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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

(FU SHI LIU, NAABU, Father Time)
Keeper of the Gates of Time, Patron of History and Philosophy

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 36th (Hierarch), N, Time
Symbol: an hourglass or a water clock
Portfolio: flow of time, wisdom, history, philosophy, good government, patience, persuasion, diplomacy
Worshipped in: Cathos, Savage Coast (Nimmur), Davania (Meghala Kimata), Hollow World (Milenians, Traldar), Known World (Darokin, Thyatis), Ochalea, Skothar (Minaea, Thonia), Yavdlom
Appearance: a tall human of a solemn attitude, so old he appears ageless yet without being elderly or hunchbacked, with long white hair and an equally long white beard, dressed in a regal though simple tunic.
History: during his mortal life, Khoronus was one of the founders of the city of Blackmoor and councillor of its ruler. Preoccupied by the short-sightedness of his townsmen and by their scant sense of responsibility, succeeding thanks to his magical ability to construct a time machine for discovering with it what had happened their descendents and assisted in the destruction of Blackmoor. Understanding that he could never change the attitude of his contemporaries, he decided to at least protect his family and his beloved without changing the future. He therefore travelled a century in the future, convincing some descendents to follow him in a journey across the cosmos, and together they founded a new colony on a far-off planet, where they recreated the Blackmoorian culture from the original, planning even the capital of a new kingdom. Subsequently he used the time machine to help his descendents in the new world, and in the course of his adventure found another more reliable machine with which to continue his travels in time. Concluding his work, he sent the two machines into the future, so that no one could use them to alter that this fact had happened, and then died… or better, when he believed he was dead he awoke and discovered that he had become an Immortal in the Sphere of Time (seeing that at that time, in 4100 BC, there wasn’t an Immortal of this sphere known to Blackmoor that could help him). Only many centuries after, in a moment of melancholic remembrance, he wanted to recreate his time machine enhanced by his Immortal powers. Accidentally however he activated it and it disappeared… only to reappear shortly after, accompanied by his old original time machine! It was in that moment that he understood that he had accidentally helped himself to become Immortal.
Personality: In the course of millennia Khoronus has always tried to spur on the mortals, especially government leaders, to carefully consider his own responsibility and using wisdom and farsightedness in their decisions, favouring the birth of different philosophic academies in which peacefully argue of politics and good government. He always carefully ponders any problem before taking a decision, a fact which often exasperates his equals, those who instead want quicker and resolute decisions. Moreover, he exhorts the faithful and allies to patient dialogue before acting, in the conviction that it is easier and more useful to resolve the problems with the dialectics rather than with the breech of trust. He is universally recognised as the patron of wisdom and the mysteries of Time, of which he became the supreme hierarch after numerous centuries of slow and constant growth. He became the faithful companion of Djaea after her ascension among the Immortals, sharing the interests and the reflective nature of the Immortal. At the moment he is particularly careful to monitor the flow of time for saving those who would create destabilising paradoxes in the Prime Plane. Moreover he is the most interested among the Immortals to research the truth on the existence of the Old Ones, as well as to discover the hidden mystery that is behind the disappearance of the previous generation of Immortals, preoccupied by the fact that any catastrophic event that had brought about their disappearance could happen again in the future.
Patron: himself
Allies: Djaea (his companion)
Enemies: none, even if he is often in animated discussions with Valerias for her philosophy of impulsiveness and recklessness
Alignment of followers: clerics and followers can have any alignment
Favourite weapon: scythe (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +2 bonus to individual Initiative, free sense time ability, +2 bonus to any one history or knowledge skill (not free), one free Wisdom based skill (cleric’s choice)
Domains: Time, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Oracle, Persuasion
Preferred weapon: scythe
Source: WotI, HWR3, Immortal set