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Kaviyd achieves Immortality

by David Knott

Via a rather improbable combination of developments on two separate mailing lists that are mostly oblivious to each other, I have been able to determine that a certain goblinoid rogue/wizard has recently attained Immortality in the Sphere of Energy.

Racial origin: At some point in the distant past (late 500s AC), a band of Scro from the AD&D/Spelljammer multiverse somehow found their way to Mystara. They immediately descended into the depths of the earth and founded a colony midway between the Broken Lands and the Shadow Elf Territories, where they have remained and survive to the present day.

At that point the Scro prospects for survival on (make that "in") Mystara were precarious, and they suffered heavy losses in battles with both the goblinoids of the Broken Lands and with the Shadow Elves. However, they eventually secured peace with one of their enemies when they captured the Radiant Princess Madoka, and during her captivity she fell in love with and married Rolfan, a Scro warrior/rogue. From that couple were descended many later leaders of the Mystaran Scro, and since then the Shadow Elves have used these Scro as a buffer between themselves and the goblinoids of the Broken Lands.

Kaviyd's birth: In the following centuries the Underdark Scro found many abandoned Shadow Elf babies and adopted them as their own. From these infants the Scro developed more than their share of wizards, priests, and other spellcasters. Despite the suspicions of some of his contemporaries, Kaviyd was not an abandoned Shadow Elf but was a Scro of impeccable ancestry going back at least four generations. However -- once you get beyond those four generations, it becomes obvious that in him several Shadow Elf lines converged to confer a degree of arcane talent unprecedented among the goblinoid races.

Kaviyd's characteristics determined his future, as he lacked the strength and constitution that would enable him to achieve greatness as a goblinoid warrior but he had a wisdom proportionate to that of a goblinoid shaman and an intelligence sufficient for him not only to become a wizard but to achieve levels of ability unprecedented among his race. After he killed one of his worst foes with a fireball spell (which is a spell that none of his relatives had managed to master), he fled to a part of the Underdark that was not yet settled and established his dominion from there.

Quest for Immortality: Eventually Kaviyd attracted the attention of the Immortal Bartziluth, who agreed to become his patron in his quest for Immortality. Kaviyd undertook and eventually succeeded in carrying out the Path of the Paragon -- and the foes he defeated in this quest are remembered in the lamentations of both the Shadow Elves and the goblinoids of the Broken Lands, as well as in the victory songs of the Scro.

Initiate Immortal: Having achieved Immortality, Kaviyd has with relief completely abandoned his mortal form. Upon his arrival in the Plane of Draesten, he began exploring it and seeking out its connections to other planes. He quickly found a gate to the Plane of "Unlimited Adventures", which he quickly claimed for his own. His minor cult among the Scro of Mystara has languished as he used his base of power on his newly discovered plane to develop his newly found power.

It remains to be determined whether he will develop a significant following among the Scro of Mystara or whether he will find his followers and sources of power elsewhere. Either way, Kaviyd has now arrived among the Initiate Immortals of Mystara, and he fully intends to advance throughout their ranks.