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Karawenn Files V: Magic of Karawenn

by Håvard

Magical Items and Artefacts

The Crown of Vanderthan - An Immortal Artefact created by the Immortal Dalliphree. It makes the wearer forget who his friends are, but all must obey his command.

Bracelet of Alter Self - A family heirloom in the possession of Syssal Kippican, allowing the elf to alter his appearance.

Skyhook - A hook shaped item belonging to Tellist Tizzit. It can be made to float in thin air.

The Lodestone Blade - A legendary weapon of the Darymen, made by a shard of the Source Lodestone. The current wielder is Holton Jaken.

The Source Lodestone - A powerful artefact connected to the magic of Karawenn. Wizards are able to tap into its power, gaining great power from it. Possibly of Blackmoor origin?

Wineskin of the Black Goat - A wineskin containing wine from the legendary Black Goat. It never seems to empty.