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King's Festival Battlemap

by Darren Moffett

This is a battlemaps for Module "B11 Kings Festival". Modified with 5' squares as well as drawn or traced from the original map for modern style miniatures gaming. If you remember my caves of chaos Maps I made those totally in GIMP so I put the 5' squares at 50pixels each. On this map I used Dungeonographer to draw the original rooms and as much furniture as it could make. I then exported the Image as a PNG and opened it with GIMP. That's where I added the 3d effect walls the 3d effect gridlines I also added some furniture in that Dungeonographer did not have.. The difference is that Dungeonographer tends to make the squares 40 pixels so some resizing will be needed when I put it into Maptool and use it in game. But that will be a minor adjustment for Maptool. So Again I am sharing my work so that others can enjoy using Mini's with these old adventures. Of course my Game group has not finished Caves of Chaos yet. They are determined to clear the caves and find the missing adventurers They Just hit 4th level. I probably wont have a chance to run this module until later in a Campaign around Stallanford.