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Katiko's spellbook

by Mischa E Gelman

Here are some spells from the spellbook of Katiko, Tanagoro Mage (Note: Some were picked up in Blackmoor, so not all are effective in the Hollow World)

Fog -- 1st Level

Effect: Fog Cloud 30' radius
Duration:1 turn/ level of caster
All in the fog cloud are at 1/2 movement for the duration of the spell. They have 20' visibility as well. And all in the cloud get a -1 to hit rolls, -2 for missile weapons. There is no saving throw.

Combust -- 1st Level

Effect: causes 1 item to combust
Duration:1 round/level of caster
Causes a combustible object to rapidly heat up and start to burn. Anyone touching it takes damage by the chart below. The fire does not spread to other items due to its magic nature.

1st round - 1 Point of Damage
2nd round - 2 Points of Damage
3rd round - 4 Points of Damage - item may no longer be useable if a critical part has been burnt
4th round - 8 Points of Damage
5th round - 16 Points of Damage - item is no longer useable - repairs are up to DM
6th round - 4 Points of Damage
7th round - 1 Point of Damage - item is destroyed

Note: this spell does not affect magical items, even if combustible

Wall of Air -- 3rd level spell

Duration: 1 month or until dispelled
Effect: Creates 10X10X10 wall of wind
Any who attempt to walk through the wall are pushed back if they do not realise its presence. The wall blends in well with almost all backgrounds, and so is hard to detect (it does block prevailing wind currents from passing through though, so an attentive party may realise the change). Movement through the wall is at 1/4 of the normal movement rate. The wall need not rest on solid ground, but it must originate from a point 60' or less from the caster. Those moving through the wall have -4 to all saves and +2 to AC as they lose some of the control of their movement. Missile attacks are impossible into or from within the wall.

Turn Dead -- 4th level spell

Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Turns undead
Turns undead at clerical level equal to mages' spell level. Example:7th level mage casts as 4th level cleric,9th level mage casts as 5th level cleric, etc. The maximum for an elf then is equivalent to 5th level cleric, max for magic-user is equivalent to 9th level cleric.

Wall of Pain -- 4th level spell

Duration: Till Dispelled
Effect: Creates 10X10X2 brightly glowing(bright yellow) wall
All who pass through the wall take d10 damage and are -2 to hit for 1 turn due to effects of widespread pain. Wall gives off aura of evil - detectable once within 10'

Minor Immunity -- 5th level spell

Range: Self
Duration:1 turn/level of caster
This spell gives immunity to all 1st-level magic. The recipient takes 1/2 effect from 2nd and 3rd level spells (if applicable) 4th level spells and higher have full effect. This spell does not defend vs. clerical powers, only mage-oriented (includes wicca, sprites, etc). The caster is immune to normal missiles for the duration of the spell (a missile being at largest a crossbow bolt). The immunity can be dispelled for 1 round, and brought back the next

Pandemonium -- 5th level spell

Duration:1 round/ level
Effect: Creates havoc within 3' radius of spell centre. All in radius must save vs. spells immediately or suffer effects as noted below. The save is 1-time and if failed the affected one suffers the full duration. Any entering the area the spell was cast at after the original effect must roll a save at +5(even the caster) to avoid the effect. Effects change each round and are determined by a roll on the table from the confusion spell.

Blast -- 6th level spell

Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: fires 1 bolt of energy at target
Damage equals d10/level of caster. The bolt is not electrical energy, but magic energy and so electric-based creatures are affected. The target may save for 1/3 damage. The bolt can pass through most substances, but is blocked by rock

MageWeb -- 6th level spell

Range, Duration, Effect: Same as Web(2nd level spell)
This spells is identical to web with the following changes:
The web can only be broken by silver-edged or blunt weapons -- non-blunt weapons that are magical or non-magical, non-silver do not affect the web Those caught within cannot use any magical powers, even innate ones Druidic and clerical magic are not affected, only mage-based

Sandstorm ---- 7th level spell

Duration:d4 rounds
Effect: whips up dust particles in area, if any
The damage of the spell is dependant on the amount of dust(/dirt/sand/salt or other small natural materials) present. Anyone caught within 60' of centre take damage as specified. Base Damage id d4/rnd/level of caster. Save for 1/2 Damage each round in range of storm. This spell does no damage to druids or animals or plants or non-living materials. This spell only hurts humanoids and humans and monsters who do not have druidic ability. Base Damage is doubled in desert, halved on grassland (where the dirt is not as open), is useless on water (water considered 1 large piece, not many particles), others are up to DM depending on amount of dust, etc present. This spell only works if the caster is outdoors