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Kastelios (City-State of)

Location: Continent of Davania, on coast of Sea of Dread. DV

Area: Approx. 600 sq. mi. (1,555 sq. km.).

Population: 33,300 (27,500 in Kastelios proper, and another 5,800 live in satellite villages and in the countryside).

Languages: Milenian (Kastelian dialect).

Coinage: Sun (gp), moon (sp), heart (cp).

Taxes: All citizens pay 15% of their earnings twice per year (Klarmont 28 and Kaldmont 28), as well as 7% of the assessed value of their land once per year (Kaldmont 28).

Government Type: Democracy (citizens elect the town council, who then elect a spokesperson to guide discussions).

Industries: Agriculture (primarily wheat and corn), cattle, crafts, fishing, sheep, shipbuilding.

Important Figures: Benji Trumblehorn (Shop Owner), Marina Takanitas (Experienced Trader), Xenthos Sarantakos (Council Spokesman), Adonai Stephanos (Prominent Businessman and Politician).

Flora and Fauna: The plant life present in Kastelios is atypical for the region, due to human intervention. Where there should be water grasses, reeds, mangroves, and bogs one finds instead grasses, bushes, and trees, such as cypress, oak, and pine. Many flowering plants are also in abundance, such as daffodils, orchids, and tulips.

The original animal life that was present here consisted of alligators, various amphibians, and water birds such as flamingos and spoonbills. Due to the draining of the swamps, these have been forced north and south into the remaining swamplands. In their place have come the animals that the Milenians brought with them-primarily domesticated animals such as cats, cattle, dogs, pigs, and sheep. Also present are bobcats and wild boars. Kastelios is fortunate enough to be "monster-free," though this does not prevent the occasional sighting of blink dogs, displacer beasts, goblins, hippogriffs, orcs, and trolls (especially near the swamps in the latter case).

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Last Year's Events: Kastelian explorers brought disturbing news from the west, as a threat seemed to be arising there; as a precaution, Kastelios contacted its neighbours for support in case the threat expanded, and has been garnering more information about the goings-on in the Amalur region.