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by John Hare

Type: Light warbird, Waffenadler class, mark 1
Date of Commission: AC 954, refitted AC 1000 and 1015
Port of Call: Freiburg

Service Record: The Karmesinfalke is the second oldest ship in the fleet. It was commissioned 1 month after its sister ship the [insert ship name here]. Both were constructed at Vanya's Rest. Its original mission was to explore the southern coastline of Brun to find any suitable lands that the Order might wish to claim at a later date. In AC 965 it received orders to destroy the Alphatian pirate Haldemar, however due to a navigational error the Karmesinfalke never came close. In AC 970 it was reassigned to supply duties transporting troops and equipment to various commanderies around the Heldannic Territories. In AC 999 it was assigned to escort duty to the diplomatic envoy sent to the Kingdom of Eusdria. In AC 1000 in coordination with other warbirds it attempted to bring the pirate Haldemar to justice. Unfortunately during the fighting it suffered heavy damage. It managed to limp back to Freiburg for repairs and got completely refitted and upgraded to current warbird standards. After being repaired it was assigned high escort duty for the pilgrims travelling to Vanya's Rest. During several engagements it destroyed 22 pirate vessels over a four-year period. Eventually it was assigned to protect Vanya's Rest for several years during which time it destroyed one Alphatian airship which it came across. In AC 1010 it was reassigned to the Norwold invasion fleet during which time it with several other warbirds engaged and killed 3 dragons. Suffer heavy damage it was repaired and afterwards rejoined the Norwold invasion fleet.

AC 1014 it suffered light damage from crashing when the Simbasta captured the artifact. However the crew displayed intense loyalty and repelled all Simbasta boarders. When the signal came to surrender the Karmesinfalke was still free of boarders. In view of their outstanding performance the Captain and crew were made honorary Simbasta.

AC 1015 the Karmesinfalke delivered their Simbasta allies to Freiburg and helped repel the rakasta invaders. Currently the Karmesinfalke is assigned to observation duties with the Simbasta overlords. As such it has been refitted again to supply proper bunking for the Simbasta overlords, mainly be using some of the cargo hold.

Ship Notes: When originally commissioned the Karmesinfalke was painted crimson, a tradition which has remained to this day. On the prow inlaid with silver are 3 stars signifying that 3 times the ship has been repaired and that it belongs to the Voice. Additionally there is a golden lion inlaid showing their induction as honorary Simbasta. Also the ships tonnage is 120 rather than 125. This is because of the finer materials that Captain Otto von Gissur managed to acquire when it was refitted. These materials also brought the hull points up to 100. Also during the last refit its cargo carrying capacity was decreased to 5 tons to make room for the Simbasta overlords.