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Kastelian sayings:

by Geoff Gander

"Where foreigners are friendly, there's trade to be had."

"The open sea knows no limits; a sailor has no boundaries."

"It's been a gale of a day." (a rough day, pertaining to rough seas)

"I cannot complain about my lot in life, the scales are balanced." (neither good nor bad, all is in equilibrium)

"Meaner than a Mivosian." (pertaining to the people of Mivosia, a city-state on the Meghala Kimata Plains, known for its militarism)

"Sneakier than a Thadder." (pertaining to the perceived sneakiness of people from Minrothad)

"If you don't apply yourself, my son, you'll never cast your sails." (not applying oneself will prevent a person from voyaging to other lands and otherwise improving themselves)