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Dunadale, Kingdom of

by Håvard

Major Settlements: Dunadale, Deidren, Dryad's Hammer

Since the Fall of Alphatia, this kingdom has been enjoying its independence of outsider meddling forces. Sadly, this time of freedom and peace seems to be coming to an end as inside tensions and outside forces plot to gain control over the people of Dunadale.

Dunadale (MAJOR): This is nominally the capital of the realm and one of the two major settlements in the kingdom. With the death of the previous ruler, Duke Odham declared himself king. However, many of the lesser nobles, including the Duke of Deidren have yet to officially recognize him as king. Some fear that Odham's claim to the title will be challenged, which might lead to a civil war.

Deidren (MAJOR): This harbortown is easily recognized by the large rock formation which has been carved into the shape of a grieving woman. Some say this is the work of giant craftsmen centuries ago. While most of the population are Dunael humans, this town is visited by a number of other races from the Known World, including Denwarf-Hurgon Dwarves, Cypri, Alaysiyans, Earth Gnomes, Helskir Norsemen, Minrothad Elves, Heldannic Knights and others. Since Deidren is seen as the major challenger to Dunadale's dominance, the town has also become home to a number of spies.

Dryad's Hammer (MINOR): This village has become the center of some tension recently. After constant threats from Orcs, Goblins and bandits, the Mayor has made an alliance with the Thyatian Legion of Newkirk for protection. This has effectively made the mayor an outlaw among Dunadale even though some recognize this was done out of desperation.

Lady Terranika's Keep (MINOR): These ruins north of Dryad's Hammer were once the castle of an Elf Maiden. However, a tragic love affair lead to the lady's death. She now haunts the ruins as a Banshee.


Thyatis: With Alphatia gone, Thyatis has set out to conquer the entire Isle of Dawn. They have mostly reclaimed their old territories, but with other problems in the Empire, their attempts at conquering the eastern part of the Isle of Dawn has been stalled for now. Thyatian agents have infiltrated most major towns on the island though.

Heldann: The Heldannic Knights are on the rise and are attempting to take over Alphatia's former provinces. The Knights tend to present themselves as a guarantee against Thyatian aggression and are welcomed by many. The Heldannic Knights have a distaste for the local Druidic faiths however, which has made many locals sceptical of their true intentions.

Goblins: Goblins have lived mostly in peace with the Dunael, honoring many of the same druidic traditions that the Humans do. However, many tribes are loyal to a figure known as the Shadow Prince who has rented them out as mercenaries to other interested parties. Some tribes, like the Skull Crushers have begun to reject the decrees of the Shadow Prince however as it has done them little good lately.

Orcs: The Crossed Spears Horde are newcomers to the Isle of Dawn. They are essentially a huge mercenary army from the Known World, attempting to carve out a kingdom for themselves in the wilderness of the Isle of Dawn. They have made some dealings with the Shadow Prince which has given them access to Goblin archers to augment their forces.

The Shadow Prince: Believed to be one of the Kings of the Fairie, the Shadow Prince is actually a powerful Alphatian Wizard who once ruled Deidren. The destruction of Alphatia has severly damaged his mental health and he now takes refuge on the Fairie Plane of Feywood. He is served by Night Satyrs (think Pan's Labyrinth) and armies of goblins who believe him to be an Immortal. The Shadow Prince seeks various artifacts scattered across the the Isle of Dawn. He plans to use to further impress his way into the Fairy Court.