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Karl Gauss

by Rob

Karl Gauss (13th level Fighter)

STR 17
DEX 16
CON 15
INT 12
CHR 15

70 hit points
+2 plate mail, +1 shield (AC: -2)

Uses a red steel longsword +1, +3 vs shapechangers a wheellock horse pistol a red steel hand axe

Gauss' Legacy is Ball of Fire

Background :-

Karl Gauss was born in Slagovich, 47 years ago. Though his mother was of Traladaran descent, Gauss' father was a noble Hattian, long since exiled from Thyatis after being suspected of various acts of terrorism there.

His father was a harsh disciplinarian and a warrior of some renown - he was thus very proud when Gauss became a respected, if not particularly devout, member of the Knights of Halav - an elite force of men charged with the protection of the Margrave of Slagovich, Miosz.

His father and mother both died in a storm at sea (although Vilaverdan pirates were suspected) when Gauss' mother went to visit relatives in Hojah.

Gauss lived a spartan, harsh lifestyle from then on - his only aim in life to be the greatest of the Knights of Halav.

Two years ago Gauss was serving on board a ship in the small Slagovich navy, when that ship assisted a Savage Coast merchantman, which was under attack by a pirate vessel. Gauss led the boarding action, and saved the life of a young woman, named Shaira, who was on board the merchant ship, bound for Slagovich, where she intended to live to avoid the Red Curse.

Gauss immediately fell in love with Shaira, and her with him. Shaira was a gentle soul, with great love for her "saviour". A new experience for Gauss - he would have protected her with his life, and not only in the name of duty. For the next year Gauss' life held a new meaning - his fanatical interest in becoming the greatest Knight of all waned, and he became a more peaceful and happier man.

Sadly for Karl this was not to last. Shaira was in fact an aranea from the nation of Herath - she was in fact one of those rare, insane aranea who has entirely forgotten her life as a spider. These aranea are hunted down and returned to Herath, lest they inadvertently gave away the spider folks secret.

Recently the aranea tracked Shaira down, and a team of araneas moved in to Gauss' home to kidnap her and take her back to Herath for treatment. Sadly, they reckoned without Gauss. Gauss caught the araneas carrying the drugged body of Shaira on a ship just leaving Slagovich through the water lock there, and a fight ensued.

Gauss caught the aranea by surprise, and some of them were in fact in spider form when he attacked. Though they shifted to human forms as soon as possible, it was too late - Gauss had seen them. A terrific fight ensued, ending in the death of all the araneas - and also Shaira, whose unconscious body was knocked over the side of the ship, where it was lost in the maelstrom at the base of the lock which is a Gate to the Elemental Plane of Water.

Gauss then realised that all the superstitious stories he had heard from the Savage Coast about all the evil spider people were in fact true - and these spider folk had killed his Shaira. His rage knew no bounds - but then his training and discipline took over. Gauss left the Knights of Halav the next day, and took the next ship to the Savage Coast - his quest - to expose all the spider folk that secretly dwelt there - and kill them all.


The day Shaira died, something died in Gauss as well. Gauss is now a cold killer - the ends justifies the means, as far as his mission is concerned. He has actually found a small number of araneas since he began his mission, exposing them through torture (mainly) - this only strengthens his convictions. He is a wanted man in Cimarron, Almarrón, Gargoña and Saragón, where he has killed and tortured many innocents - mainly human ones...

Karl is paranoid - he is convinced that "they" are everywhere (Invasion of the Body Snatchers?). Once he convinces himself that someone is a aranea, he hunts them down without remorse. Anyone assisting the victims, is, of course, an aranea as well. Despite his poor mental state of health, though, Gauss is methodical, patient, ruthless and intelligent. A dangerous combination... Sometimes, however, the pain of his loss gets to him, and he goes into mourning - but never when he is "on the job".

Appearance :-

A large man in his late forties, Gauss wears plate mail in the style of the Slagovich Knights, though without any heraldic symbols. His black hair is greying at the temples, and he bears the scars of twenty years service as a Slagovich Knight. Since Shaira's death his face has become more haggard, and his eyes burn with hatred he has for his enemies. He is a trained commander - he speaks very persuasively and effectively, and is a good orator.