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KARAMEIKOS (Kingdom of)

Location: East of Thyatis, west of the Five Shires, and south of Darokin and Aengmor.

Area: 46,750 sq. mi. (121,083 sq. km.).

Population: 351,000 humans (40% Thyatian, 60% Traladaran) and 81,000 demihumans (90% elves, 5% gnomes, 3% dwarves, 2% halflings).

Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran, Elvish (Callarii, Vyalia, Alfheim and Erewan dialects). Thyatian is the official language of the nation.

Coinage: Royal (gp), crona (sp), kopec (cp).

Taxes: Quarterly income tax of 25% for commoners and 20% for nobles. Sales tax of 5% as well as an import tax of 1%.

Government Type: Feudal monarchy.

Industries: Logging, mining (gold and silver), agriculture.

Important Figures: Stefan Karameikos III (King, human, male, F15), Olivia Karameikos (Queen, human, female, T12), Master Terari (Headmaster of School of Magecraft, human, male, M20).

Flora and Fauna: The wilderness of Karameikos is inhabited with all sorts of animals and monsters. Various reports of lycanthropes, vampires, and other undead are very common.

Further Reading: GAZ1 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Joshuan Gallidox.

This year's entry on Karameikos will spotlight on the community of Threshold, which has been a centre of much of activity during the course of AC 1016.

The Land

The town of Threshold rests along the shores of Lake Wufwolde, the source of the Windrush River. The lake itself is fed by mountain streams and runoff from the nearby Black Peaks, and is situated in a hilly valley at their base. The surrounding woods provide the primary source of revenue of the town-primarily tall pines. A steady flow of lumber comes from the camps north and east of the lake, down to the town itself. There, it is cut and trimmed, and bound into rafts that are floated downriver to Kelvin, Krakatos, and Mirros. Adventurers looking to earn a few royals could do worse than volunteer to guide the log-rafts away from the dangers of the river!

The People

Though technically a barony, the community of Threshold and its leader, Patriarch Sherlane Halaran tend to ignore their royal title. This is well in keeping with the general attitude of the people of Threshold-unassuming and easy-going. They are more interested in doing a good day's work than in putting on airs. Patriarch Halaran fosters this attitude and works to enforce the community pride-Threshold has long been a staple of the lumber trade in Karameikos, and the people are well aware that they must continue to work hard to keep up their trade.

All the more odd, then, that this community of quiet, hard-working folk seems to attract as many adventurers as it does. Indeed, the town of Threshold probably boasts more adventurers than any other two Karameikan communities combined. Perhaps it is the self-sufficient nature of the loggers and townsfolk that inspire such activity? I think it is a mystery that will not soon be solved.

Recent History

The sheer number of adventuring types that abound in Threshold has caused it to be the centre-bed of numerous memorable historical events. Residents still talk of the time, several years ago, when a local mage attempted to build a garbage dump to the south of town. The black stone building, now abandoned, still remains; the black pudding that it contained has long since been destroyed.

Then there is the time that a few disreputable loggers attempted to undercut their competitors by utilising free labour-in the form of the town's resurrected dead! (One man was reportedly a Darokinian who had been kicked out of the Merchant's Guild for unethical practices.)Still, things had been very quiet in Threshold for almost 5 years until a man turned up in town claiming he'd discovered a hidden valley to the north... we're all still waiting to hear how this one will turn out.

Don't Miss

Tarnskeep is the lakeside castle of Patriarch Halaran. Located just north of the town, it sports one of the most impressive views of Lake Wufwolde. There is excellent fishing in the lake-just watch out for wayward logs!

A dark, untouched forest lays to the west of Threshold, about five miles or so. Reportedly magical and haunted, the locals shun this place-few who ever go there return... or so the legend goes. I took a hike over there one day-it didn't look too dangerous when I looked at it from a distance. If you're the type of adventurer who likes danger and excitement, don't miss it-otherwise, you may want to heed the local legends and give it a miss.