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Dominion of Khaylesaex

by Brant Guillory

Khaylesaex is located south of Whiteheart in the Soderfjord Jarldoms. It is along the Otofjord river; on the trail/gazetteer maps, it begins in the hex immediately SW of Whiteheart and includes a total of 6 hexes: the first one, the one immediately SW of it and the four continuing south from those two (in a double column... confused yet, I knew you would be :) )

The province of Khaylesaex is run by Archduke Ryan the Fifth. Although he is a firm and fair ruler, he has outlawed the Adventurers' Guild, as he feels that they only invite trouble in his dominion. This proclamation came on the heels of a small war in the dominion's eastern province (the peninsula sticking into the river fork, which used to be considerably bigger than it is now), when a simple disagreement over the division of some booty broke out into armed warfare and destroyed a village. Ryan has nothing against the adventurers, he merely feels that he's looking out for the best interests of his subjects.

The dominion has a population of about 2700. Approximately 2000 of them live in Ryansport, the capital of Khaylesaex on the end of the western tip of the Otofjord River. Of the remaining 700, about half live in Farmshire, the town that guards the north border and the highway to Whiteheart. The rest of the population lives along the east branch of the river in Khaylesaex, and support themselves either through logging, fishing, or providing overnight lodging for river travellers.

The adventurers' Guild, although outlawed, is still quite active. They take no action against Ryan's government, and the Guild's bylaws and oath include clauses that assure the Guild's help in defending the dominion, if the need ever arises. Martina, the head of the Guild, is thought to be a simple Duchess by everyone in the kingdom. Her castle is used as a front for the guild, and the levels below the castle house many of the guild offices.

The City of Khaylesport

A starting point for most people jumping onto the river headed northward, Khaylesport is located in a wilder part of the Soderfjord Jarldoms. Constant warfare with the Knolls ensures that every homestead is fortified, and also increases the opportunities for adventure and glory for those that seek it. Khaylesport maintains a large force along the walls, a bulwark against the constant Gnoll raiders.

Unless otherwise noted, all buildings are 2 stories tall (1 story = 8 feet)

The wall around the town is 15 feet high, plus 5ft. high battlements at 5 foot intervals all along the walls. There is a wooden double railing on the walls to keep people from falling off the back side.

The guard towers along the walls are 40 feet high. 6 Light Footmen (leather, sword), 3 Archers (chain, longbow) and a Sergeant (chain, pole axe) reside in each tower as the crew for the catapult mounted on each tower roof and the two ballistae on the third floor of each tower.

The gatehouse houses 10 Heavy Footmen (chain, spear, hand axe), 1 Lieutenant (chain, sword, shield), and 1 Sergeant (as above.) The LT is the commander of all of the "wall" troops, that is, all of the soldiers assigned to a tower or the gatehouse.

The gatehouse towers each hold 6 Light Footmen (as above) and 1 Sergeant (as above) each; 1 Ballista covers the road from each tower.

1: Elite Cavalry Barracks - 6 Stories
20 Medium Horsemen (chain, lance, shield, sword)
2 Sergeants (chain, spear, battle axe, shield)
Lieutenant (chain, lance, shield, battle axe)

2: Stables
28 Horses

3: Gatehouse
5 Archers (chain, longbow, sword)
Sergeant (chain, pole axe)

4: Guard Towers ea. - 4 Stories
5 Archers (chain, longbow, sword)
Sergeant (chain, pole axe)

5: Stables
18 Horses

6: Officers' Quarters/ Armoury
5 Lieutenants (chain, spear, sword, shield)
1st Floor is armoury - spare armour & weapons for all troops + the entire town, and 40000 arrows.

7: Barracks - 3 Stories
30 Heavy Footmen (chain, spear, hand axe)
3 Sergeants (chain, pole axe)

8: Barracks
20 Archers (chain, longbow, sword)
4 Sergeants (chain, pole axe)

9: Doctor/ Apothecary
Tends to soldier as well as civilians; uses non-magical methods of healing

10: Tanner
Can make and repair leather armour, saddles, backpacks, boots and belts

11: Blacksmith
Can make chain, 1-handed weapons, and arrowheads; repairs weapons for soldiers

12: Inn/ Tavern/ Stables - 3 Stories
Normal travellers come here; stables accessed through courtyard; max. capacity - 42

13: Butcher
Often salts meats for long travels; sometimes buys exotic meats from adventurers

14: Merchant
Carries 'luxury' items - gold candelabras, silver tea services, books, etc.

15: Bakery
Fresh bread daily, also makes fancy pastries

16: Tailor
Makes some surcoats and tunics for the troops; has low demand for fancier clothes

17: Merchant
Carries most rulebook gear for adventurers on expeditions

18: Residences
a: Sage's house b: Knight's house c: Banker's house

19: adventurers' Guild - 4 Stories
Most fighters are put up here, but only guild members (they accept members from elsewhere.)

20: General Store
Most domestic items - brooms, curtains, cutlery, dishes, towels, blankets, etc.

21: Tavern/ Restaurant
Breakfast and lunch - 5 Silver Crowns; Dinner - 1-2 Gold Crowns

22: Bank
Investments kept in basement vault guarded by magically locked doors.

23a: Grocer
Buys fresh vegetables whenever he can; often stocks iron and standard rations for adventurers

23b: Cobbler
Makes and repairs all types of boots and shoes.

23c: Armourer/ Weaponsmith
Prices are double rulebook due to lack of refined metals.

24: Carpenter
Builds cabinets, tables and chests, and other furniture.

25a: Horse Trader
Horses are expensive here, because the trader also captures them and breaks them in.

25b: School/ Cartography Guild - 3 Stories
Run by the sage (18a) who is also the head of the cartography guild (they buy maps)

25c: Merchant
This merchant carries domestic items as well as books, "newspapers", wines and ale.

26: Temple (1 story, but 20' high; twin towers are 40'; side building - 20', 4 Clerics; tower - 40', 10 Guardians of the Church; wall - 10') All travelling clerics may stay here free of charge.

27: adventurers' Guild - 3 stories (Mostly Magic-Users and Thieves)
This guild is run by and trains magic-users. They also put up thieves to make extra money.

The Crafts Quarter

The arts and crafts quarter is the quieter part of town, and many people in town come here when they need various "luxury" items.
A: Barber
B: Cobbler
C: Woodworker
D: Glassblower
E: Gemcutter
F: Weaver
G: Alchemist
H: Cooper
I: Sculptor
J: Artist
K: Residence - Juroyle (F6)
L: Residence - Arthenial (E5)
M: Residence - Captain of the Guard (F7) - 3 Stories
N: Residence - Hyass (C5)
P: Craft Guild - 3 Stories
Travelling craftsmen are put up here. This also serves as a meeting place for all those in the crafts quarter, as well as the biweekly dinner attended by all members.