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Kingsguard of Karameikos

by Marco Fossati

It's a very small brotherhood created in 1005 AC by Stefan Karameikos himself after he had become King of Karameikos. It's made by 5 Knights and one Knight Commander. They had a lifelong span service and they swear to protect, even with their own lives, the king's life and also the life of all the royal family's members.
They also swear to not take wife/husband (even if until now only male knight formed the Guard) or to have children and they abdicate to owe lands or holdings.
Everyone is a fighter or a paladin of 7th level (minimum) and, usually, they came from noble families (but there are exceptions).
Usually at least two of them are always with the King, protecting him.
Knights are equal in rank to a Court Lordship while Knight Commander is equal to a Land Lordship.
The Knight commander is also usually a trustworthy advisor of the King.

Roster AC 1019 (2ed stats)

Brother Knight Aurelius Vorloi, member since 1005 (F8, 52 years old, NG. He comes from a minor branch of Vorloi's family. Since he had no chances to inherit some of the family's fortunes he became a sellsword. After ten years fighting the Altan Tepe humanoids he had a good fame at Court and he accepted Stefan's offer)

Brother Knight Valerian Halaran, member since 1013 (F11, 42 years old, LN. Nephew of Patriarch Sherlane, he grew in the Duchy's Army, becoming the commander of the forces at Riverfork Keep. He later resigned and entered in the Guard after a knight had passed away

Brother Knight Ianis Sulescu member since 1005 (F9, 49 years old LG. 4th son of Dumitru Sulescu. He fought for years against Black Eagle's minions, earning fame as a noble warrior.)

Brother Knight Frederick Osterius. member since 1012 (Pal8, 38 years old LG. His father was an obscure warrior following the arrival in Traladara of Stefan Karameikos. He was taught the noble dogmas of Church of Karameikos and he became a paladin)

Brother Knight Allandryos: member since 1005 (Elf, F10, 153 years old, NG. He was a member of the Elf Guard. He advanced in ranks until he was noticed by Stefan himself who personally choose him for the Kingsguard.

Brother Knight Commander Michael Hyraksos: member since 1005, commander since 1012 (F12, 49 years old, the second son of the brother of old admiral, Devon Hyraksos. He had a brilliant career in the Karameikan Navy, under the direct command of his uncle. He was chosen by the king as the commander after the old one died in 1012)

Former Members

Brother Knight Darien Vortikas: member since 1005, the oldest original member (he was 63 years old when he was appointed) However he was still healthy and he served faithfully for 8 years until he eventually died of an heartache while sleeping

Brother Knight Commander Robert Korrigan: commander since 1005 young brother of Alexius Korrigan, he had served faithfully as bodyguard Stefan Karameikos, helping him a lot of times. In 1012 he died saving the life of the King (an event that happened IMC)