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Map of the Tribes of Karameikos

by Giampaolo Agosta

I also have a map with the individual goblinoid tribes marked on, which should be of help.

Numbering goes as follows:

  1. Steelwarriors
  2. Jagged Rocks
  3. Horned Heads, Grey Rats, Chaos Horde
  4. Vlack-kag
  5. Pftark
  6. Nyy-akk
  7. Jaggadash
  8. Ghnasska
  9. Kloss-Lunk
  10. Dread Horde
  11. Faz-Plak
  12. Nightstalkers
  13. Brokenshields
  14. Galt-Kalat
  15. Bloodbears
  16. Vileraiders
  17. Nightseekers, White Death
  18. Roaring Fiends, Rashak's Reavers
  19. Blackstone
  20. Greyslayers

Green Raiders: unmarked, west bank of the Rugalov river
River Wolves: unmarked, east bank of the Rugalov river

Faceslashers: Haradreth's Keep.

Leghorn Orcs : unmarked, between Castellan river and Duke's Road.
Yurlivsky Crows: unmarked, between Castellan and Volaga rivers.

Jagged Claw: unmarked, north of 20.
Rotting Snakes: unmarked, near the Gustos river (south of 19).
Cruth Ogres: large unmarked territory on both sides of the Achelos river.

Some notes on the empty areas: