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Kastelian Tavern Price List:

by Geoff Gander

Here are some basic foods that may be bought in a Kastelian tavern. More dishes might find their way onto this in the future. The prices are arranged in the pattern (poor/average/rich). Please note that "poor" denotes basic food and drink (of mediocre quality), "average" denotes restaurant-quality meals, and "rich" refers to excellent - perhaps more exotic - food, as well as personal service upon demand, etc.


Caviar (2 cp/5 cp/2 sp)
Dolmades* (3 cp/5 cp/1 sp)
Spinakopita** (3 cp/6 cp/9 cp)
Tzatziki*** (4 cp/6 cp/8 cp)

*marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices - very addictive!
**spinach with feta cheese wrapped in a philo pastry shell
***tzatziki is a sort of creamy dip or spread, made with a mixture of herbs and cheeses


Beef souvlaki* (1 sp/3 sp/5 sp)
Fish (1 cp/3 cp/6 cp)
Gyro, on pita** (5 cp/1 sp/3 sp)
Kalamari (2 cp/6 cp/1 sp)
Kastelian wine sausages (5 cp/9 cp/15 cp)
Lamb souvlaki (5 cp/9 cp/15 cp)
Moussaka (6 cp/9 cp/14 cp)
Pork souvlaki (6 cp/1 sp/2 sp)
Roast chicken (5 cp/1 sp/3 sp)

*beef is generally an expensive meat in Kastelios, due to its relative rarity - most people eat lamb or fish
**a gyro is sort of like a donair - it's beef with spices processed in such a way that it comes in blocks, and you slice off as many strips as you want, usually it is served in a pita, with a selection of vegetables.

Side Orders (per serving):

Bread* (1 cp/2 cp/4 cp)
Spiced potatoes (1 cp/3 cp/8 cp)
Seasoned rice (1 cp/3 cp/8 cp)
Salad (2 cp/5 cp/8 cp)

*the most common bread in Kastelios is the pita bread, though loaves and buns are available


Baklava, one piece (2 cp/4 cp/1 sp)
Galaktoboureko*, one piece (2 cp/4 cp/1 sp)
Limonata**, one square (2 cp/4 cp/1 sp)

*sort of like a cake, with a custard topping
**a sort of cake with lemon added


Beer (2 cp/4 cp/1 sp)
Ouzo* (4 cp/1 sp/10 sp)
Red wine, one bottle** (1 sp/3 sp/1 gp)
White wine, one bottle** (2 sp/5 sp/3 gp)

*Ouzo is a type of liquor, apparently quite good
**Kastelios grows a lot of grapes, so wine (especially red wine) is readily available, and cheap, by Known World standards


As shown in this price list, the Kastelian diet is dominated by fish and lamb, with a healthy selection of vegetables. Beef, because of its scarcity, is an expensive cut of meat, and usually only the wealthier families can afford to eat it on a regular basis. In terms of preparation, most Kastelian food is baked or roasted; though sometimes it is also fried in olive oil. Generally, most meals tend to be weighted towards vegetables and leaner meats, and so in many ways Kastelian cuisine is quite healthy.

The average home-cooked meal would consist of one or two appetisers given above, plus an entree, and then a hearty salad and a side dish of potatoes or rice to complete the main course. A basket of pita bread is usually on the table as well. During the meal, at least one or two bottles of wine would also be consumed, mainly to wash everything down. Finally, wealthier families will be able to prepare a dessert, often a pan of baklava or galaktoboureko, for the everyone to enjoy.