, north of Vanderthan and east of Bedford. Home of the Blue Gorgon.

Bedford - The Kingdom west of Rochester. Famous for its weavers. Once plagued by Goblins.

Rockeford - A Duchy north of the Knollbarrens. Secretly allied with Trolls against Vanderthan. Home of the Bull Troll.

Trollheights - The mountains north of the Kingdoms of Karawenn. They are home to Dwarves, Trolls, Yetis and other strange creatures.

Knollbarrens - A hilly region in the eastern part of Vanderthan.

Oxvale - A farming village near the Knollbarrens. Its inhabitants, known as Darymen was once known for their courage and heroism during the Trollwars.

Graywall - The city of the Dwarves of the Trollheights.

Graytor, Castle - A legendary castle, built by Giants who once lived in Karawenn, now in ruins on the edge of the End of the World Canyon. It is where the artefact known as the Source Lodestone is located.

Tannyv River - The river running through Karawenn.

Tannyvheights - area south of the Greenbriar Forest

The Great Sea - The Sea south of Vanderthan

Mount Rustwind - a not quite dormant volcano.

Ice Castle - Home of the Yetis.

The Three Hags - The mountain Tops resembling three old women.

Greenbriar Forest - The last elven woodlands of Karawenn. These elves are likely
Shiye elves.

Vale of Strength - magical area, created by the elves. Now the home of Elkhorn and his Sprites and other Fey companions. Located south of the Knollbarrens.

Glade of Wisdom - magical area, created by the elves. Now a home to Sir Ira Hsiao and possibly others of his kind. Located in the Knollbarrens.

The End of the World - A vast canyon creating a natural eastern border of Karawenn. Most likely, it is a gate to Pyts.

Thunder Deep - Where the ocean flows into the End of the World Canyon.

Ironwoods (Not on map) - Baron Durquessson's domain. Unknown location. Home of the White Gargoyle. There is another Ironwoods Barony in Norwold. Could be the same one...

Amana (Not on map) - Lands south of the Icepeak Mountains. Homeland of Earl Terrence. Home of the Black Stag.

Icepeak Mountains (Not on map) - mountains north of Amana. Possibly substituted by Icereach Mountains?

Halls of the Immortals (Not on map) - Not in Karawenn, but where the Immortals Pusanth and Dalliphree play out their game, using the mortals of Karawenn as their pawns. Probably in Pandius.

Alrigfht, might as well post the timeline now. This one is under construction though, so please help me fill in the blanks?