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Karawenn Files II: Timeline

by Håvard

(PP=Pawns Prevail, SD=Suitors Duel, IG=Immortal Game DotE=Dawn of the Emperors)

BC 3000
The Great Rain of Fire. (DotE)

• A meteorite, the Source Lodestone, falls from the sky. It becomes a great source of magic in Karawenn. (PP)
• The Source Lodestone might very well be a Blackmoor artefact from the Great Rain of Fire.

BC 2,400:
The Antalians, a human people, come in central Norwold and built a full civilisation; they’re a people of fierce blonde warriors which use bronze weapons, skilled in seafaring (Lo Zompatore

• In the Karawenn region, the humans call themselves Darymen.

BC 600-500
Many small groups of fair elves of the Shiye clan leave the Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr (in Alphatia) after domestic clashes and the disagreement they’ve nursed against the policy of their king. They cross the sea and scatter among north-central Norwold, settling in the deepest forests; they’re mostly found in the great forest located to the north-west of the White Bear River’s mouth. Soon these elven communities come to be known to other inhabitants of Norwold as the “Foresthomes”.
In the following centuries (BC 500-200), after the enterprises of the powerful elven she-mage Lornasen (that comes back from the Sylvan Realm with a seed of the Tree of Life), among the Norwold elves spreads both the worship of Ilsundal and the growing of the Trees of Life.
(Lo Zompatore)

• In the Karawenn region, Elves create settlements like the Greenbriar Woods, the Vale of Strength and the Glade of Wisdom. Fey and woodland creatures including Hsiao and Actaeons also live among the elves. Trolls and Yeti live in the Trollheight mountains. (PP, SD)
• Dwarves Dwarves build their stronghold Greywall in this period. (PP, SD)

BC 350
The County of Leeha is founded.
(Lo Zompatore)

BC 125-33

Alinor, an Alphatian Prince establishes a kingdom in the peninsula of Alpha. After a century, it is destroyed by Dragons.

• One of Alinor’s followers, an evil Alphatian Wizard named Graytor discovers the Source Lodestone. With it, he is able to produce powerful magic. (PP extrapolation)
• Using the Source Lodestone, Graytor enslaves the Giants of the Karawenn Knollbarrens, commanding them to build him a Castle on top of the artefact. The Castle becomes known as Castle Graytor. The Wizard launches a war against the people of the Knollbarrens. (PP)

BC 33 - Battle of Graytor
• Elves, Darymen and Beasts attack Castle Graytor, slaying the wizard and all the giants, before being forced to withdraw. Having suffered great losses, the elves withdraw to the Greenbriar Woods. Hsiao, Fey and Actaeons take over the now abandoned elven settlements in the Knollbarrens. In the battle of Graytor, the leader of the Darymen breaks off a piece from the Source Lodestone. Afterwards he creates the Lodestone Blade from this piece. The Lodestone Blade is passed on through the generations to young warriors of Oxvale, the main settlement of the Darymen. PP)

BC 23 - End of the World Enchantment
• The elves create an enchantment to destroy Castle Graytor. Because of the Source Lodestone, the spell fails, instead cracking open the fabric of reality, creating the End of the World. (PP)

AC 450-510
Alphatian Emperor Volospin III begins the first attempt at colonising Norwold after Alphia’s fall, five centuries ago. (Lo Zompatore)

• In this period the Kingdom of Vanderthan is founded by Alphatian colonists. From the beginning the Alphatian colonists here suffer from clashes with humanoids, but are able to survive by forming an alliance with the Antalian stock Darymen.
• Dwarves of Graywall launch an expedition to the Jagged Peaks. They establish the town of Pumice there. A Gnome city is also founded to the south. (IG, extrapolated)

AC 900
Thyatian colonisation of Norwold begins. Oceansend founded. (DotE)
Dargan Greataxe becomes King of Pumice (IG, extrapolated)
Syssal Kippican born (PP-106).

Fenrald Falwak born

972 (PP-34)
Dathwell of Vanderthan born (PP, extrapolated)

980 (PP-26)
Lord Bluth Terragal of Bedford born. (SD, extrapolated)

984 (PP-22)
Prince Gallarath of Rochester born (SD, extrapolated)

AC 985
Alphatian Empress Eriadna restarts the expansion in Norwold, halted now by decades; she is firmly convinced of the strategic and economic importance of Norwold and of the need to widen the Alphatian expansion in order to have Thyatis dividing her resources on many fronts. Eriadna continues both the policy of her father, favouring Alphatian penetration with alliances and concessions, and, where this is not possible or useful, using the force of arms to subdue the lords, the clanheads and the local peoples to Alphatian will. On the peninsula where in ancient times was located Cape Alpha, Eriadna commands the construction of the port-city of Alpha, which becomes the centre of Alphatian expansion in Norwold and the seat of a governor with the duty of overlooking the operations in this new protectorate.
The Thyatian Emperor Thincol answers to this renewal of Alphatian expansionism suddenly declaring war to Alphatia; the war will last for nearly twenty years among truces and armistices (AC 985-1002).

AC 990 – Troll Wars of Karawenn. (PP-16)
• Holton Jaken is born.
• As Alphatia is at war with Thyatis, Vanderthan is on its own.
• Massive Troll forces from the Trollheights invade the southern realms of Karawenn.
• The Darymen once again prove their worth to the King of Vanderthan. Trolls are eventually beaten, but at a heavy cost. Tired of war, the Darymen give King Dathwell the message that this is the last time they would fight his wars. (PP, SD)
• The Knollbarren Heroes of the Trollwars, Karl Fisher, Nowell, Codwell, Biddlesome and the Wilbert Brothers return to a quiet life of farming. The tales of their heroism fade with time.
• As King Dathwell has been seriously weakened, the dominions of Bedford and Rochester and Rockeford break away from Vanderthan, declaring independence. Vanderthan is now considered little more than a barony, though Dathwell still uses his title of King. Although still formally an Alphatian colony, Vanderthan retains little contact with the Empire and the people in the region are considered little more than barbarians.

AC 991 (PP-15)

Danis Vanderthan born

AC 992 (PP-14)
Ericall becomes king of Alpha and thus officially king of all Norwold. (DotE)
Prince Wallas of Rochester born. (SD, extrapolated)

AC 1000 (PP-6)
Goblins invade Bedford. Lord Terragal gains a reputation by personally killing one hundred goblins. The invaders are eventually driven off. (SD, extrapolated)

AC 1001 (PP-5)
• The rulers of the realms of Karawenn swear allegiance to King Ericall. (PP, extrapolated)
• Gazzrick Whiptoe arrives from Leeha as ambassador to Vanderthan. (PP, extrapolated)
• Barony of Ironwood founded. (SD, extrapolated)

AC 1003 (PP-3
The Bull Troll, a crossbreed between a minotaur and a Troll goes on rampage in Rockeford. It is eventually put death at a dramatically appropriate moment by Sir Erik Merriwell.

AC 1004 (PP-2)
The White Gargoyle ravages Ironwood. It is eventually defeated by Baron Durquesson himself.

AC 1005 (PP-1)

The Immortals Dalliphree and Pusanth begin playing the Immortal Game. Dalliphree creates an artefact called the Crown of Vanderthan and sends it towards Graytor Castle. The Lords of Entropy sends their own agents lead by a Nightwing to interfere with the game. (PP)

• Xtan, the Red Dragon destroys various settlements by Gnomes and Woodland creatures in the lands to the west of Karawenn. Refugees from these attacks seek shelter in Riftvale. The Dwarven City of Pumice resists attacks by Xtan’s allies. (Immortal Game)
• Hunt for the Black Stag held in Amana. Earl Terrence Degraine of Amana gains fame for slaying the Stag. (SD extrapolated)
• Prince Gallarath slays the Blue Gorgon. (SD extrapolated)

AC 1006 Time of the events of Pawn’s Prevail.(PP+0)
Crown of Vanderthan discovered. The Lodestone Blade reactivated. (PP)

AC 1008 Time of the events of Suitors Duel.(PP+2)
The Dominion of Rockeford joins with the Trolls in an attack against Vanderthan. Vanderthan is supported by the elves of Greenbriar, the knights of Rochester and the Dwarves of Graywall. (SD)
Whisktale the Wererat arrives at the court of Rochester. (IG, extrapolated).

AC 1009 Time of the events of The Immortal Game. (PP+3)

Whisktale revealed as a wererat and expelled from Rochester.
Ira the Hsiao becomes king of the Sylvan creatures of Riftvale.
The Red Dragon Xtan is defeated and the Crown of Vanderthan is destroyed. Holton Jaken becomes a Knight and the Knollbarrens become his Dominion.

AC 1010 (PP+4)

Sir Holton of the Knollbarrens and Princess Danis of Vanderthan are married.

AC 1019 (PP+13)
King Dathwell of Vanderthan dies. King Holton and Queen Danis ascend the throne of Vanderthan uniting Vanderthan and the Knollbarrens. Rockeford, Rochester, Bedford and Amana also fall within the kingdom, now known as the Kingdom of Karawenn. Holton and Danis journey to Castle Graytor and use the Source Lodestone to close the World’s End gate. (Extrapolated from IG)