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An Elven Supremacist With Ties to The Shadow Elves

by Sal Ortega

Keirath is a Shiye-Lawr elf from the rugged Foresthomes of Norwold. Born to the learned Feryndul clan, Keirath spent much of his youth studying the history and lore of his people between lessons in swordsmanship and magic.

Like many Shiye-Lawr elves, Keirath was raised to believe in the superiority of the elves over all other races. In his case, he took this attitude to the extreme when he found an ancient sword forged by the ancient elves of Everlund. It spoke to him and told him of the glories of the past and the horrors of the Great Rain of Fire. Shortly thereafter, Keirath left the frigid climate of Norwold and journeyed south to Darokin and Alfheim.

Disgusted with the influence of humans on his elven brethren, Keirath spent several years quietly attacking humans (and others) who encroached on forests or threatened elven interests. He came to the notice of a Shadow-Elf, a member of the Second Shadow. The Shadow Elf told him of the history of his people and how the Shadow Elves had been forsaken by the corrupt elves of Alfheim. Seeing this as a sign of the taint on the elves, Keirath agreed to aid the Shadow Elves in claiming the lands of Alfheim.

Keirath believes the Alfheim elves are decadent and corrupt. He hopes the Shadow Elves will topple the surrounding human-dominated empires and allow a new elven empire to flourish.

Keirath is not evil. He believes his elven brethren have allowed the lesser races of Mystara to corrupt and poison elven ways and might. He pities his deluded brethren. Still, he is an honourable warrior. He will never strike first in combat with an elf. Once another elf has attacked him, Keirath will strike to kill. Keirath understands several human languages but rarely deigns to speak them. Keirath prefers combat over spell casting, focusing on swordplay. Keirath prefers to use products made by elves to the exclusion of all other goods. His black hair is short and his blue eyes betray a wild fanaticism. He wields a beautiful sword of mithril silver that is a remnant from the ancient elven empire destroyed by the Great Rain of Fire. Over the simple jerkin and pants of a traditional elven hunter, he wears an elaborately decorated suit of leather armour crafted by a Glantri Erendyl elf that is becoming one of Keirath's followers. Because he is known to despise Belcadiz elves for their loss of the ways of the forest, he has quite a few allies and followers among the Erewan in Glantri. Princess Carlotina has attempted to use him as a weapon against the Belcadiz. He has used his power to strike at Belcadiz plots from time to time but he still sees Glantri as a usurper on elven lands.

Keirath is a fanatic and loyal to the ultimate welfare of the elven people. He has heard legends and tales of the first great elven civilisation during the time of ancient Blackmoor. He would see that ancient accomplishment recreated in the modern world. He would see his brothers' rule a magic-rich land stretching from Norwold to Karameikos. He would see the elven people united in one kingdom- Water Elves, Wood Elves, Shiye-Lawr, Shadow Elves and even "reformed" Alfheim Elves. He knows that such a dream would take time, but what is time to an elf?