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New Settlements of Karameikos

by Håvard

The village of Nadreka (Aka Bywater)
This small village lays south of Penhaligon, on the southern side of the Highreach (Volaga) river. The people here are mostly farmers, hunters and trappers, as well as a few fishermen. The villagers also enjoy some trade with woodcutters from Dymrak forest, as well as Callarii elves living in the area. Elves are frequently seen in Nadreka. Although technically not within the borders of the Estate of Penhaligon, Nadreka is considered part of that dominion and was until recently under the protection of Sir Flinn, a former vassal of Penhaligon. A few years ago, great destruction was brought upon the village by the dragon Verdilith.
Sites of Interest:
Ruins of the Red Granite Tower: The Red Granite Tower was said to have been built by Aristicles the Witch Lord, centuries ago. The tower was also destroyed by Verdilith during the dragons recent wreckage in the area.
The Hidden Portal: Unknown to most, a small pool of water actually hides an ancient Hutaakan portal leading to the valley of Thunder Rift. Those who know how to activate it can journey through the portal by submerging in the water and will end up deep within the dwarven fortress of Hearthhome in that valley.
Sources: Penhaligon Trilogy, Escape from Thunder Rift.

The Ruined Town of Bronow (aka Karameikan Armstead)
Not much is left of the town of Bronow these days (AC1010), but for a while it looked like this village was going to become the new magical centre of Karameikos. It is located northeast of Threshold. Bronow was a small Traladaran village north west of Threshold until Duke Stefan decided that it should be the new magical centre of Karameikos. This was possibly done as an attempt to counter the Church's hold of Threshold, the major settlement in this region. Master Teldon was in charge of the project and it drew many mages from the Specularum Wizard's Guild to the area. It was so successful the town became dubbed the Armstead of Karameikos, given its similarity to the Darokinian town on the other side of the Black Peak mountains. The town was destroyed by monsters known as Abelaats in AC 1004. Master Teldon was fortunately in Specularum at the time. The destruction of Bronow was heavy blow to the magical strength of Karameikos, and influenced the Duke to make contact with Alphatia and master Terari for the establishment of the School of Magecraft. This was also part of the process that lead to Karameikos becoming a Kingdom in AC1006. No effort has yet been made to rebuild Bronow, and ruins is all that is left. However, it is rumoured that magic has returned to the area, along with other dark things...
Source: Penhaligon Trilogy. Note: This is my attempt to explain the presence of the town named Armstead in the books, and why it is detailed as a Karameikan town, not a Darokinian town. Bronow is my name, based on a Slavic word for Arms...

Village of Stallansford
Stallansford is a small town a day's ride north of Penhaligon, on the eastern bank of the Hillfollow River. It was originally named Stallion's Ford, as the town always has been a major trading centre for horses and the town is known for its excellent war horses. Most of the legendary Knights of Penhaligon have horses bred in the area surrounding Stallansford. The town was troubled for a while by the rogue Queen Illyana Penhaligon and her lackeys from the Cult of Orcus, but things seem to have calmed down in recent years.
Sources: B10, B11

by Sean Meaney

The Village of Radlebb
Since Radlebb Keep was established, the region has become well prepared for Thyatian Colonisation. Outside the Wall of Radlebb Keep is a Small community of less than a hundred families. They mostly cater to Soldiers on leave from the keep and their economy is much devoted to the Brewing of ales. There are six small taverns selling liquor to soldiers and travellers alike. There is a brew house, a small Mill, and a Coopers who serves as a blacksmith for the Passing trade. As communities go, it is a ruff and tumble place with a regular punch up after the drunks are turfed each evening.