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Map of Klath-T'zarth

by Geoff Gander

To keep things moving, I whipped up a 24-mile hex map of the Klath-T'zarth region:

Klath-T'zarth (Abb-H'zoth) is built on the ruins of the Varellyan city of Priallus, which was intended to be the empire's great western port. The Varellyans used their knowledge of irrigation ditches and other works to drain vast portions of the swamp, and dredge a channel to the Adakkian Sound. When Priallus was a vibrant city, it was surrounded by farmland and had a few satellite communities, and there was a road that wound through the hills (roughly following the Shakor River) to the rest of the empire. They also planted extensive orchards.

After the empire fell, the drainage ditches fell into disrepair, and the swamp slowly came back. First the land would have become poor grazing land, then bog, and where it was low enough, swamp. The current inhabitants have maintained the drainage system around Klath-T'zarth, largely because it also includes a huge defensive moat. Thus, the area around the town is pretty much as it was when the Varellyans were around.

The great channel to the Sound is still navigable in most places, but sedimentation is slowly choking it off - this is shown by the four swampy islands in the middle of the channel. Over time, they will widen, and other islands will emerge, and utlimately it will become a delta.