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Kin Faction takeover in Ylaruam leading up to the Great War

by Jesper Andersen

It occured to me that since the War against the Master of the Desert Nomads is probably going to occur relatively early in the timeline, I need to facilitate a change of government in Ylaruam first. The reason why I am in such a hurry is this:

All of this probably means that the war will occur as early as 1003 AC. Before that I want the Kin Faction firmly in place, ruling the Emirates of Ylaruam. But I don't want a civil war or a coup d'etat - the people of Ylaruam (for the most part) should have a reason for supporting this change of government in order for the armies to fight loyally in the coming war. But what would that reason be?

In Gaz 2, it says that the Preceptor Faction rules politically and encourages culture, trade and foreign relations, while the Kin Faction vie for religious authority over the country. They are opposed to foreigners and consider Ylari culture and military strenght superior to that of foreign nations. The Kin are based in Abbashan but are probably at odds with the emir of 1000 AC, since he is determined to open up a trade route from the coast through Abbashan to Ylaruam and create more wealth and prosperity that way.

Setting the stage for a change of government

What happens then?