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Kerminhae (Land of)

Location: Hyborean Sea, west of the Klagorst region, Continent of Brun. WB

Area: Islands approximately 1,300 sq. mi. (3,367 sq. km.), size of undersea regions controlled unknown.

Population: Unknown number of hresha-rhak; some human merchants live in the Kerminhae surface cities.

Languages: Ub (official), Visneskayan.

Coinage: No official coinage; all currencies of the Klagorst region can be used.

Taxes: Unknown; resident human merchants are subject to a residency tax, assessed at 5% of their yearly earnings, and collected on Ka. 1 each year.

Government Type: Unknown.

Industries: Unknown.

Important Figures: Unknown.

Flora and Fauna: The animals found in the region are seals, crabs, sharks and whales. Very few land animals, mostly birds and seals, live on the small islands.

Further Reading: Previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.