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by Alex Benson

Kedy is a large town in the southern portion of the kingdom. The town itself is fairly well laid out and organised. The homes and businesses are neat and trim. The streets are clean. Despite this calm appearance, Kedy is a rough and at times violent place. The populace of 4,000 is sharply divided along its loyalties to whichever plantation family, or families, they serve. Conflict is not uncommon, especially around harvest time.

Kedy is ruled by Baron Harrantran (M12). He has been ruler for twenty years. Harrantran is an able administrator for his town. His one weakness is asserting his authority. While the town itself runs smoothly, elements within give cause for concern. As long as they keep the damage to a minimum, the Baron is content to let them be.


Kedy has two regiments stationed within its walls. The commander overall commander of these two regiments is Commander Hoberton (C22 of Ixion). His regular post is as the commander of 14th Standard Infantry Regiment. He is a tough, hard-nosed man with little patience with all of civil unrest. Though limited by the Baron as to what he can do, he can and will "bend the rules" to intervene when he feels it is necessary. As mentioned above, Commander Hoberton commands 14th Standard Infantry Regiment. The "Frenzied Fourteenth", as it is nicknamed, stays put in Kedy. The infantrymen are a highly visible spectacle as they drill frequently and form patrols that roam the streets. The populace has a great deal of respect for the troops. Most tend to behave themselves when a patrol is near.

The other unit is the 5th Cavalry Regiment. The cavalry are usually out on patrols in the surrounding countryside. This regiment is commanded by Commander Chelsilock (M17). Born and raised in Hoddives, she sees herself being made subordinate to an infantry commander, Hoberton, as a bit of an insult. This is due more to her upbringing, as she likes him as a person and has a great deal of respect for him as a soldier. She is constantly telling him he would have made a fine cavalry commander.

University Facilities

In Kedy, one can find the University in full representation. The town boasts an infantry school. However, this school differs slightly from other infantry schools. This school teaches the doctrines of both the standard infantry regiments as well as those of the heavy movement regiments. The school use to just focus on the heavy infantry, but when Hoddives lost its school the faculty and student load was transferred to Kedy. Overseeing the school is Headmaster Boryisia (M24). She is a calculating administrator. She has become thoroughly frustrated at the combination aspect of her school. She is constantly petitioning for expansion to properly teach these students. Unfortunately, funding is a problem. Out of need for space, she has taken to billeting students with the locals and converting the dormitories into classrooms. So far, the locals have obliged without too much complaint.


Kedy's industries are limited to the processing of the crops grown in the farming plantations along the Randel River. These crops are brought in where they are appropriately stored in conditioned storehouses until they can be processed. Most processing facilities are either owned by one of the plantations or have contracts securing their use by certain plantations. Wineries, granaries, and cooking houses for sugarcane are the main crop processing facilities. A few cotton gin facilities have started appearing.

Haroldrin (C20 of Asterius) and his sister Baertrissa (C10 of Koryis) are usually in Kedy representing the family's business interests there. The two are assisted by several Puntamuna cousins: Diadra (MU4), Roewenna (F10), and Fractrosiar (F10). Their task is to oversee the wineries and crop storage facilities. The Puntamunda Family has a reputation as being rough when it comes to business.

The Siestrams only have a minimal staff in Kedy. The leader of this band is Maltimar (MU12) who is a cousin of Lady Siccerrella. He is assisted by his wife Cypricia (C8 of Alphatia) and her sister Marianya (F15). Marianya acts as hired sword to act as a defensive aspect for the agents. Aiding her are six mercenary bodyguards. The Siestram Family has attempted to maintain a presence in Kedy. This has been difficult since the family members that have been sent there are mostly dead thanks to the Puntamunda Family members there.

A relatively new power in Kedy is the Vrastridian Clan of Hoddives. Representing the Clan are Coromier (F7) and Agamedrig (C8 of Talitha). With Clan money, they have bought several processing facilities. They then contract these facilities out to the highest bidder. The Vrastridians have a sizeable number of retainers to aid in business and security.

The Dyorkhan Family has no active representation in Kedy. Their last bid for supremacy failed miserably, costing the lives of the staff. Since then, the Dyorkhan Family has used their own facilities within their own plantation grounds to process their crops. They are ill prepared to do this, having to sell off their surplus unprocessed crops to agents in Kedy. As such, they are losing money. The Dyorkhans still have their offices and living estates within Kedy. There just are not any personnel using them.

Notable Others

Living in Kedy is the blacksmith Moffesis (F11). He does a lot of work for the cavalry regiment as well as the locals. He has been careful to avoid declaring an alliance with any of the factions. He rather enjoys the various factions trying to sway him into their fold.


The people of Kedy are rather industrious. Life revolves around the incoming crops and the processing schedules. With so much rivalry, the people feel compelled to side with one of the factions. The locals allied to the Vrastridian Clan tend to look upon the troops of the 5th Cavalry Regiment as their allies.

DM Notes:

Kedy is a rough and tumble town. There is no doubt about that. What is not known is that Kedy is a haven for zzonga fruit growers. It is these growers that nurture the business sects to fight. This keeps attention away from them so they can continue their zzonga trade without interruption. The growers are a loose organisation of independent mages. They have few ties with each other. The one real rule they have is to sell their wares outside of Randel.

Baron Harrantran is a weakling. He lacks the personal will to assert authority over the bickering sects. Added to this is his dislike to ask for assistance in these matters. His saving grace is that he cannot be bought. While he is publicly indifferent to the situation, he is unbiased. The Baron is aware that Commander Hoberton has taken a stance on the fighting. He appreciates the effort, but personal pride keeps him from expressing it.

Commander Hoberton is the sole reason that some semblance of civil order exists within Kedy. He is aware that the Baron knows about his moves. He also knows that he appreciates the effort. Hoberton has little respect for the Baron. Ironically, he has more respect for the fighting business sects. In his opinion, at least they are honest with their goals and will take action to see them come about. Hoberton has a new ally in this cause. Moffesis is not the simple blacksmith he seems to be. He is a member of the Black Watch. His duty is to keep an eye on the various sects in Kedy. He suspects this new faction will cause nothing but added trouble. Moffesis was recently authorised to contact Commander Hoberton and tell him who he is. The two have developed a pact of sorts to preserve the peace of Kedy.

Coromier and Agamedrig of the Vrastridian Clan have one specific goal. They are to use the Clan's wealth to buy their way into a prominent position within Kedy. Though there is a potential for great financial gain, the Clan leader Magridin has always been fascinated with the aristocratic lifestyle of the Banks Plantation Families. He hopes that by placing himself into their area of interest, he will assert himself within that aristocratic lifestyle.

Coromier and Agamedrig have their own business ventures. Soon after arriving in Kedy, the two discovered the underground zzonga fruit trade that flourished there. With tact, they quickly took over several nurseries. The two have kept this zzonga trade to themselves, pocketing the added revenue.

The Seistrams and Puntamunda Families are wary of this new sect from Hoddives. Both see the Vrastridian Clan's presence as a threat. They both see Kedy as their territory. The Clan has no business there. False rumours persist that the Vrastridian Clan and Dyorkhan Family have allied themselves with each other. Both families are separately preparing for this new threat.