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by Brian Caraway

(Fortified City of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos)

Who Rules: Baron Desmond Kelvin II (LN hm C10 of Odin); a dark, brooding, and ambitious man who is unswerving in his loyalty to the Duke, but also looks out for his own interests.

Who Really Rules: Duke Stefan Karameikos, to whom Baron Kelvin has sworn fealty. Although Baron Kelvin will follow The Duke's Law with military precision, he is not above trying to turn a situation to his own advantage. Baron Kelvin is currently paying court to Lady Adriana Karameikos in the hopes to wed her and become heir to the ducal title.

Population: Approximately 19,500 in winter, rising to approximately 23,000 in the height of the summer trading season.

Major Products: Fishing, wine (Kelvinian white, revered in Kelvin and has a good reputation in Karameikos, Darokin, and Thyatis), trade, wool, livestock, and leatherwork.

Armed Forces: A company of The Elvenguard is garrisoned here to patrol the wilderness around Kelvin (25 F5s, 25 F3/M3s and 10 R4s, commanded by Mariniir Skysoar [NG em F9/M10]). Kelvin has its own town guard (450 F2 guards, 45 F3 sergeants, 9 F4 lieutenants, and 5 F6 captains, led by Commander Natalia Thrysill (LG hf F12). There are nine guardhouses stationed at equal distances from each other, splitting the city into precincts. Each guardhouse stations 50 guards, 5 sergeants, and 2 lieutenants, with a 40% chance of a captain in attendance at any given time.

Local Laws: In addition to the Duke's Law, no mage spells may be cast within city walls, period. Violation of this law is an automatic Class 3 offence, worse if the magic results in a greater crime such as property damage, injury or death.

Notable Mages: Because of the stringent laws regarding the use of magic in Kelvin, no mages (except one) have permanent residence here. There are, however, several sages that reside in Kelvin:

Allanithir Changeleaf (NG hem C8 of Corellon Larethian) S: Art (human, elven), Music (elven).

Daven "The Wayfinder" Ullisen (N hm F8) S: Geography. Daven has many maps depicting the varied lands of Mystara. He often goes on mapping expeditions and hires adventuring parties to "make the going easier for him".

Elleran "The Brewer" Varlonn (NG hm W9) S: Alchemy. Elleran has taken an oath to never use his magic while in Kelvin, and Baron Kelvin has allowed him to set up his alchemy shop. He has quite a few magical potions in stock, and is almost always hiring out adventurers to retrieve special items to create potions. When he needs to create or enchant items, he does have a residence outside the city for just that purpose.

Notable Churches:

The All-Father's Home-on-Midgard, temple to Odin; High Priest Gunthar "The Wise" Audsen (N hm C12); 11 priests, 54 followers.

The Dome of Thunder, temple to Thor; High Priest Bjarni "The Stout" Yvarsen (LG hm P12); 6 priests, 37 followers.

House of the One True Way, temple to Koryis; Peacekeeper Aylanth (LG hm P11); 6 priests, 18 followers.

The Lady's Sword Held High, temple to Sif; High Priestess Kallane Marnorian (LG hf P15); 8 priests, 13 followers.

House of The Final Journey, temple to Thanatos; High Priest Camara "The Even-Handed" (NG hm P12); 6 priests, 9 followers.

The Eternal Battlefield, temple to Vanya; High Battlelord Petrov Zandrevich (NE hm P11); 4 priests, 6 followers.

The Fox's Den, temple to Korotiku; High Priest Janna Olavsdottir (CN hf P10); 12 priests, 12 followers.

House of the Iron Maiden, temple to Loviatar; Whipmaster K'andath "The Razored Scourge" (LE hm P16); 8 priests, 11 followers. This temple is hidden in the Poor Quarter, underneath a candle maker's shop that serves as a front for the temple.

Shrines to: Cyrillia, Frigga, Mirrah, Tarastia, Tyr, Heimdall.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves Guilds: The Kingdom of Thieves and the Iron Ring are well represented here.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters:

The Broken Blade; a tavern located in the Residential Quarter. An oft-times rowdy place; the barroom brawls that occur here are the stuff of legend, but the food is decent. (good/moderate)

The Frisky Feline; inn and tavern located in the Merchant's Quarter, named for the proprietor, Calaryn Catspaw (CG hf T11), who owns some 25 cats. Despite the abundance of cat hair, the place has excellent food and lodging. (good/moderate)

The Writhing Serpent; inn and tavern located in the Poor Quarter. Not many frequent this run-down place, for it is rumoured (correctly) that this place is a front for Iron Ring activities, and the prices are set exorbitantly high to keep most people away. (poor/moderate)

The Three Rivers; inn and tavern located in the Merchant's Quarter. A decent place oft visited by the Elvenguard and most adventurers. (good/moderate)

Important Characters:

Mirridaana Starflame (CG hef M5/T6): a friendly, playful adventuress interested in magical wands and weapons of all kinds. Even though she is half-elven, she is part of the much-vaunted and respected Starflame family; known on Mystara and several other worlds as travellers of the planes and worlds. Her distant cousins Primorialzar and Xanurith reside in Alfheim.

Glenn Vollatyr "The Honourable" (CG hm F11 [Cavalier Kit]): an adventuring cavalier who has done a great many deeds for the Duchy and has attained the rank of Knight at the almost unheard of age of 29. He has currently petitioned the Duke for land to build a stronghold on. When he is in town, he wears a hat of disguise to keep from being mobbed by adoring admirers. Baron Kelvin has tried many times to retain his services but Sir Glenn has refused him every time, as he does not agree with the Baron's worldview and political ambitions.

Important Features in Town:

Castle Kelvin: Baron Kelvin's father liked to live the good life, and this is a fact made obvious when visitors first see his castle. Though it has only one curtain wall, it is 75 feet high and 20 feet thick; huge and unassailable. The buildings inside are similarly lavish; an enormous, sprawling two-story mansion for the Kelvin family, quarters for the resident Elvenguard and 500-man garrison, extensive stables, and a wide array of workshops. The young Baron Kelvin has more spartan tastes than that his father, but he sees that Castle Kelvin is an excellent centre for his rule; he feels he will grow into it as his barony grows.

The Campgrounds: Several years ago, Baron Kelvin walled off a section of land outside the city walls in order to have a protected ground where travelling trade caravans can be safe overnight. This area is heavily patrolled by Baron Kelvin's garrison.

Riverside: This small fishing community outside Kelvin's walls houses perhaps 200 people. The Traladaran fishermen and their families reside here; they have been here before Kelvin was built, and they intend to be there long after the city has crumbled to dust.

Kelvin Bridge: This bridge spans a narrow portion of the Hillfollow River.

Merchant's Quarter: These neighbourhoods are primarily mercantile districts, though most of the merchants live in the same buildings in which they conduct their businesses. Kelvin thrives on the trade passing through the junction of the three rivers here.

Residential Quarter: This neighbourhood is mostly comprised of lower- to middle-class houses and shops.

Poor Quarter: This is also mostly residential, but there are more low-class houses packed more tightly together than in the Residential Quarter. The crime rate is much higher here and the Watch patrols become more numerous and heavily armed as night falls, for members of the Iron Ring, The Veiled Society, and The Kingdom of the Thieves operate and often clash here. Adding to the problem are several gangs of toughs trying to carve out a niche for themselves in the Poor Quarter.

Local Lore:

AC 1002: Sir Glenn will receive his land grant from the Duke, which is a twenty-five square mile plot of untamed wilderness in the western part of the Duchy. To this end he will need adventurers to help him clear the land of any dangerous monsters and to protect the construction crews. Any adventurers of repute (at least 6th level) are recommended to get an appointment with Sir Glenn.

Roughly halfway between Kelvin and Penhaligon is the small fortified town of Guido's Fort. They have been having troubles as of late with hobgoblin and goblin incursions, which are originating from a large island across the river from the town. They have petitioned Baron Kelvin for assistance, and there have been postings placed throughout the Barony for adventurers to assist in dealing with the problem. (Module B5, Horror on the Hill)