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Klagorst (Confederated Kingdoms of)

Location: Continent of Brun, western side of the Endworld Line, south of Hyborea. WB

Area: 61,000 sq. mi. (157,990 sq. km.), not including Stygia.

Population: 25,800 humans.

Languages: Klagorst (80% Visneskayan, 15% Traldar).

Coinage: Zeur (gp), klag (sp), enak (cp).

Taxes: Individual kingdoms have their own taxation; generally taxes consist of services for those who earn less than a certain amount each year, while others (mostly citizens, wealthy landowners, etc.) pay around 10% throughout the year in various forms. Additional taxes are levied for special reasons, such as tournaments and wars.

Government Type: Confederation of autonomous kingdoms, mostly holding the status of baronies and counties.

Industries: Agriculture (predominantly subsistence), animal herding, fishing, horse breeding, trade.

Important Figures: See individual dominion entries below.

Flora and Fauna: A mixed land of forests and poor farmlands, the region is home to deer, elk, wolves, bears; the shores are rich with fish, and seals live on the northern coasts. The mountains of the Endworld Line are inhabited by a great number of humanoids: Hyborean goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins, orcs, and trolls.

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