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Karameikos: Replacements for the Ministers

by Robert Blezard

Here's another Karameikos thread but this one is a bit more controversial. Say King Stefan had to replace one or all of his ministers due to some reason -- betrayal, natural death, war, etc.? And what if the person doing the choosing isn't King Stefan? What if it is Adriana or one of Stefan's sons or another powerful noble from Karmeikos (and relatively loyal) making the choices?

You can only pick certain people as replacements for them, as others have been killed or disappeared under mysterious/nefarious circumstances. Here's your pool of possible replacements from official sources (and some fanon options as well), and some of these people might also have to take over the patriarch duties of the two churches and the Cult of Halav instead.

I have noted my ideas for choices for the Ministers except for Minister of State, but I'd like to get some feedback from you all. I've also noted Alvin Korrigan as the kingdoms new Seneschal.

Main Candidates
Halia Antonic
Lev Dromilov: my choice for Minister of War
Aleena Halaran
Alvin Korrigan: my choice for Seneschal of the Royal Palace
Vlad Lutescu
Dyramil Mellirian
Vasil Ourosco
Arteris Penhaligon
Prestelle of Rifllian: my choice for Minister of Trade
Barris Strolojca
Teldon: my choice for Minister of Magic and Master of the Karameikan School of Magecraft
Aloysius Vandevic
Gustav Vandevic: my choice for Minister of Finance

This all assumes that Karameikos survives the transition from an old regime to a new one with new ministers and maybe even a different king or queen.

Other NPCs That Could Play a Role
Dorfus, 24th of the Hilltopper Line *
Adriana Karameikos-Hyraksos *
Justin Karameikos *
Valen Karameikos *
Desmond Kelvin II *
Victoria Artho-Radu
Melinda Azuros-Torenescu
Shaelyn Draconia
Zenon Draconius
Ordana Dracull
Vlatko Kutinov
Marianita Lucia de Leon y Valdez
Misha Mananov
Valor Marilenev
Cornel Osteric
Celinda Penhaligon
Emil Radu
Luthier Sforza
Devlin Yakov
Fortunato Vorloi
Lucia Vorloi

Note that neither Ludwig von Hendriks nor Bargle are involved in the event that changes Karameikos.

* Options that could be king or queen instead of Stefan and his wife who are both gone. They could have died or abdicated with the latter be the more likely choice in this scenario.