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Roadworks for Karameikos [AC1020]

by Sean Meaney

Road Tax

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All citizens are to immediatly pay nine gold Royals in tax to pay for road works." The Town Crier moved on leaving an unamused crowd of Peasants in his wake. Some walked off abandoning their plans to spend time and coin in the Town Marketplace.

DM BRIEFING: The King declares an increase in Taxes to pay for Roadworks set to occur over the next ten years. All Major Roads (Those on the 8 Mile Hexmap) are to be Paved (Westron Road between Specularum and Radlebb Keep is already surveyed and Paved to the width of 20 feet wide allowing Wagons each way - for a cost of 1 million gold royals). The Section of Road between Specularum and Kelvin will be paved as a 20' wide roadway at a cost of 1.5 million gold royals. The Road is to be resurveyed and paved. All Stone will be comming from Quarries at Highforge. Total Estimated Cost is 9 million gold royals. Citizens will be charged 9 gold royals annual Compulsory Road Tax for the next ten years. Not everyone is interested in coughing up their hard earned gold to make life easier for merchants hauling produce. Others see an opportunity to cheat unsuspecting villages. Population of Highforge set to increase during this time as work camps establish on the banks of the Windrush betwen Rifflain and Highforge.