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The Atropal of Kerothar

by Pol GinÚs

Inmortal Hela tried to have a child 3.000 years ago, helped by Death Cultist in what is know Kerothar Mountains (or anywhere the DM wants)... and all she got was this atropal, the failure non-born child of an undead god.... Other Inmortals closed him under a holy mountain (that star shaped lake with temples, geysers and a volcano in Haven, Alphatia, now sunken) for centuries but the seals are broken and the abomination is free again. With an army of drowned undead he is attacking Kerothar Island. The heroes have evacuated their dominion in Intaglio Hills and are waiting for him with some human soldiers and the Dwarf garrison of castle Bar-Gimric, in the road to Denwarf-Hurgon.

HD60; 400 hp;
AC -20;
Attacks 2 (2 hits, or 2 non repeated effects or 1 hit + 1 effect).
Regeneration 20 hp/round
Touch: 2d6+2 physyical damage and drains 2 levels and 2d4 CONS. [Half my PCs are protected against drain levels by an Inmortal wish].
Eye ray drain (1/round): 120 metres, hits always, drains 4 levels (only 2 id SvDeathRay; you recover it if atropal eliminated; if you die, automatically become wraith)
Saving Throws 3/3/3/3/3;
Inmunity: 70% magic resistance; only hit by +4 weapons or higher; weapons cause half damage (exception: inteligent lawful weapons full normal damage); fire and cold minimal damage; inmunity spells levels 1 to 3; undead inmunities, non-turnable, except in special holy days and especial sacred shrines and places;

NOTICE that holy water damages him (2d4 hp). [100 holy bottles / standing in the wall / if the 100 holy battles / fall over the atropal... sorry...]

At will he creates: Cold cone (20d8); Dispel Magic (as level 30); Teleportation without error, Animate Dead (60HDs/round); Create greater undead; Finger of Death, Mass Invisibility, Speak with Dead, Plane Change (or something like that), True Vision Permanent, he can see through undead eyes up to 600 miles away (by concentrating), Permanent Non Detectable by Magic (crystall ball screenings and similar)
5 times a day: Slow, Project Image, Spectral Missile (as Magic Missile, a bone finger, 20 missiles, maximun 5 against one victim, inflicts d6 and d4 extra each assault until you take it out (2d4 to take it out); Spell Shield allows SvThrow (as Magic Missile).
EvilAura up to 9m: it gives undead 80% inmunity to turning, makes undead minions regenarate 20 hps/round (I forgot about this one while playing), and up to 60 caothic evil up to 9m have a +4 bonus to SavingThr, 25% antimagic, and +2 to hit and damage. All lawful creatures suffer 2d4 hp, and neutral creatures 1hp by negative energy.

He can summon Nightcrawlers 5/day.