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by Antonio Eleuteri

The Kender are one of my favourite race, and I want to introduce them in my next Classic games as a viable racial class. What I am aiming for is not a surrogate of the prototype Kender (i.e. Tasslehoff Burrfoot), but something which is close to the racial definition in the original DL modules in terms of special abilities, and which is also close to the Classic D&D Halfling. So, the racial class will definitely not be a thief (thieving to Kender is in any case seen as a bad thing).

The Kender

- HD, to hit, saves and XP table as halflings
- uses only thief weapons
- no armor heavier than leather
- halfling combat skills
- Handling abilities: kender have a 90% chance to pick pockets (modified by target level as per thief skill) and 1-2 chance on d6 to open locks
- Fearlessness: Kender are immune to fear, either magical or non-magical. They are, however, curious about everything: a tendency that often gets them into trouble.
- Taunt: Any creature the Kender taunts must save vs. Spells or attack wildly at once for 1-10 rounds at a -2 penalty to hit and a +2 penalty to their armor class. Kender are masters at enraging others by verbal abuse.
- Languages: Kender speak Common, Kenderspeak, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin
- The hoopak: this weapon combines the functions of staff and sling.

I would like to change the level titles, any suggestions? I already know the 8th level title: Handler

Any other ideas/suggestions/modifications?

by Andragohn


- Alignment
Kender cannot have a Lawful Alignment. Their sense of freedom, loose to non-existent sense of possession (in regard to both their own possessions and those of others), capriciousness and insatiable curiosity utterly contradicts the noble and orderly strictures of Law.

This means that all Kender characters must be either Neutral or Chaotic. Indeed, 95 % of all Kender are Chaotic. At the same time, Kender are almost never evil. This means that the Kender's chaotic Alignment expresses itself in pranks, highly irrational behavior and theft (although any Kender would drop dead from scandal if accused of something as vile as "stealing"!); it NEVER expresses itself in treachery, cruelty or meanness.

- Public Relations
Due to their grating personality (and their tendency to use their taunt ability on everyone, as well as their handling ability), Kender are *very* unpopular on Krynn. All Kender characters automatically receive -3 in all encounters with humans, demi-humans, and humanoids. However, they receive only -1 in their encounters with Dragons and Immortals, maybe because of the ancient, supernatural wisdom of those primordial beings.

Furthermore, there is a chance of 5% per Kender level that the guard of any town, city or stronghold the Kender's party is visiting will attempt to to imprison a free-walking, un-leashed Kender within city limits. If the guard's attempt is successful, the Kender will be thrown into jail for 1 W4 days +1 day/level of the Kender. The Kender's party may attempt to free the Kender, however, and of course the Kender himself can at any time attempt to pick the cell's lock and escape from the prison.

- Level Limit
Although Kender look like Halflings, they are a different race. Hence, they have different level limits. Because Kender are inherently far more formidable than the Halflings, the Kender race tops out at level 12 (like Dwarves) instead of at level 8 as Halflings do. nonetheless, Kender use the Attack ranks of Halflings, not Dwarves.

Also, I would replace your "Fearlessness"with this:

- Fearlessness
Kender are immune to natural, non-magical fear. While not outright immune to magical fear, they do revive a +2 bonus on all saving throws involving fear. Their fearlessness is a product of their insatiable curiosity about everything: a tendency that often gets them into trouble.